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Never Say Never Chapter 757-758

Chapter 757

Her face was white, she seemed to have remembered, she didn’t say anything, I said, “Almost everything he used to own was black and white, the house, the car, the clothes, even his intimate apparel was black.”


“But three years ago, the villa in Jiangcheng was refurbished by me, you said he decorated it to your liking, that villa was all black and white, wasn’t it depressing for you to live in? Look at the house now, it’s warm and bright, this is home, I came back from Huai’an, he hugged me and murmured, he said that he lived here for the four years I was away because it smelled like me, only by breathing my scent could he fall asleep.”


“Shen Shu, shame on you!” She spoke, her eyes red.


I laughed, “That’s shameless?” Pointing in the direction of the kitchen, I smiled lightly, “Do you know how tender his gaze was when he frequently looked back at me while cooking in the kitchen? Do you know the words of love he whispers in my ear as he holds me and waits for a meal of soup to heat up?”


Her expression sank a little, her face pale and her gaze fierce.


Her hands were clenched into fists, “Shen Shu, how can you be so shameless?”


I laughed, tugged her hand and dragged her up to the first floor bedroom, pointing to the bed where the covers had fallen neatly, “Shame? What do you mean, shameless? You’ve been pestering me for years, and you’ve challenged my boundaries with your calculations twice, is that shameless? Take a good look at this place, this bed, where he and I slept together late at night, where I saw his tenderness, where he lay on top of me and told me he hated to die on me when his love got so deep.”


I forced her to look at the place, pointed to the cloakroom and said, “Look at all the clothes in the cloakroom, the jewellery, all these things, he picked them out for me himself, he could have invested in hundreds of jewellery shops in one go to make me happy, brought back millions of dollars of jewellery to show me what he liked, did he ever do that for you? No, did he?”


I sneered at the way she was holding back her anger, almost running out of steam.


I threw my hands up and threw her on the bed, laughing coldly, “Lie down on it and think about what Fu Shen Yan has given you. How much love does he really have in him for you.”


“So what, my brother gave me to him, he will never be able to get rid of me for the rest of his life, as long as I don’t let go, I will be in your sight for the rest of my life now, I am not good, and neither are you.”


I really wasn’t surprised that these words came from her, and I even wanted to hook my lips and sneer, “Lu Xinran, listen carefully to these words of yours, who is the shameless one? Knowing that he doesn’t love you and still pestering you, who is the one who is shameless?”


“Ten years of time, not only did you not make him fall in love with you, you made him disgust you even more, you think you can have anything with him without me? Four years, four years I’ve been away, and what’s the result? What has happened between him and you? Still nothing, and as for me, he just took one look at me in Huai’an and started thinking about taking care of care every now and then.”


Chapter 758

Looking at her increasingly gloomy face, I continued to speak, “You obviously had many opportunities to run roughshod over his world, but you failed miserably, you didn’t make it, Lu Xinran, do you know how badly you lost? You lost all of a woman’s dignity and self-love, you couldn’t even make a man fall in love with you, even in the end he started to get disgusted with you, in four years time, you are not even as good as Nan Xiangxiang, a stand-in, she could at least follow Fu Shenyan to events, while you, almost made him forget.”


“You’re nonsense!” Lu Xinran cried, tears and resignation mixed together, “You’re nonsense, Nan Xiangxiang is just a high cla*s prostitute, why should I compete with her, ridiculous.”


I laughed, “Then do I have to thank you for your high opinion? If you really had the stamina to dwell on it, Fu Shen Yan would fall in love with you, I could give you a chance, but you don’t have the stamina, if you had the stamina, you wouldn’t have come to me repeatedly, burying me, because you deserve it, Fu Shen Yan can’t even see you, if it wasn’t for Lu Yan, he would feel annoyed even looking at you, so, you came to me, just to find some presence in front of me.”


Yes, in a relationship, but a bit of affection, ten years, will also at least win the word deep love.


But Lu Xinran got nothing, only wasting ten years of her time, she was not willing to.


But she couldn’t go to Fu Shen Yan, because she was afraid of seeing the disgust in his gaze when he looked at her.


“Fine, fine!” At the end of her cry, Lu Xinran actually laughed, a pitying and pitiful laugh.


She opened her mouth, tears falling into her mouth, “Since it has come to this, then I don’t mind, destroying you, doesn’t Fu Shen Yan love you? He would be miserable without you, wouldn’t he, and since I can’t have what I want, you think you can?”


She pulled the knife out of her bag, her dark eyes gloomily coming down as she raised it towards me.


This was not on my mind, why was she carrying a knife?


I was too shocked to avoid her knife, and my heart thudded as I tried to dodge it, too late.


Subconsciously, I closed my eyes and waited for the knife to come, but it didn’t. I opened my eyes and saw Fu Shenyan.


The man was dressed in black as always, handsome and handsome, but I could see that when he rushed over, he was in a hurry and his forehead was stained with sweat.


Did he come all the way here on the run?


Lu Xinran’s originally stabbing knife was blocked by him, the man’s voice was cold and stern, looking at her with some shade, his voice carried a warning and unsuppressable anger, “I said, if you touch a hair on her head, you will end up a hundred times as bad as her a thousand times.”


Fiercely, he flung Lu Xinran away without the slightest hint of stinginess.


Out of instinct, he pulled me behind him for protection, then took out his phone and dialed the number.


“Chen Yi, call the police!” Obviously, he had explained something to Chen Yi before he came.


Afterwards, hanging up the phone, he looked over at me, the worry on his brow not dissipating, “Why did you come here?”


I spoke, “Bring her here, so she can die.”


He sighed slightly, looking at Lu Xinran almost mercilessly, and spoke, “Home invasion, or leave the capital, your choice.”


Lu Xinran’s face was white, almost without a trace of blood, she shook her head incredulously, “Brother Shen Yan, you wouldn’t be so cruel, would you? You promised my brother that you would take care of me, right?”


Fu Shen Yan was ruthless, many times with blood, he looked at her almost desperately, somewhat coldly, “When you mention your brother now, I feel that you are particularly disgusting, the biggest failure in his life should be having a sister like you.”


Lu Xinran originally stood up from the ground, but her words were almost like a basin of ice water smashing into her from head to toe, almost killing her.