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Never Say Never Chapter 755-756

Chapter 755

“Self-important!” She spoke, sneering.


I smiled lightly and didn’t care, “You can also interpret it that way, if it was just this one thing alone, I think it’s possible that I’m as self-involved as you think.”


The car stopped at the traffic lights and I continued, “But I’m a girl who graduated from Jiangda University and joined Fu’s as soon as I graduated, do you think I could learn a lot at university? No, I’ve been at Fu’s for two years, just two years before I took the position of project director, do you think it was really Grandpa Fu pushing behind the scenes?”


She asked rhetorically, “Hardly?”


I laughed, “Fu’s is in Fu Shen Yan’s hands, although grandpa is the eldest, but the company is not an individual who can do whatever grandpa wants, not to mention that grandpa is also a business elite, doesn’t he know the importance of a project director?”


She coldly, the green light came on, I started the car and spoke, “Emotions like this, must not be comparable in some way, I entered Fu’s, neither my professional ability, nor my ability to control the field, so Fu Shen Yan let me languish in the market for two years, then I climbed step by step to the position of project director, in order to let me be more professional, every time he traveled to see In order to make me more professional, he let me follow every trip to see the project, he was cold to me, but never stingy in teaching me things.”


Looking at Lu Xinran’s somewhat scraped white face, I spoke, “In fact, all along the way, he was teaching me how to grow, and you, in the spirit of his commitment to duty and obligation, his care and concern for you has never been less, but think carefully, in those years when I didn’t appear, what kind of feelings did he have for you, exactly?”


“If he really had half a heart for you, do you think that I could really marry him by virtue of my grandfather’s arrangement? Is he that easy to manipulate? Counting the time, you and him are considered childhood friends, but why did he merely take care of you?”


“That’s because you came after him, shamelessly!” She was getting a little annoyed.


I smiled, “Lu Xinran, think carefully, during the time he took care of you, did he ever plan for your future, did he ever let you learn anything? How could he not advise you? But he hasn’t said anything.”


“He never taught you or even let you learn anything, he let you grow up wild and let you destroy yourself, and you think that’s love?”


“You’re full of Sh*t!” At this point if she hadn’t been in the car, Lu Xinran would probably have torn and hit me.


I sneered, “What are you so angry about? Don’t you know what you were like in the past? How did your two children come to be, don’t you know?”


“Shen Shu, you are talking nonsense, you are talking nonsense.” She was a little emotional, her hands covering her face in some pain.


I pursed my lips and stopped speaking. Those two children, Fu Shen Yan had never answered positively, but he had never admitted it either. Fu Shen Yan said that he had never touched her, but had nothing to ask how exactly those two children came to be.


I think that in these words, there was more or less a thought to cover up her shame.


Looking at her current mood, most likely Lu Xinran also knew that Fu Shen Yan had never touched her and knew exactly what she was like.


Chapter 756

The car pulled up underneath the South Court villa and I glanced sideways at her to see her eyes were red and she was obviously pushing through her emotions.


“Do you need to go down for a walk?”


She pursed her lips and spoke, her voice cold, “Shen Shu, what do you want to do?”


“Let you die!” Fu Qingyin said, “Seven years, I still let Lu Xinran surround Fu Shen Yan like a shadowy spirit, it’s because I’m not ruthless enough, and I’m not capable enough.


Now that it has started, there is no need to stop.


She looked at me and smiled coldly, “Do you think it’s possible?”


I raised my eyebrows, “How will you know if you don’t try?”


She sneered, a little disdainfully.


I got out of the car and looked up at the villa, the flowers and plants originally planted in the yard were withered.


“This house, it was the one Fu Shenyan and I lived in when we first came to the capital, originally I wanted to take you to see the villa in Jiangcheng, but I didn’t think it was necessary, after all, you found out yourself that when Fu Shenyan acquired the villa, the interiors were basically the same.”


“Makes sense?” She sneered, “You brought me to see all this and thought I would die?”


I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t speak to her, just walked down to the villa’s front door and identified my fingerprints, opening it.


Looking back at her, I said faintly, “I haven’t gotten to know Fu Shenyan’s villa in the capital carefully, but as long as it’s where we live, the fingerprints on the house, it’s only him and I. He said, “This belongs to us.”


She pursed her lips and grimaced as I pushed the door open and gestured for her to go in and take a look.


She followed me in, lips pursed, not saying anything.


I spoke faintly, “Every blade of gra*s and tree here was planted by him when he was trying to get me to nurse my baby properly, see that peach tree over there?”


I raised my hand, pointing to the tree at the entrance of the courtyard that was a little bare from the snow, and said, “That tree was planted when we came to the capital, he said he would plant a few peach trees in the courtyard to enjoy the flowers in spring and the fruits in autumn.


She pursed her lips, her face cloudy, “What does all this have to do with me?”


I nodded, “It has nothing to do with you, I’m showing you these because I want to tell you that every blade of gra*s and tree here was laid out by Fu Shenyan himself for me.”


Looking at her face shaded, I continued to walk forward, stepping on the cobblestones on the ground, I spoke, “You must be curious, why did you have to make such a section of cobblestones in the courtyard to block the road when you can obviously drive directly to the entrance, trouble.”


She bit her lip slightly and didn’t answer.


I smiled lightly and said lightly, “I was curious at the time too, and when I asked him about it, he said that there were so many annoying things at work that if he got out of the car straight away and went into the house, he would inevitably bring his bad moods to me, so this stretch of road was to remind him that the person waiting for him at home was his wife, warmth and love, and that all his bad moods had to be consumed.”


She pursed her lips and I knew that she wasn’t in a good mood, but since she didn’t just turn around and leave, it meant that she didn’t want to leave Fu Shen Yan.


It was obsession.


The living room door was also fingerprint unlocked, and when I opened the door and went in, no one had lived there for a long time, but someone came over to clean it from time to time, so it wasn’t free of dust.


“Counting the times, you must have been to this villa several times!” I looked back at her and smiled lightly, “Can you still remember the style of decoration Fu Shenyan used to like?”