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Never Say Never Chapter 751-752

Chapter 751

Fu Qingyin responded indifferently and handed him the baked meat, I handed him the sauce and introduced it, “It tastes better when you dip it.”


He smiled lightly and did as he was told, then nodded his head and commented pertinently, “Not bad.”


As the sky grew dark, Fu Qingyin gave the expulsion order, “My house is too small to accommodate you, so eat and drink your fill and hurry up.”


Fu Qingyin smiled lightly, and after greeting me, he pulled me into the car.


On the way back to the villa, I looked out of the car window and stared at the scenery.


Looking at the scenery flashing by outside the car, I couldn’t help but say, “Fu Shen Yan, thank you.”


Then the dim light of the road, he smiled lightly, “Thank you is too casual a word, if I may, I would like a love line.”


I smiled, spying in the afterglow the beauty of time, tilting my head to think carefully about the love words, my gaze falling on his face flashed by the light shadows.


A love line to Fu Shenyan, to think twice, to be deliberate, to walk the walk.


The car pulled up to the entrance of the villa, the time was quiet and it was already home.


Getting out of the car, he turned off the engine and walked towards me, “Have you thought about it?”


I smiled nervously, “No, it always feels like you’re giving me a hard time, you know, I can’t speak love.”


“You can try!”


I thought about it, looked up at the sky, my eyes fell on his face, and smiled lightly, “Sir is the dream I’ve had for the longest time in my life, chopped up.”


He froze slightly, then was smiling, pulling me into the villa, emotions running high.


“Where did you steal it?”


Obviously, this was asking for that love line, and I tilted my head, lifting my finger to point at the stars, “Plucked from the sky.”


If you have the ability to love, you must always love hard and give him your beauty and joy for the rest of your life without regret.




The next day.


Fu Qingyin called and asked for nothing else, opening his mouth with, “Taken your medication?”


I froze for a moment, reacting to the fact that yesterday she said I had a heavy nasal voice and that I had a cold and needed to take medicine.


Nodding, I said, “I’ve taken them.”


“It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and since it’s New Year’s Eve, you always have to look like one, so come out with me later and purchase something to take back.”


She spoke in a commanding tone, not friendly.


I nodded my head and agreed.


Fu Shenyan had something to do, and I couldn’t always follow him around.


I simply packed up, Sister Fen was no longer there, and I drove straight to the mall.


Fu Qingyin waited at the entrance of the mall, and when she saw me, she grumbled with a grimace, “A little bit of road in the palm of your hand, you can just say so if you don’t want to come over.”


Taking the trolley from her hand, I glanced at the supermarket not far away and spoke, “Shopping at the supermarket?”


She bristled, nodded and went straight in.


After following her, she looked a bit less like a noblewoman and more like a nagging middle-aged woman, shopping for the essentials, she looked back at me and said, “Do you roll noodles?”


I shook my head, “No!”


She frowned, “You don’t know how to make dumplings for New Year’s Eve, you don’t know how to roll them?”


“I can buy them, or I can buy dumpling skins and wrap them myself.” I spoke up, seeing a small bag of flour in front of her, a little suspicious that she was planning to buy the noodles and roll them out herself.


“It’s not as good as making your own when someone else makes it.” Said, as I thought, she put that flour into the shopping cart.


I ……


Forget it.


Let’s do what we came for!


Two hours later.


Arranging for the delivery man to send the stuff back to the villa, Fu Qingyin took me to the Dai restaurant.


The reason was to reward me for accompanying her on her shopping trip.


Chapter 752

“It’s hard to get authentic Dai in the capital, but their house is good, you can have a good taste later.” Just after sitting down, Fu Qingyin spoke up.


While ordering food, she said to me, “When I didn’t come to the capital before, I was the one who liked the Dai restaurant on the University City Road in Jiangcheng the most, then when I came to the capital, I never went there, every time I wanted to eat, I looked around the capital, but after all these years, I haven’t seen many authentic ones in the capital, this one is not bad, you can try it.”


In her words, there was a strong sense of nostalgia.


Yes, after she turned eighteen, her time and life were all in the capital, her home and memories began to weaken, and if she reminisced, it would only be the taste of her childhood.


As I like desserts because of memory, my grandmother always had different sweets in her pocket, and as long as I was aggrieved or a cry, one of her sweets, I could make my aggression go away.


Nowadays the memory is gone, scattered, almost gone, and the only thing I can recall is the sweetness.


The waiter serves the food and I get up, “Auntie, I’m going to wash my hands.”


After half a day in the supermarket, she got up and joined me.


On the way back, I stopped by to go to the bathroom and she went straight back to her seat.


Back at the table again, I saw an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a long time, Lu Xinran.


“Auntie, I’ve been too busy these days to visit you, I see that you seem to have lost weight recently.” These words came from Lu Xinran.


She was accompanied by two strangers, whom I didn’t know, probably her friends.


I don’t know them, they are probably her friends. After all, they are not people who have torn their faces, so Fu Qingyin nodded and smiled lightly, “You are a sweet-talking child, you are not fat or thin, they are all the same.”


Lu Xinran smiled lightly, “Wait for some days, I will go to see you when I am free.”


The intimacy and kindness, the atmosphere is cordial.


My presence was bound to be inappropriate.


When I hesitated, Fu Qingyin spoke, “Xiaoshu, come over here, the food is ready.”




It was a name that few people called me by, except for close friends and relatives, and almost no one ever did.


I walked towards the table and met Lu Xinran’s almost icy black eyes.


I could see that she was jealous.


Take your seat.


Fu Qingyin adds the good tasting dishes to my bowl and speaks, “Theirs is the most authentic, try it, you’ll like it.”


I nodded my head and didn’t say much.


Seeing that Lu Xinran had no intention of leaving, Fu Qingyin still smiled and spoke, “Miss Lu, would you like to join us? I have ordered a lot, if you don’t mind, you can join us.”


The first part of the sentence was rusty, after all, the phrase Miss Lu was polite and distant, enough to draw a relationship.


The second half of the sentence was warm and sincere, it was heard, a genuine invitation, not a perfunctory one, the meaning of which was not clear.


Lu Xinran slightly froze, but was not polite, sat next to Fu Qingyin, intimate, “Aunt, so you also like to eat Dai, in the future there is time, we can come together, I also like it very much.”


Fu Qingyin smiled lightly, helped her with the dishes, put down the chopsticks, slender palm fell on the back of Lu Xinran’s hand, tenderly patted, said, “child, you can call me auntie like Shen Yan, it is my blessing, but after all, it is not in line with the etiquette, you and I are neither aunt and nephew, nor relatives, you say auntie, you bend me, from now on, you should call me auntie! ”


These words were gentle, without losing their tone.


Lu Xinran’s face stiffened for a few moments, but still showed a smile and spoke, “Brother Shen Yan and I have been closer than family all these years, he calls you aunt, naturally I can’t be rusty either, calling you aunt is a sign of respect and affection.”