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Never Say Never Chapter 745-746

Chapter 745

When I got it again, I couldn’t help but sigh slightly, looking at the keyhole, I thought the design was a bit strange, and couldn’t help but say, “This keyhole is a bit special.”


She looked at it and nodded, “From what Ivana said, this box is not opened with a key, ask Fu Shen Yan, the box is made not to mention quite special.”


I couldn’t see anything after studying it for half a day, and it was getting late.


I put the box back in my bag and looked at her, “It’s almost midnight, aren’t you going to go home and rest?”


She bristled, “To be honest, I don’t really want to.”


“Just married and fighting, the way couples get along?” I opened my mouth and smiled, “After all, you’re married, you love He Zhi Zhou, everything else is secondary.”


She sighed, “I know this, but his mother is really annoying, always thinks she’s great for educating He Zhi Zhou into a professor at a prestigious school, always thinks I’m above her son like, blocking me with words at every turn.”


Between a couple, there really should not be any parental involvement; once there is too much, even the deepest relationship will face shattering.


After thinking about it, I said, “How about going to our house?”


She laughed out loud, worse than crying, “Fu Shen Yan’s ice-cube face, I refuse.”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Why don’t I call He Zhi Zhou and ask him to come pick you up?”


She bristled, shook her head, and after a pause said, “Alright, you hurry back, I’ll go back to Mo’s house later to look for my brother.”


At this point, she did pause and said, “Why don’t you come with me to Mo’s house too?”


I smiled and shook my head, “It’s too late to go home, Fu Shen Yan will be angry.”


She was speechless, found the car keys and looked at me, “Okay, you drive, I won’t see you off, go home early, good night!”


“Good night!”


Seeing her drive away, I also got into the car, sighing slightly, all the different situations in the human world, all are sour, sweet, bitter and spicy crossed.


The sweets in life can only be prepared for oneself, and occasionally someone gives them to me as a gift and a blessing.


The car drove to the villa, and as it was getting late, most of the traffic on the road was reduced, so there was no traffic jam all the way.


When I arrived at the villa in the eastern suburbs, I saw that the villa was brightly lit, so I thought that Fu Shen Yan was still waiting for me.


The shadowy lights of a blue Tesla sports car parked outside the villa, which at first glance is not Fu Shen Yan’s.


The car was not Fu’s. Fu’s bones had the hardness and bravado of a soldier, so most of the cars in his garage were suv off-road models, and he didn’t seem to like sports cars with low floors.


The car’s double flashes were turned on before I could drive into the villa, so cool and flashy that there was no way to ignore them.


I stopped the car, the door flipped up and the man in the car got out, it was Gu Han.


The man was dressed in a black suit, with a slender and handsome body, if he were on the street, this kind of man would probably be mobbed.


He stood in front of my car and didn’t say a word, his handsome black eyes just looked at me.


Through the window gla*s, the four eyes met, he seemed to have lost weight, and the man became more and more cold and hard.


It was useless to hold back like this.


With a slight sigh, I got out of the car.


“That money, I’m sorry!” I spoke, this matter, I hadn’t thought it would come to this, so it was my problem.


He looked at me, not caring, his voice low, “Fu Shen Yan is right, it doesn’t matter if a melon is sweet when it’s twisted by force, what matters is quenching your thirst.”


I froze, not reacting to what he meant, and was coldly pulled into his arms, the unfamiliar scent leaving me at a loss for words.


Chapter 746

Raising her hand to push away, she was pressed into his arms, her voice was cold and hard and icy, “The rest of my life is so long, who am I to choose to back down, the same is love, what he Fu Shen Yan can give you, I’ll give it to you double, Shen Shu, I won’t let go.”


“Gu Han!” I couldn’t break free of his embrace, my breath slightly frowning, “Must you push us all to the brink?”


He sneered, “So what? In the end, I’m the only one who can’t love? Why should I have to settle for second best? Why shouldn’t I get what I love? Hmm?”


It was madness!


I stopped struggling and looked up at him, “You can pursue what you want, you can try to get what you want, but Gu Han, I’m not a thing, I’m a human being, I have the right to choose my own life and love.”


“Then why can’t you choose me? Don’t I deserve to be loved? What’s so good about Fu Shen Yan? He’s violent, vicious and bloodthirsty, what do you like about him?”


I don’t know what Gu Han has been through these days, but today he is like a bloodthirsty devil in hell, with no rationality at all.


I was scared, but also heartbroken.


“Gu Han, we all have our own trajectory, you deserve to be loved, how exactly does Fu Shen Yan, I love him, that’s a fact, bewildered for seven years, although I don’t know how I fell in love with him and relied on him, but now I know that he needs me, I need him, I’m willing to warm him and to walk with him.”


He seemed unable to listen to any more words, sneering with a sneer, “I will not let go, as long as I do not die I will haunt him for the rest of my life, I do not believe in first come first served, let alone fate, I believe in myself.”


His dark eyes were cold and stern, the corners of his mouth rose and he pressed his lips against mine almost predatorily, cold and bloodthirsty and irrational.


I had no time to dodge, and disgust grew in my heart, repelling each other.


A cold gust of wind whistled past, and in just a moment, Gu Han was pushed away.


I was pulled into an embrace, the familiar smell of tobacco hit me, and my heart inexplicably fell into a sense of security.


“Is everything okay?” The man spoke, his voice low and introspective, vaguely dull with anger.


I shook my head and looked at each other and saw that his dark eyes held a chill, he was angry.


After helping me to stand, Fu Shen Yan walked towards Gu Han, barely exchanging words, and swung his fist straight at him.


The two men, neither of them creamy, beat each other up.


It didn’t take long before they were both hung up, and if it hadn’t been for the sounds of the Four Seasons calling for their mother coming from the villa.


I was afraid that the two men would have continued.


Fu Shen Yan stopped moving, and so did Gu Han, and the two men went toe-to-toe, their eyes blazing.


Gu Han spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, Shen Shu, I want her for sure.”


Fu’s voice sneered, “You’re worthy?” These words, not to mention the irony.


“Then we’ll see!” Gu Han got into his car and raised the dust.


Four Seasons was crying in the villa, and I went back to the villa.


When I entered the bedroom, I saw the little one crying hoarsely, hugging me and choking, “Mummy, I dreamt that you didn’t want me.”


I stiffened up and looked at her, “You’re mummy’s baby, how can mummy not want you, be good, mummy’s always there, be good!”


It was probably a nightmare, and after crying, I fell asleep.


Settling down the four seasons.


I came out of the bedroom and Fu Shen Yan was sitting in the living room, his face was gloomy but it didn’t affect his handsomeness in any way.


He was angry, furious.