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Never Say Never Chapter 743-744

Chapter 743

“I don’t want him to regret it.” Pressed back into her seat, I opened my mouth, my eyes looking towards the ground floor, the two men who were already cuddled up together in intimacy.


Mo Fei Lin bristled, “I think you should be thinking about Hu Ya right now, you also had thoughts of leaving back then because of Fu Shen Yan’s feelings for Lu Xin Ran, and then you left without saying a word when you knew Fu Shen Yan was setting you up.”


“Hu Ya is also a woman, once her disappointment has been saved up enough, she will probably also leave without saying a word with the baby, then the one who will be in a hurry is not Shen Yu, but Shen Changlin, that child is the Shen family’s.”


I nodded, “That’s why I want to remind Shen Yu that everything has to be in moderation.”


“Remind for what?” She sneered, “If you want me to tell you to get in good with Hu Ya now, you can help her later if she wants to leave, you just need to know that the child is there, let the scumbag wife be separated for a few years and abuse him.” She said it through gritted teeth, making it sound like she was the one being aggrieved.


I pulled my gaze back to look at her and narrowed my eyes, “Is that what you’re thinking?”


She raised an eyebrow, “If that B*****d He Zhi Zhou doesn’t get my way, I’ll take the ball and run, I’ve got plenty of money anyway, it’s not easy to raise a kid!”


I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a thumbs up, seeing the two downstairs who seemed to be leaving.


Getting up, I hurried downstairs.


“Ah Yu, aren’t you coming to my place tonight?” This girl, Wang Yangyao, had wasted her good skin.


This voice is probably only liked by men, women really feel disgusted when they hear it.


I took the initiative to take Shen Yu’s arm.


“You who ……” Wang Yangyao just wanted to get angry, when she saw it was me, a smile appeared on her face, “Miss Shen, you are also here!”


I nodded, tilted my head to look at Shen Yu’s handsome face and smiled lightly, “Brother, join us for a drink?”


Shen Yu pursed his lips and gave an encore, then let me pull him upstairs.


Seeing that Wang Yan Yao was still following, I couldn’t help but look back at her, “Where does Miss Wang live, I’ll call a car for you?”


She froze, her face a little less than stellar, looking to Shen Yu, “Young Master Shen ……”


Shen Yu opened his mouth with little emotion, “Go back, Shen Shu and I have something to talk about.”


“I ……”


Seeing that she still wanted to say something, I smiled lightly, “Miss Wang is planning to listen to the whispers of our brother and sister?”


“No, Miss Shen you have misunderstood.”


I nodded, “Then please, the main thing is that what my brother and I talk about between us are family matters, you also know that my sister-in-law has just had a baby, and my brother will have to go back to accompany their mother and son in a while, if you have anything, it’s better to talk about it at the company, it’s not appropriate to talk about things in a place like this. ”


Her face was suffocating with embarra*sment, blue and purple.


I didn’t continue to talk to her more, and took Shen Yu up to the first floor.


Mo Fei Lin leaned against the wall and said, “If she knew you weren’t Shen Yu’s real sister, she’d probably have started tearing you apart by now.”


I glanced back at Wang Yan Yao, and sure enough the girl walked away with a shady face.


When I got up to the first floor, I pressed Shen Yu into a seat, looked at him and went straight to the point, “Are you going to wait until your daughter-in-law and son ignore you in the future before you learn that a scum bag can’t be a scum bag?”


He raised his eyes to look at me, his eyebrows turning upwards, “When did I become a slag?”


“Is Hu Ya still in labor? I don’t want to give you a son, she’s pregnant and you’re screwing around, now she’s still in her first trimester and you’re getting high with a girl in a bar, Shen Yu, if you like being a scumbag so much, let’s not get in touch in the future, so I don’t feel bad.”


He held his forehead, folded his legs and crossed his legs, raising his eyebrows at me, “Did Hu Ya send you here?”


Chapter 744

I was so angry that I wanted to beat him up, and when I glanced at the red wine on the table, I picked it up and threw it in his face, “If she had asked me to come here, I wouldn’t have come to you now.


Suddenly, his face changed dramatically, his dark eyes looked at me with darkness and no low, his voice was low and bloodthirsty, he spoke word for word, “So, you also think I deserve to be alone?”


I froze for a moment and suddenly reacted that Shen Yu’s innermost fear was to spend his life wandering, with no one to turn to.


You say you are afraid of being alone, but think about it, Hu Ya has been with you for ten years without complaint and at your beck and call, she knew you were afraid of wandering and gave you a child even though she knew she was not well.”


“Even if her family of origin how bad, how not into your eyes, but her character appearance, to find a person who loves her love her, there are plenty, if not because of love you, want to accompany you, afraid that you are alone, she find a man who thinks of her everywhere, she is rare in this life is not better, try to ask, which woman does not want to be able to marry a love themselves love themselves I’m not sure what she’s doing by being so self-abusive?”


The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. Do you think you’ll ever meet someone like her who is willing to give up everything she has for you? The women you will meet in the future will all be those who are greedy for your status and money, and that Wang Yan Yao, do you think she really likes you? She only knows that you are the young master of the Shen family, what do you covet in you, don’t you know that in your heart?”


I’m not going to be here anymore, so I pulled Mo Fei Lin and walked away.


After leaving the nightclub, Mo Fei Lin tsked twice and spoke, “I originally thought you were dumb and didn’t want to talk, but I didn’t expect you to be so articulate.”


I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, “I call him a brother after all, I can’t let him go on like this forever, Hu Ya is a good girl, she doesn’t deserve to be let down.”


She nodded and agreed, “But, to be honest, Hu Ya is really good in her own right, but if she was born at home, even if her background was poor, with Shen Chang Lin’s character, she wouldn’t care too much, but she was born in South East Asia, once she became Shen Yu’s wife in the Shen family, her status would be enough to make Shen Chang Lin step aside, Shen Yu’s fears are not without reason. ”


I naturally knew this, sighed slightly and said helplessly, “But now that the child is born, I can’t just ignore everything, since I can’t even marry her in name, I should always have a relationship to take care of the child, what is it to be like this, strutting around with another woman all day?”


She shrugged her shoulders, “And oh yeah!”


After a pause, she took out the sandalwood box from her satchel and handed it to me, “Nah, this is what Ivana asked me to give you, this box has only been opened once and the key is still with Fu Shen Yan, so if you want to see what’s inside, you still have to go to Fu Shen Yan to find the key.”