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Never Say Never Chapter 741-742

Chapter 741

I frowned and opened my mouth, “What video?”


“Ma’am?” Chen Yi was a little surprised, probably not expecting me to be the one to answer the phone.


After a pause, he said, “Ma’am, I’m sorry.”


“He’s busy and can’t answer the phone for now.” I opened my mouth, not forcing him to speak, but simply said, “Chen Yi, everyone has a bottom line, I can’t say how far Fu Shen Yan wants to go, but you’ve been with him for so many years, you should know better than me what the consequences of his impulsiveness like this will be, the most taboo thing among businessmen is to drive them out of business, he’s been in the capital for four years, relying on not only his ability, but also the approval of the capital’s major business The approval of the bigwigs.”


Killing in the business world existed every day, not without it, but everyone knew in their hearts that even if they had to drive out all the people, there had to be degrees, and allies would inevitably not be apprehensive when they saw their allies being ruthless, fearing that one day they would be treated equally.


Chen Yi was silent for a moment and spoke, “Thank you, Madam, for reminding me.”


When I hung up the phone, I was a little distracted by the fact that Fu Shen Yan’s anger had started at Mo Fei Lin’s wedding banquet.


Why on earth would Gu Han anger Fu Shen Yan, making him so eager to drive him to extinction, to see blood on the knife.


An hour later, Fu Shen Yan came out of the hospital, his face downcast, unable to see any emotion.


When he saw me, he grinned slightly, “Have you been waiting long?”


I shook my head, reached out to pull him in, and spoke, “Does it hurt?”


I heard it hurt.


He smiled, “What would you do if I said it hurt?”


I looked down, dropped a kiss on his lips and smiled, “Is that okay?”


The doctor came in, coughed and said, “You will need to be reviewed a week after the operation and try not to have married life for a month as it will affect your recovery.”


“Thank you, doctor.” It’s always awkward when you’re suddenly seen and I opened my mouth to say thank you, blushing a little.


After an hour in the hospital, the pain subsided and it was time to leave.


When I got back to the villa, it was already dark and I had dinner with Fu Shen Yan when Mo Fei Lin called.


“I said before that I would mail that sandalwood box to you, but I’ve been busy and forgot, are you free tonight? Come out for a drink together?” From the sound of her voice, she didn’t seem to be in a good mood.


Fu Shen Yan was in his study, he was warm lately, but I always felt that he had something buried in his heart.


After thinking about it, I started to say, “Yes, I’ll see you later.”


I went upstairs to say hello to Fu Shen Yan, he was reading papers, not going to the office for a day, Chen Yi sent quite a few.


When he heard the movement, he raised his eyes and spoke, “Bored alone?”


I shook my head, “No, Mo Fei Lin asked me out to sit in the air.”


He nodded, closed the contract in front of him and got up, “Eh, let’s go, where’s the address?”


I stood still, not moving looking up at him and said, “You have a lot of work to do, I’ll just go by myself, I’ve just finished my surgery, don’t go anywhere.”


His dark eyes fell on me and he raised an eyebrow, “How long will it take to get there.”


“Two hours!” Mofilin was in a bad mood, probably for reasons that could be emotional.


He pursed his lips, “An hour, give me the address later and I’ll pick you up.”


I froze and tried to speak, but he cut me off, “I don’t feel comfortable being out there for too long.”


That was all that had been said, to say any more would be pretentious.


I nodded my head in agreement.


I put on my coat and grabbed my car keys and went out.


Chapter 742

The address of Mofilin’s appointment was the downtown Imperial City, a nightclub owned by herself.


It was as crowded as ever and she found a seat on the first floor with a good view and asked for a bottle of wine.


Seemingly having been here for ages, she saw me and waved, “Here!”


Sitting in front of her, I snatched the red wine from her hand, called the waiter and spoke, “A gla*s of hot milk, please.”


“Milk in a nightclub, or hot, Shen Shu, are you kidding?” She laughed out, squinting her eyes, a little bitter.


The waiter naturally knew her, and went out with a nod.


Mo Fei Lin pinned her chin, looked at the girls dancing hot on the stage on the ground floor and spoke, “Shen Shu, I’m not happy anymore.”


These words, coming out of her mouth, inevitably sounded a little heartbreaking.


I sipped my wine and looked at her, “Is it He Zhi Zhou, or the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?”


If you’ve been married for less than a few days and you’re screaming bitterness, there’s probably nothing else but those two.


She looked, pinned her chin, half-smiling, charming and enchanting, “Have you ever seen parents who have to squeeze in living with their son after marriage?”


I opened my mouth and told the truth, “Neither Fu Shenyan nor I have parents, and Grandpa Fu is rarely involved in our married life, so I don’t have an answer for you.”


She laughed out, giggling and sounding sarcastic, “It’s true, life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, if I had known I wouldn’t have gotten married.”


It’s normal for pregnant women to be unstable, and after thinking about it, I said, “Maybe they just want to stay and take care of you, after all, you’re pregnant and need care.”


She sneered, “Heh, no more.”


The waitress brought the milk and she frowned, moving it aside, seemingly reluctant to drink it.


“Want some juice?” Pregnant women are prone to regurgitation and milk has a fishy taste, so it’s normal for her to dislike it.


She nodded and I looked to the waiter, “A gla*s of mango juice.”


The waiter nodded and then left.


Mo Fei Lin looked at me and couldn’t help but say, “How do you know I like mango?”


“I’ve seen you drink it before.” I responded and couldn’t help but look to the ground floor.


“See someone you know?” She asked, following my gaze.


“That girl on the card table, she looks a bit familiar.” I raised an eyebrow in a gesture, then pinned my chin and looked away indifferently.


Mofilin looked for a moment and tsked, “Just look at the man sitting next to him and you’ll know who she is.”


The back was turned and all that could be seen was the back, so when Mo Fei Lin said that, I looked carefully and saw the man looking sideways.


I couldn’t help but stare, “Shen Yu?”


Mo Fei Lin shrugged his shoulders, “You siblings really do have a heart of gold.”


The girl sitting next to him was dressed in some revealing clothes, and I only felt familiar for a moment, but didn’t react to who she was.


I just felt familiar for a while and didn’t react to who she was. At this time, I saw it clearly when I took a closer look, it was Wang Yan Yiu, I couldn’t help but frown, why is this woman still pestering Shen Yu?


The first thing that I did was to see me frowning, and Mo Fei Lin was a bit used to it, “Shen Yu is a playboy, it’s normal to have a few women around, not to mention the ones you send up, don’t worry about it, he’ll change when he gets tired of playing.”


I’m not worried about Shen Yu and Wang Yangyao, I’m worried about Hu Ya, she just gave birth to a child, the month is not yet finished, today went to see her, see her too much weight.


I am afraid that Shen Yu knows all these things about her.


Seeing me get up, Mo Fei Lin pressed on, “Big sister, what are you planning to do? If he doesn’t want to take care of the family, you just kill him and put him in line in front of Hu Ya, his soul will also run out to hook up with someone, you just let him wave on his own.”