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Never Say Never Chapter 739-740

Chapter 739

When you think about the past, you can’t help but laugh. Some of the things you used to think were just a momentary joke at the time, but now when you look back, every detail is warm enough for a long time.


The fate between people, the sky is spinning, what should be there can not be avoided, how to force, how can not get.


I heard footsteps behind me, I think it was because I hadn’t been down for too long, and Sister Fan came up to call for dinner.


I braided my long hair up and looked back, seeing it was Fu Shen Yan, I couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.


Then I turned back slightly, and the movement in my hands slowed down.


Last night, we sort of had a fight!


A pair of hands fell on my shoulders, it was Fu Shen Yan, to the dressing mirror, he looked down at me braiding my hair, his gaze was warm, without the hostility of last night became as gentle as water.


I lowered my eyes, did not meet his eyes, the movement of the hands although slow, but the hair is long, but also limited.


I did not speak, Fu Shen Yan also thus silent, mutual silence, the air became a bit fantastic.




I slightly huffed, before I opened my mouth, Fu Shen Yan spoke out, “I’m going to see Hu Ya later, do you want to put on makeup?”


If he didn’t remind me, I did forget that I had said last night that I was going to see Hu Ya’s mother and son.


He took the initiative to ask, sort of coaxed, always the only person who accommodated him, now put down his stance, I can’t just say nothing.


Nodding, I reached down, opened a drawer and found a headband to tie my hair.


“Are you still going to the office today?” I opened my mouth and just took the lip balm and put it on and called it quits.


Makeup was too much of a ha*sle, plus I had to take it off, so I was a bit tired, so I just put on some lipstick and it looked good.


He said, “It looks good!” The tone of his voice was a little childish and pleasing.


I smiled lightly, got up and went into the cloakroom.


At the dining table.


I wasn’t hungry, and after a few bites, Fu Shen Yan’s phone came on, and he laid it on the table, and the caller ID was Chen Yi.


Thinking it was a company matter, he looked at me and spoke shallowly, “I’ll be ready in a minute!”


He then got up to answer the phone, most of what came out of his mouth was jargon, most of which I couldn’t understand.


But there was one thing I could be sure of, he was acquiring Gu, not all in one bite, but in a gradual manner.


Looking at the bowl of rice, I lost my breath for a moment and shifted my chair as I got up, a little too loudly.


He looked back, saw me about to leave, frowned, hung up the phone and looked at me, “What’s wrong? Not to your liking?”


The words stopped ringing in Sister Fen’s ears, more or less nervously, after all, it was only her first day here and if she was unhappy, she would be sacked.


I shook my head, “I’m not hungry!”


Up and around looking for the bag, between him and Gu Han, for whatever purpose, I can no longer open my mouth, that money indeed, I took it to Gu Han and Fu Shen Yan took it to Gu Han are two concepts.


If I continue to say anything, Fu Shen Yan’s tactics may be even more intense, so I can only do so if I don’t hear or ask.


I bought a pair of gold bracelets for Hu Ya’s child before, originally for the child’s full moon send, but now send the same.


Shen Yu said that it was cold in the capital and did not intend to give the child any full moon wine, so it would be good to take time for a family dinner.


When I came downstairs, Fu Shen Yan seemed to be explaining how Sister Fen was going to take care of the four seasons, and when he saw me coming down, he had a few light smiles on his face.


“Is it put away?” I nodded and headed out of the villa.


The car was parked in the courtyard and I got straight into it.


When Fu Shen Yan got in, he put a small box in my hand and started the car saying, “New from Huayu.”


I froze for a moment, opened the box, inside was a new mobile phone, gold edged with diamonds, stylish and atmospheric.


I had forgotten that he had dropped mine yesterday.


Chapter 740

I didn’t say anything, I just took my phone out, looked at it, and then put it back in my bag.


On the way we didn’t speak, we were silent with each other.


Shen Yu bought a villa for Hu Ya in the southern district, in the ancient style, with a lot of flowers and plants planted in the small courtyard, piled up with snow, so you basically can’t see any scenery.


The villa had hired two nannies to look after Hu Ya and the children, and Shen Yu was not at the villa.


The month had not yet pa*sed and Hu Ya was in her bedroom. When she heard us coming over, she went down to the living room to wait.


Seeing her wrapped in a thick nightgown, her face was no better than it would have been after she had given birth.


When she saw me, she seemed to squeeze out a Kuwi smile and spoke, “Here you are, have you eaten?”


Seeing her overly obvious weight loss, I couldn’t help but say, “Yes, why have you suddenly lost so much weight?”


She smiled, “It’s normal to look thin now that the baby is born.”


Gesturing for us to sit down, she instructed the nanny to pour water.


I looked around and didn’t see the baby, so I asked, “Where’s the baby?”


“He’s upstairs asleep!” She handed me the water wrap and laughed, “He’s in a hurry to get out and some parts of his body are still undeveloped, so he’ll have to stay in the incubator for some more days.”


She said this in a light-hearted way, but I did feel more or less distressed.


I sighed slightly and said, “So are the four seasons, it’s good to grow up slowly.”


The majority of the conversation, Fu Shen Yan has been sitting next to, from time to time a sip of water, also did not speak, only occasionally a phone call, he clicked hang up, very quietly sitting aside.


Hu Ya noticed from the beginning, halfway through the sentence, looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Fu you must not have seen a month of children, you sit is also bored, why not go up to see, later you and Shen Shu give birth to a child, the heart also know what kind of this newborn doll.”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, nodded, got up, and went up to the first floor with the nanny leading the way.


When Fu Shen Yan left, Hu Ya looked at me and spoke, “Did you have a fight?”


I shook my head, “No, what’s wrong?”


She pursed her lips, “The onlooker is clear, everyone can see that the Mr. Fu, whom everyone fears, is a different person around you, he listened to our boring topics without saying a word, didn’t even answer the company’s phone calls, you were indifferent and didn’t even notice, people are so careful, it’s probably because you had a fight.”


Was it a quarrel?


I didn’t speak up.


Smiled and ended the conversation.


After chatting with Hu Ya for a while, it was getting late, and Fu Shen Yan and I came out of the villa.


I opened my mouth and said, “Let’s go to the hospital!”


He drove and gave me a look, “What’s wrong?”


“Go get the ring!” It was always going to be a problem when that thing was stored in his body for a long time.


He froze slightly, but didn’t say much, switched directions and drove to the hospital.


The phone handed to me by Fu Shenyan at the entrance of the operating room wanted to come up, it was Chen Yi calling.


It was supposed to be Fu Shenyan’s phone, so I shouldn’t have answered it, but he had called several times and thought it was urgent, so I picked it up.


Before I could say anything, Chen Yi said, “Mr. Fu, the business bureau of Gu’s side has gone to investigate, if there is no accident, Gu’s will be temporarily closed for a while, that video of Mr. Gu’s mother, is it still necessary to give it to the media?”


Xu Hui’s video?