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Never Say Never Chapter 737-738

Chapter 737

I was unsure, “You can talk things through and we can communicate.”


The tone was considered calm enough.


She was dismissive, mocking, “Huayu’s profit for years, you used it for Gu Han’s working capital, have you thought about it, someone will use this money to crush Gu Han, this is simply a loan violation, the media broke this out, Gu’s stock plummeted, Gu’s family can’t possibly hold up even if they lowballed all their family business, Shen Shu, you’re ruthless.”


I frowned, “A loan violation?”


Huayu’s profitable funds had always been in my account, I hadn’t touched half of it for so many years, and if it wasn’t for paying back Gu Han’s kindness, I wouldn’t have touched the money at all.


“The money is all regular income from Huayu’s profits, how could it become an irregular loan.”


“Then you need to ask your husband.” She sneered, “You two, husband and wife, are good at what you do, one acting as the white face and the other as the red face, and your hands are up and down without any mercy.” I was somewhat confused by the meaning of her words.


After a moment of silence, I said, “I’ll take responsibility for the crisis at Gu’s if it’s caused by the money, it’s very late now, you should go back!”


After all, friends are friends, words are too harsh and inappropriate after all.


She was still pregnant and it was common for her to get emotional easily.


I sent her away and went up to the study, where Fu Shen Yan was smoking on the balcony.


The smoke filled the room and was a little pungent, and I looked up to see the time.


Standing behind him, I opened my mouth, “It’s eleven o’clock, are you going to rest?”


He didn’t say anything, his long, straight back turned to me, looking cold and rusty.


His eyes fell on the table, still with the acquisition contract.


“That money, it’s from me to Gu Han.” Finally, he spoke, “I owe him a life, if it were usual, he wouldn’t necessarily take it, but at this time, that money over there is tantamount to saving his life, he takes it, and he and I are clear.”


He stiffened slightly, and the cigarette butt held in his fingertips smouldered and choked.


After a pause, I continued to speak, “This matter if you are blaming me for not discussing it with you, then it is my problem and has nothing to do with Gu. Fu Shen Yan, if because of this you have given birth to the idea of acquiring Gu, it would be unfair to Gu Han.”


“Unfair?” Fu Shen Yan turned around, a pair of handsome eyebrows knitted up, his gaze fixed on me, “What is fair?”


I frowned, “Fu Shen Yan, didn’t we talk about clearing the past? What do you care?”


What do you care about now, when you’re killing Gu Han, is the careful care Gu Han gave me for that month?


Fu Shen Yan did not respond, a pair of black eyes fell on me, slightly narrowed with a few moments of hidden anger, “Who was here just now?”


He took a step closer to me, his almost somewhat shadowy aura wrapping around me, “Or did Gu Han call you.”


Out of instinct, I tightened the phone in my hand and took a few steps back.


“Fu Shen Yan, we shouldn’t be like this!”


He raised an eyebrow, “Give me the phone, be a good boy and do as you’re told.”


I lowered my eyes and bit my lip, holding the phone tightly, not worried that he would see anything, but just that approaching like this struck fear into my heart.


Even when I tried to avoid it, the man was quick and he snatched the phone away from me.


The last call was from Gaijin.


He looked at the phone and sneered, “You never avoided her, are you planning to become good sisters with her?”


Chapter 738

The words, not as innocent as they literally sounded, and I looked up at him with some incredulity.


A moment of anger was born, “You think too much, it’s just that I’m not like you, I know to leave the bottom line in everything, and I won’t drive to the bottom of the barrel and reveal all my malice to others, much less by any means.”


This, I said calmly, but hurt enough, four years, what should be experienced, people are most afraid of having their scars uncovered, and I did just that.


“Bang!” Fu Shen Yan was enraged, the anger he had been holding back for so long, finally exploded, the phone in his hand was smashed on the ground, bouncing high, the pieces were all over the floor.


In seven years, I had never seen such a monstrous rage from him, a rage that could almost devour people.


I froze a little, staring blankly at the darkness tumbling under his eyes and the bloodlust hidden in his bones.


For a moment, I thought he would strike at me, but no.


He just spoke, saying, “Cut all ties with Gu Han, all his affairs, you stay out of it, and Gaijin, don’t have any contact with her.”


It was not worth hurting oneself for the sake of the next person, it was really not worth it, between people, even the best cultivation and etiquette, would all disappear when anger erupted.


Fu Shenyan’s emotions were forced out of him in the midst of holding back and consuming him over and over again.


I could understand, even sympathise, but people have their own emotions that need to be laid to rest.


All I didn’t say anything, turned around and went out of the study in silence; none of us are twenty-somethings.


When we fight, we smash things, leave the house, cry so loudly that we hate to tell the world that we will go our separate ways from now on.


All the breakdowns and tantrums of adult time are silent.


Back in the bedroom, I wash up, blow-dry my hair, get into bed and go to sleep, all as before.




Not really.


This night, Fu did not return to the bedroom, and I did not come out of the bedroom.


We both had each other’s emotions to consume, colliding with each other in a way that did nothing but hurt.


In the early hours of the morning, vaguely sleepy, the bedroom door was opened, “Shen Shu!” The man’s voice was low and not very high pitched.


He walked over to the bed, called out a few times, and when he saw that I didn’t respond, he stopped calling.


Just a low, introspective voice, he spoke, “I’m sorry!”


I didn’t say anything, and was indeed sleepy.


It was an extraordinarily long sleep, and when I woke up, it was already afternoon.


I got up and went downstairs to the Four Seasons’ room, but met a middle-aged woman in the living room.


When she saw me, she greeted me warmly and then went about her business.


Originally, the family did not intend to find a nanny, but now Fu Shen Yan has hired another one, so I think he intends to let the nanny take care of the four seasons.


The four seasons were much better, playing with the snowball in the yard.


Seeing this, I did not go up to disturb them and prepared to go back to the bedroom.


“Mrs. Fu, I’ll have dinner ready in a minute, do I need to bring it up to you?” Sister Fen spoke up.


“No, I’ll be down later.” Responding, I went back to the bedroom.


I washed up and sat at the dresser, unaware that my hair, which I had kept for a few years, had reached my waist.


When I was in college, I always liked to keep my hair shoulder-length and short, and Muzi always told me that if someone confessed to me, if I was too embarra*sed to answer, I would just say that I would marry you when my hair was waist-length, and then I would cut my hair to my shoulders every time.


The time has pa*sed, and the guy who confesses will naturally know what I mean.