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Never Say Never Chapter 735-736

Chapter 735

After a pause, “Gu’s including Gu Han, I won’t interfere anymore, if you really consider me a friend, please, in the future, don’t use things like friendship to morally kidnap me, what happens in the mall, I won’t get involved, moreover, I won’t do what I owe to Fu Shen Yan.”


After hanging up the phone, I pressed my emotions and turned around to see that the Four Seasons had fallen asleep.


Originally, I was going to study for my exams, but the days dragged on and I missed the exams, so I had nothing to do.




The first time I saw him, I was a little tired.


When he saw me staring in the living room, he put the car keys away and walked over to me, pulling me into his arms, his voice much warmer, “Why didn’t you call me?”


I froze and looked back at him, my eyes falling on the scruff he had rubbed out, “I was afraid you’d be too busy.”


He buried his head in my shoulder, “Nothing is as important as you.”


“What’s for dinner?” He spoke, his eyes flicking around the living room before asking again, “Where’s Four Seasons?”


“She’s sleeping in her bedroom, she had a fever this morning.” I open my mouth, my mind wondering if I should ask him about Guhan.


He nodded and hugged me, “Did Jun Yu come by?”


I gave an enunciation and was silent for a moment, tilting my head to look at him, “I saw the news this morning, Fu’s bought quite a few shares in Huayao, is Fu’s going to open up the ai sector?”


This question was not direct, but the man was so perceptive, how could he not know what I was going to ask?


Fu Shen Yan’s face sank, “Who has called you?”


It was only for a moment that he seemed to realise that his tone was too heavy, he eased up for a moment and spoke, “I’ll take care of things in the mall, don’t worry about it.”


His words were calm, but they were mixed with a lighter note of coldness.


I could hear it, he didn’t want me to get involved, he had his own way of handling things between men.


I pursed my lips and lowered my eyes, looking at my fingertips in silence, and breathed a shallow sigh of relief, “Eh, you don’t want to get too tired.”


He got up and responded, “There’s still a bit of business, I’ve gone to the study to deal with it, finish early and come down to keep you company.” Then he went upstairs to the study.


Looking at his firm back, I was a bit lost in thought, and remembered with hindsight that I had forgotten to ask him if he had eaten yet.


I got up and went to the kitchen and simply cooked noodles, put in the seasoning and carried them upstairs.


Outside the study, the door was half-closed and he was on the phone.


The pen under his hand had pierced the contract on the table because it was too heavy, and the ink had smudged a large part of it, which was particularly blinding.


His dark eyes were gloomy, obviously noticing the movement in his hands, but only noticing it, the force under his hands had not been reduced.


Instead, he increased the force, “Finished?” Clearly angry.


The other end of the phone naturally also noticed it, but just seemed to still be talking.


Fu Shen Yan sank his voice, “What kind of brother do I count with him? You don’t understand what happens in the business world.”


It was anger.


Hanging up the phone, he narrowed his eyes, overflowing with violence, faintly swept a glance at the ink on the table, raised his hand, as if nothing had happened, and continued to sign.


Only the force was off, spilling the coffee on the table.


The man was elegant and noble, just methodically pulling over a tissue and slowly wiping the dirt from the table.


After many years in the business world, he is no longer the teenager who used to put his emotions on his face, it’s not about being good or bad.


After experiencing certain things, people know exactly what they want and what they don’t want, and they know how to survive better than others.


Chapter 736

“Knock, knock!” I raised my hand and knocked on the door.


Fu Shen Yan glanced sideways, saw me standing outside the door, raised his eyebrows slightly, his face no longer had the slightest hint of shade, smiled lightly, “What’s cooking?”


I smiled lightly, entered the study, put the noodles on the table, and dried the coffee spilled on the desk for him as if nothing had happened.


In pa*sing, I took the paper towel from his hand and put it in the bin, “Cooked fried noodles, first time I’ve cooked them, try them.”


He smiled warmly, as if everything had just been an episode, and sat down at the table and ate gracefully.


I cleaned up the tragedy on the table for him and spoke, “How is Auntie doing lately?”


Speaking of which, Fu Qingyin was Gu Han’s stepmother, and in a way, Fu Shenyan and Gu Han were considered cousins.


He ate his noodles and responded, “En!”


My eyes fell on the documents on the table, the plan to acquire Gu’s business, drafted two years ago.


Just what was the reason for putting off signing it until now?


The contract was stained with ink and I took a tissue to wipe it.


“It won’t wipe off!” His voice came from behind me, low and introspective, “Ink is the hardest thing to clean, and what’s more, it’s stained on paper.”


I pursed my lips and put down the paper, not speaking after all.


Seeing that the noodles in the bowl had been finished by him, I smiled lightly, “Is it good?”


He nodded, “It smells good.” He wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead, “Hu Ya should be discharged from the hospital, let’s go over to see her tomorrow.”


It was rare that he remembered such trivialities, I nodded and smiled lightly, “Yes, together then!”


After a pause, I tilted my head and said tentatively, “Fu Shen Yan, let’s make an appointment to get the ring removed, okay?”


He pursed his lips slightly, “Eh?”


“There are some pasts that have to be pa*sed, right?” Tilting my head to look at him, I spoke, “The Four Seasons are Cheng’s, I love her and I love you, Cheng Junyu came to see her, there will be one more person in the world to dote on her, that’s a good thing.”


After a moment’s hesitation, his eyes fell on me, “You agreed to Jun Yu coming to see the Four Seasons?”


I nodded, “He’s Four Seasons’ father, I’m in no position to stand in the way, besides, I want a child that belongs to us can I?”


I obviously noticed his body stiffen slightly, and for a moment, the corners of his mouth rose, “En!”


This …… was an agreement.


There’s always one happy thing to do.


As for Gu Han’s business, maybe it’s best if I stay out of it.


Putting away the dishes, I went downstairs.


The four seasons had slept all day and had long since lost their sleep, playing with the snowball in the living room.


It’s good to have a dog in the house, at least there’s someone to keep the kids company.


It was snowy and Fu Shenyan was very busy, until I thought he was not at home but at work.


Four Seasons said, “Mum, does Uncle Fu have lots and lots of work to do, he really works hard.”


I smiled lightly and said, “People in this world, to enjoy the admiration of millions, have to endure hardships that ordinary people can’t survive, physical hardships are the easiest hardships in this world.”


The most bitter of all is the bitterness that is fixed in the depths of the soul.


Gathering Jane’s visit to the villa was no longer expected by me, but since she was here, there was no reason to kick her out.


She was furious, “Shen Shu, you gave all your savings to Gu Han, I originally thought you were doing it to help him, I really underestimated you, what’s the difference between you and Fu Shen Yan? Using such despicable means to trap him.”