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Never Say Never Chapter 733-734

Chapter 733

He nodded his head, his posture calm, as if waiting for my next words.


I pursed my lips, “Fu Shenyan and you are brothers in life and death, he is a person who especially needs emotional warmth, of course every one of us is the same, in this matter, I do not want us to make a mess and end up unhappy.”


After a pause, I continued, “You can identify with Four Seasons, but this matter will have to wait until she becomes an adult at the age of eighteen, it is up to her to decide whether to identify or not, of course, during these eighteen years, you and she can meet anytime, and I mean anytime, as long as you want to see her, anytime, and if the Cheng family can take care of her, I can agree to her meeting the two elderly people during holidays or occasionally at the Cheng family. ”


He froze a little, as if he hadn’t expected me to say that out of the blue, and even less expected me to give in to that point.


After a long time, he looked at me, his gaze serious, “Are you serious?”


I nodded, “Seriously, this decision is not because of you, it’s because of Fu Shen Yan, I don’t want him to break off his brotherly love with you for so many years because of me, and I won’t get into what happened between you and him before, I hope the brotherly love between you can remain as it once was, without any separation.”


He seemed a little surprised and was silent for a while before he spoke, “Shen Shu, thank you.”


The men’s words seemed to be as sparse as ever.


I lowered my eyes without too much emotion, “You don’t need to thank me, although I don’t know how much you actually feel for Muzi, but at least it seems to me at the moment that you love the Four Seasons, and for me or for Muzi, there’s nothing wrong with having one more person to love the Four Seasons.”


What was said was said, and naturally I would not keep him.


He didn’t seem to take my nonchalance to heart, he was only silent for a moment and said, “I want to take Four Seasons back to Huadu, not so she can acknowledge the Cheng family, but just to show her that I once promised Muzi that I would take her to Huadu if I could.”


I frowned, my heart clogging a little, but nodded, “Yes, I can, I don’t want to go for very long.”


“No, just three days.”


“You set your own time!”


It was true, I couldn’t keep Four Seasons around forever, sooner or later she would grow up and fly away.


Sending Cheng Junyu away, I returned to Four Seasons’ bedroom, looking at her growing up day by day, and I was a little bewildered.


Mo Fei Lin’s wedding had made me a celebrity in the capital for no apparent reason.


Perhaps it was Mo Fei Lin’s deliberate introduction, or perhaps it was Shen Changlin’s care.


Unintentionally, I became a famous celebrity in the capital, to put it mildly.


When I called Mo Fei Lin, Four Seasons was still sleeping and the call came from her.


There seemed to be some noise on the other end of the line, but the voice was clear, and she said, “Shen Shu, I found that sandalwood box that Lin Ivana was holding, and I spoke to her directly, and you wanted that box, and she said to give it to you, so I’ll mail it to you later.”


I nodded my head and lowered my voice out of the bedroom for fear of disturbing the Four Seasons’ sleep.


The living room was warm and I leaned back on the sofa and said in a shallow voice, “Please.”


She tsked, “What’s the trouble, what’s the point of being so insensitive?”


After a pause of almost a few seconds, she said, “There’s something I don’t know if I should tell you.”




There was a few seconds of silence before she spoke, “At the wedding banquet Fu Shen Yan seemed to have fought with Gu Han, I heard it from Zhi Zhou, the two seemed to have said something and then there was a fight, Zhi Zhou said it was nothing, but Fu Shen Yan seemed to be very angry, Gu Han should have said something to him.”


I pursed my lips, my mind remembered how wrong Fu Shen Yan was at the party, he was desperately trying to get himself drunk because Gu Han said something?


Chapter 734

“Shen Shu, are you listening?” Mo Fei Lin on the other end of the line spoke.


“Yes!” After a pause, I said, “After the wedding, where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?”


She thought for a moment and said, “Zhi Zhou and I have discussed going to the Maldives, the weather is nice there.”


There was movement from the bedroom and I said, “Be safe on your way, the Four Seasons seem to be awake, I’ll go check on them.”


She answered.


Hanging up the phone.


Four Seasons woke up, still a little tired, the little one bent under the covers, and when she saw me, she said softly, “Mummy, I’m thirsty!”


I poured her water and lifted my hand to test her forehead temperature; the fever had gone down.


“Mummy!” Four Seasons handed me the gla*s of water, and when she saw me wandering off, she opened her mouth to call out.


I looked back and took the cup from her.


I tucked her in, “Do you want to take a nap?”


The little one shook her head, “I’m not sleepy anymore, did Uncle Cheng say I could get out of bed?”


I smiled lightly, “Yes!”


Seeing this, she did move and got out of bed, although her fever had gone down, she still looked a little tired.


The snow outside had stopped, and I looked out at the white blanket of snow in a daze.


Gu Han and Fu Shen Yan, what exactly did they say that would make such a calm and steady person like him have emotions.


Fu Shenyan has always known how to control his emotions and would not get angry easily.


An hour later, Gao Jian called, “Shen Shu, let’s talk!”


I pursed my lips, I could hear the urgency in her tone, “En!”


“Is it convenient to go out?”


When I heard this, I turned my attention to the Four Seasons, the little one was nestled on the sofa, a little drowsy.


“No way to go out!”


The other end of the phone paused for a moment and said, “Fu Shen Yan purchased most of Gu’s shareholders at a high price, set up Gu’s fake stock market drop, took advantage of the rumored rise of the three of you, and united several joint investments to suppress Gu’s. I don’t understand, why does he want to drive them out of business like this?”


I didn’t know anything about the stock market, but the drive-by she was talking about must have gotten to this point of seriousness.


“I’m not too sure about this, perhaps you could ask what Gu Han said to Fu Shen Yan at Mo Fei Lin’s wedding banquet?” It was best for women to stand idly by in a war between men.


She sighed, “Shen Shu, Fu’s has Huayu, which has over ten years of heritage, to hold it up, you don’t have to worry about losses, but Gu’s is different, other industries haven’t been good over the years, Gu’s acquisition of Huayao is only four short years old, although it is profitable, it’s not as good as Huayu after all, Fu Shen Yan loves you, go beg him to show him mercy.”


I pursed my lips, upset in my heart, forcing myself to hold back my emotions and spoke, “Gu Han told you to say that?”


“You’re angry?” She asked back, seemingly carrying emotion as well.




“Shen Shu, Gu Han is my fiancĂ©, the father of my child, I must defend him and help him, you resent me, I suffer, but this is something I still ask of you.” These words, she said with reason.


“Fu Shen Yan is also my husband, did you take that into consideration when you were asking me to help you?” I sighed, “Pick up Jane, you have people you need to defend, so do I. We are all human, no one is different from anyone else.”