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Never Say Never Chapter 723-724

Chapter 723

The corners of his mouth swirled into a smile, bright as an April day, “There’s a fruit grove behind the hotel, after dinner later, go for a walk.”


I was stunned, “How do you know?”


At this time of year, I guess there isn’t much fruit to eat.


Probably guessing what I was thinking, he said, “The fruit grove was just brought over from Switzerland, and the fruit trees still have fruit on them, so you can eat them.”


My eyes widened with surprise, “How did you know?”


He smiled lightly and pulled me into the hotel.


The large flower clusters placed at the entrance of the hotel were extraordinarily dazzling, I couldn’t help but want to open my mouth and sigh in admiration, but thinking about the people coming in and out of the place, with such an exaggerated expression on my face, I couldn’t help but shut my mouth.


Fu Shenyan saw my little thought and laughed, “This is an English aristocratic flower cluster, the flower clusters are not that precious, what is dazzling is the peaC*ck feathers used to decorate the clusters, it has the meaning of happiness and peace.”


I couldn’t help but say, “According to Maureen’s consciousness, she didn’t make this flower cluster.”


He smiled, “Mo’s family did it.”


When we entered the hotel together with Fu Shen Yan, Mo Fei Lin greeted us, she was wearing a drop shoulder S*xy white fluffy wedding dress, the hemline of her skirt was stretched out behind her when she walked.


“Wow, baby, you look so beautiful today, you were extremely right to be chosen as my bridesmaid.” I was pulled by Mo Fei Lin, straight away from Fu Shen Yan.


I smiled and looked at her skirt, a little puzzled, “We were just looking at the wedding venue set up in the car, it looked a bit like Chinese style, I thought you would be wearing a phoenix crown.”


She shrugged her shoulders and looked at me, “He Zhi Zhou’s parents said to follow the traditional wedding customs, look, how about this wedding dress of mine?”


“It’s beautiful!” It was really beautiful.


She laughed and said with a little regret, “Let me tell you, I was originally going to decorate the wedding in a western style, but He Zhi Zhou’s parents felt that there was nothing wrong with pa*sing on the culture and the etiquette of the old ancestors, so they designed the wedding venue in a Chinese style, and I’m going to change out of this wedding dress later, and I’m going to change into a phoenix crown and cape later.”


After a pause, she said, “You’ll have to change into one later too.” She looked at her wedding dress and sighed, “My favourite wedding dress, I can only wear it for one afternoon.”


He Zhi Zhou walked in with a smile, a white suit, a slender body, a bookish aura, with a few warm as a jade fluttering young man.


“You’re hungry, go and eat something first, you’ll all be unable to eat when the guests arrive later.”


“That’s right, we still have to take the guests later!” Mo Fei Lin spoke up and pulled me along, “Come on, let’s go eat something delicious.”


Fu Shen Yan was still beside me, after a few steps, Mo Fei Lin turned back, looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu, your wife is mine today, Mr. Qiao and Mr. Cheng are in the meeting room, there is a chess room and tea room over there, so you can make your own arrangements!”


I said, and pulled me to go, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, eyebrows up, obviously a reserved and elegant flamboyant man, but at this time is a little bit of a small resentful woman.


I couldn’t help but laugh, pulling Mo Fei Lin stopped and said, “Wait for me a moment!”


I walked towards Fu Shen Yan, tilted my head to look at him and said, “You go for a walk, and when I’m done, I’ll come to you.”


After saying that, she stood on tiptoe and took the initiative to give him a kiss on the cheek, before she could turn around, she was pulled by him.


Chapter 724

The man’s eyes were deep and dark, “And that’s how you get rid of me.”


His dark eyes overflowed with light and I knew what he meant, standing on my tiptoes, kissing him on the lips and smiling lightly, “Is that good enough?”


He nodded and smiled, “Ask for it back tonight.”


“Holy Sh*t!” Mo Fei Lin spoke up, “You guys need to stop being so abrasive, just go back and roll once at night!”


I ……


I’m sure you’re very bold.


I said goodbye to Fu Shen Yan and went into the bride’s room with Mo Fei Lin.


The meal was already laid out.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and you’ll be able to find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time.


I froze and shook my head, “If we hold a wedding in public, it would mean that the identity of the four seasons would also be revealed, or not, he and I are fine the way we are now.”


She frowned, “But people are saying all sorts of things about you, if you don’t clarify, the media can make you look worse and worse.”


I smiled, “You live your own life, just don’t listen to what people say.”


She bristled, “You’re the only one with a big heart.”


A waiter brought the dress, “Miss Mo, this is your wedding dress.”


I saw six neatly dressed attendants come in with six cla*sical sandalwood boxes, standing in unison.


I couldn’t help but stare and look at Mo Fei Lin, “You don’t say, it really is a bit of the ancient ceremony of a thousand-year-old lady getting married.”


She lost her smile, “If it were more storytelling, would I still have to put on my wedding clothes and run away now?”


A comment that caused the group in the room to lose their laughter, she got up and went to look at the dress, the costume and accessories were delivered.


The wedding shoes were all together and as my eyes fell on the sandalwood box’s gold stepping stone, I couldn’t help but speak, “This gold stepping stone is so chic, the designer seems to have set red beans on it.”


She nodded, “He Zhi Zhou made it, he said that red beans mean good things to each other.”


I couldn’t help but sigh at how beautiful the wedding ceremony was.


The reception had to start at noon, so after dinner, she dragged me to wait in the hotel lobby.


The people who could come to the Mo family banquet were more or less all families with fame and heritage in the capital.


Although it was a public marriage, only one or two media outlets could receive an invitation, and those who came were all people with a bit of fame in the media world.


Most of these people know what can and cannot be made public.


This is the rule of the media industry, and only those who can keep to the rules can co-exist with each other at the top of the pyramid.


Mo Zhizhao and Ivana Lin were in the hotel’s parlour making arrangements.


In fact, I came for nothing, just occasionally to take something or something.


But Mo Fei Lin was worried about me and basically asked the waiter to take it directly.


So I just stayed behind Mo Fei Lin and just kept smiling.


“The one who will be coming in later is the King of Gunpowder in the capital’s nobility, Old Master Mu, and I guess your third uncle will also be with him.” Mo Fei Lin spoke, dropping a nut kernel towards her mouth as she spoke.


She ate somewhat frequently, and I subconsciously looked towards her stomach, wondering how …… she, who was not usually that obsessed with food


When she saw me looking at her, she shrugged her shoulders, “Two months, no reaction, just want to eat.”


I stared, “Really?”


She nodded, “Yes, I’m thirty-one, the best time for women to have children, and naturally I wouldn’t miss that.”


After a pause, she couldn’t help but look at me, “No, you should be thirty too, you and Fu Shenyan don’t have plans to have one of your own?”


“It’s still early!” I spoke, somewhat perfunctorily, and saw a circle of people walking outside the hotel.


I couldn’t help but say, “I think it’s the Mu family you mentioned that has arrived.”