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Never Say Never Chapter 721-722

Chapter 721

Walking up to him, I pursed my lips and dropped my gaze to his chest, “Did anyone ever say you were showy?”


The corners of his mouth swirled into a smile, “You’re the first person to torment and desecrate me.”


I smiled lightly and spoke sweetly, “I’ll go to the bathroom and wash up first.”


He nodded, a smile lighting up his brow.


As I rinsed my mouth, I looked at myself in the mirror, my mind recalling the Fu Shen Yan I had just seen.


Suddenly there was some sadness, I seemed to have aged a lot. Mofilin said that a woman’s best age is when she should be smiling and vibrant.


Yes, I’m too dead and dull.


My stomach churned and I vomited violently, throwing up everything I had eaten during the night.


Fu Shen Yan heard the commotion and knocked on the door outside, “Shen Shu!”


I vomited a few times, nothing left to throw up, rinsed my mouth and then responded, “It’s okay, I may have eaten too much.”


When I came out of the bathroom, I was pulled tightly into his arms, the man’s voice was low and forbidding, “I’m sorry!”


I pursed my lips, knowing he was heartbroken.


The doctor said that there was no cure for depression, only control, and often I couldn’t tell for myself whether it was a disease or whether I was just like that.


Leaning into his arms, I was somewhat calmer and instead raised my hand to pat his back soothingly, “It’s okay, it’s not a big deal, it’ll get better.”


This night, he wrapped his arms around me and held me extra tight.




The wedding of Mo Fei Lin and He Zhi Zhou was originally scheduled to take place early, but because of the involvement of the media, they agreed to set the wedding at the end of the year.


The wedding was originally due to take place early, but because of the media involvement, they agreed on the end of the year.


Having said that they were friends, they were bound to attend.


Mofilin called, it sounded a bit noisy on the other side, “I’ve sent you the dress, the make-up artist has followed you there, remember to come early, I’ll wait for you to give us the rings.”


I froze for a moment, reacting to the fact that she meant I was going to be her bridesmaid and refused, “I’ve already been married.”


“So what?” She didn’t seem to care and said, “Who says you can’t be a bridesmaid if you’re married? Don’t be silly, hurry up and come, I’m waiting for you!”


The wedding day was a joyous as well as a busy one, and she was busy, hanging up the phone.


About half an hour later, the doorbell at the villa’s front door was rung.


I got up to answer the door and saw a short-haired girl with two men with a smile, “Miss Shen, we were called over by Miss Mo to do your make-up.”


Noticing the gift box case the two men behind her were carrying, I got the idea.


Returning the smile, I stepped back and spoke, “Please, please!”


The girl smiled lightly and didn’t say much.


Once inside the villa, I was allowed to change into my dress, a nude strapless gown with an apricot plush shawl added because it was winter.


It showed off my waist, and Mofilin’s aesthetic was always at the forefront of fashion.


When the girl saw me change, she couldn’t help but open her mouth in chapter, “No wonder Miss Mo said you were the most comfortably beautiful woman she had ever seen, just by changing your dress, you already made people take their eyes away.”


I smiled lightly, unable to help but feel exaggerated, and spoke, “Thank you!”


It’s always a compliment, a nice thing to say, at least it nourishes the heart.


When I was about to leave the villa, I met Fu Shen Yan who was returning, he was still in a black tailored suit, his body was slender and tall, he was a light wherever he was.


Chapter 722

“What are you doing back?” Counting the hours, he should still be busy in the office at this time of the year, it was almost time for his annual leave, the scandal thing was so bad that he wanted to be in, the stock was under control a little, but there was still a lot going on.


He stepped forward, his eyes ran over me, his thin lips rose and he smiled, “Very beautiful!”


I pursed my lips and walked over to him, habitually reaching out to pull him, “In a few minutes Mo Fei Lin and He Zhi Zhou are having a wedding at the hotel and she asked me to go and be a bridesmaid for her.”


That sort of explains why I’m dressed like this.


He nodded, his voice warm, “Let’s go together then!” Eyes falling on the other three who were still a little surprised, he spoke, “Please, my wife is coming with me, so I won’t see you off once the three of you have driven.”


The three nodded, the short-haired girl looked at Fu Shen Yan more or less surprised, followed the two men into the car, her voice pulled down a few points and said, “I thought gossip was just gossip, I didn’t think this Miss Shen was really the wife of President Fu.”


Looking at the three men leaving, I looked back at Fu Shen Yan, “Don’t you have to go to the office?” Today is not the weekend, or noon, how did he ……


“I’m not so busy that I don’t even have the time to accompany my wife to the wedding banquet.” He smiled lightly and lifted his hand to pull the plush shawl around my shoulders to keep out some of the cold.


Pulling me into the car, he draped his jacket over me and spoke slightly, “It’s cold, don’t catch a cold.”


I nodded, a smile on my face, and couldn’t help but speak, “It really is a good day.”


He smiled lightly and started the car.


Mo Fei Lin was a woman who loved freedom and had a bold nature, so she had chosen the hotel at a five-star hotel outside the parish.


It was December and all that could be found in the capital were plum blossoms and a few chrysanthemums.


But the Mo family had brought all the flowers that could bloom from all over the country to the hotel in order for the wedding to be the way she wanted it to be.


The flowers from all four seasons were placed at the entrance of the hotel, and as far as the eye could see, the open-air wedding venue looked like a city surrounded by flowers.


Before I even got out of the car, I was so captivated by the beauty that I couldn’t help but lean out of the car window and look outside.


Probably because I was in a good mood, I tugged on Fu Shen Yan’s sleeve and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen so many kinds of flowers, I’ve never seen them before!”


The weather in Huai’an is the most time to raise flowers and there are the most varieties.


But even so, this place brings together flowers from all over the country and even the world, which really makes for a long insight.


A warmth came from my forehead, it was Fu Shen Yan’s palm, I faintly froze, looked back at him and smiled.


I was looking out the window of the car, it was cold outside, so I didn’t open the window, so when I looked, my forehead would inevitably touch the window gla*s.


The way he moved, he was no doubt worried that I would touch it.


He smiled lightly, pulled me into my arms and said, “You can see it even when you’re sitting in the car.”


The car pulled up in the car park of the hotel and Fu Shen Yan pulled me out.


The red carpet was on the ground, and for fear that I would be cold, Fu Shen Yan did not allow me to take my jacket off.


We walked along the red carpet, with the hotel staff in suits and ties leading the way.


Lunch was served in the hotel and the wedding awareness didn’t start until the afternoon.


“I’m kind of looking forward to a wedding ceremony like this.” As I walked with Fu Shen Yan, I spoke in a whisper.


The long red carpet road is lined with golden roses on both sides, the colour of red, the atmosphere of pa*sion and fire.


This is the way into the hotel, and thinking about it, I couldn’t help but continue, “It’s going to be especially beautiful when we get to the red carpet road for the wedding.”


When I thought about the fact that I seemed to be a bridesmaid, I couldn’t help but tilt my head and meet Fu Shen Yan’s dark eyes, smiling even more openly, “I’ll be following the bride behind the bride later, and I’ll definitely see a different view than you.”