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Never Say Never Chapter 717-718

Chapter 717

My thoughts drifted far away and when I arrived at the cafe, Jane had not yet arrived, so I found a seat by the window and ordered a coffee and waited.


I didn’t like the coffee very much, it was too bitter to swallow, so I asked for more sugar.


When Jane arrived, she had been chauffeured in, her winter clothes were heavy and clumsy, but I could still see that she was much more pregnant than the last time I saw her.


She sat beside me with her back propped up, ordered a gla*s of hot milk and folded down the collar of her coat, which had been pulled up a little because of the cold.


She rubbed her hands, which were slightly red from the cold, as the waitress brought up the hot milk and she held the cup over her hands.


I watched her quietly, not making a sound, as if waiting for her to warm her hands.


It wasn’t long before she looked up at me and looked around.


Her eyebrows adjusted upwards, barely a tone of voice, “I can see that Fu Shen Yan has protected you well.”


I lowered my eyes, sort of responding, the wind of the press and media had not pa*sed, and the few bodyguards Fu Shen Yan had arranged around me were still following, just not as obvious.


It wasn’t easy for her to see that.


“That money, I know.” She spoke, her gaze falling on me, “When I met him four years ago, it was in Chinatown in M. I love Hunan food, so I go there almost once every time, and that day it was raining heavily on the streets of M. He was sitting in the central square, staring blankly, and he didn’t even notice when the rain poured down, probably because he was good looking, I walked up to him with an umbrella and blocked the rain for him. ”


The he she spoke of was Gu Han.


I didn’t make a sound and listened quietly as she continued.


“We M girls are probably different from you Chinese girls, I was brought up with gentlemanly manners in my education, and once with an umbrella, it wasn’t really a big deal, but he was good looking, and good looking people are inevitably silently attractive, so I got wrapped up in him, and after I slept with him, I was a bit greedy for his good looks, so I got a bit rogue and got completely stuck on him. ”


I looked up at her and nodded, not really thinking anything of it.


I never understood why he wouldn’t let me near him after that time, if it wasn’t for the accident, I probably wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in my life, and then I realized that you were different from him. ”


She touched her stomach, the snow outside was still heavy, “I went to check, although I didn’t see it, but Shen Shu, I think you are not fair to him, he is doing his best for you, think about it God is not fair to him, also born in a privileged family, in the relationship, he is not as smooth as your husband, he experienced his parents’ marriage change and left each other, and took you as his emotional He went through the changes in his parents’ marriage and their successive departures, and made you his emotional point of belonging, but in the end, he failed to win your heart.


I looked at her and still found this woman as lovely as ever. Unlike Lu Xinran, she knew about my past with Gu Han, and instead of pestering and abusing me, she went to explore the past that belonged to Gu Han.


She loved Gu Han, so she put herself in his shoes and felt sorry for him.


“I owe Gu Han, and I’m doing my best to make up for it in my own way. I have someone I love, and you should know better than I do. I can’t possibly make emotional amends to Gu Han because I owe him, and of course, you wouldn’t want to, would you?”


She faintly froze, but nodded and spoke, “Yes, so, I want to talk to you, I love him, but he has you in his heart, I don’t want to blame you, after all, it’s my problem for not being able to make him love me for so many years, I just want to thank you when I look for you.”


Chapter 718

I paused, “Thanks for what?”


She pursed her lips, “Thank you for not loving him.”


I froze, not knowing what to say.


“Can we still be friends?” She spoke, her eyes falling on me.


“Since when are we not friends?” It was a question I asked back.


She lost her smile, “Shen Shu, thank you.”


Originally I thought she had come to fight with me, but I didn’t expect …… to be a bit surprised.


After sitting for a while, I couldn’t help but speak, “Uncle Gu and Auntie Xu’s death was a devastating blow to Gu Han, my appearance was unexpected for him, I knew I owed him too much, but I ultimately had no way to respond to him with affection or even warmth, so I chose to avoid it.”


She spoke, her gaze a little deeper, “His heart was a deep valley of desolation, I tried to pull him up, but I couldn’t do anything. I went back to China with him four years ago, he stayed in Jiangcheng for six months, I didn’t originally know why he went there, then I always saw him in the middle of the night getting drunk, not loving himself or others, then he saw Fu Qingyin declaring at a financial conference that he was going to lay off staff, someone approached him and begged him for help.”


“Then he went back to Jiangcheng, squeezed out Fu Qingyin, knowing about his parents, I originally thought he would make Fu Qingyin’s life worse than death, but I didn’t expect him to do nothing, just put all his energy into fighting with Fu, I didn’t understand before, but now I seem to understand, what he wants to fight for is just a you after all.”


When she said this, she tilted her head to look at me and smiled, “Don’t take it to heart, I know I shouldn’t say these things to you, but all these years, when I came to M, I didn’t have any friends.”


“In fact, sometimes I really want to tell you how much he needs you, you are like a salvation for his soul, sometimes I even think that if you stayed by his side, he might not suffer so much, but I ……”


I was silent, unable to answer.


She seemed to be talking to herself, “Four years ago, you made him think about you for the rest of his life in just one month, at that time I didn’t quite understand, the night you appeared in Gu’s office, I saw a USB drive in his study, you probably didn’t know that what was recorded inside was all about your postpartum breakdown, he loved you and probably didn’t know what to do with his love.”


Chen Yi’s sudden appearance took me by surprise, he carried his coat in his hand, draped it over me and spoke, “Madam, Mr. Fu said it’s cold outside and your body is not fit to stay too long.”


Apparently, it was the bodyguard who had called Fu Shen Yan and knew who I had an appointment with.


I nodded and looked to Gathering Jane, “It may be necessary to make another appointment another time.”


She pursed her lips, her gaze falling on Chen Yi, unsure, “Is Fu Shen Yan’s love a confinement and restriction on you?”


I smiled lightly and didn’t respond.


When I left the cafe with Chen Yi, I was silent in the car.


Chen Yi looked at me several times, wanting to say something, but finally spoke, “Madam, the president is still in the hospital.”


The implication was that he wanted me to go and take a look. I pursed my lips and held the USB stick in my hand, which was handed to me by Gao Jian just now.


“Go back, it’s cold outside.” The past was torn to the table to speak, how to face, but I did not think about it.


Chen Yi gave a slight pause and didn’t say much, sending me back to the villa.


The four seasons were transported back, she pulled me, “Mom, where did you go?”


I put my arm around her, “Went to see a friend.” That was a somewhat perfunctory answer.