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Never Say Never Chapter 715-716

Chapter 715

I listened quietly and couldn’t help but clench my hands, it wasn’t that I was nervous or uncomfortable, I just felt that she and Muzi were so much alike that it put me in a bit of a trance.


After a pause, she continued to speak, “I know that you are in a mess right now and have no idea what you should be doing, but Shen Shu, people always have to move on, you can’t keep living in the past, what you have to do is to follow your heart, you don’t have to go and suppress the memories of the past that you can’t get out of.”


I nodded my head, and how could I not know this in my heart.


Her hand was pulled by her, her face was quiet and serious, “I’m not here today as a lobbyist, I treat you as a friend and don’t want you to feel bad, so Shen Shu, you don’t need to reject me.”


I smiled lightly, a little bitterly, “Thank you for coming over to say this to me at this time.”


She sighed, with helplessness, “I actually hated Ivana at first, she was someone who buried her ambition in her heart and would do anything to get what she wanted, even give everything. Such a person, you look at her as wanting nothing, but it’s extraordinarily scary.”


I don’t comment, but agree, it is true that in everything that Ivana does, the purpose is extremely strong.


She has been looking for you for twenty-six years, I have seen her travel alone to many mountain villages with no access roads in order to find you, she has also been cheated, you probably don’t know that every time she goes to a mountain village, she helps a mountain village in poverty, she was atoning for her sins.”


I pursed my lips, my voice a little lower, “It’s not like I haven’t seriously considered the whole yin-yang thing in the four years I’ve been there.”


She nodded, “So, it is also because a mother misses and remembers her daughter that when she met Lu Xinran, she gave her all the pampering she had in her head without a bottom line, afraid that she would not give enough. I just want to tell you that this has become a dead end, and what you can do now is not to dwell on the past and let go of it, but to put all your focus on the road ahead and live your own life as best you can.”


I was silent, yes, I knew better than anyone that, analyzing from a mother’s point of view, everything that Ivana did was to pave the way for her daughter.


Because Lu Xinran liked Fu Shenyan, all, she would go out of her way to smooth out any trouble for her, and I, at that time, was indeed a nuisance.


What was wrong was that from the moment Fu Shen Yan switched dna, he switched my fate with Lu Xinran’s, ruined my expectation of motherhood and killed my child.


I should have hated him, but I couldn’t. It’s ridiculous that children’s love can allow you to forgive the person who sent you into deep despair without asking for conditions.


Seeing my silence, Mo Fei Lin spoke, “In fact, I hate Lin Ivana, she is not a woman who can make the Mo family prosper peacefully, a woman’s ambition is good, but she is too flamboyant and will bring disaster to the Mo family, so I hated her from the time she entered the Mo family and tried to get rid of her by all means.”


Chapter 716

“But, Shen Shu, in this world, it’s not just a matter of our words, Fu Shen Yan loves you, and his selfishness has cost you too much.


I had nothing to say, it all seemed like a dead end, everyone was involved.


All were at fault and none were at fault, life itself seemed to be like that.


After a moment of silence, I looked up at her, “Have you had lunch yet?”


She froze for a moment and shrugged her shoulders, “No!”


“Come along!”


I got up and went to the kitchen, also life has to move on eventually.


There was only a bellhop at home, no babysitter, simply cooked the noodles, she leaned against the doorway, looked at me and said, “I heard that Fu Shen Yan was in hospital, aren’t you going to go and see?”


I paused, my chopping stopped slightly for a moment, then spoke, “Did you get sick from the cold last night?”


She enthused and came over to give me a hand, “He’s been in the snow since you left, we all know that he punishes himself and redeems himself, so we just let it happen, it’s true that he loves you and it’s true that he hurts, but what can be done, it all happens.”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything, looking at the red pepper in my hand and not feeling a little choked in my eyes.


Blinking a few times, I put the seasoning into the noodles and spoke lightly, “Can you eat spicy?”


Seeing me avoiding the subject, she stopped speaking, “All right!”


After eating the noodles, she left, it was still snowing heavily outside, I sat in the living room, a little frozen, stoked up the charcoal fire in the living room, hugged a blanket and a book and sat in the living room reading.


Do you want to go see Fu Shen Yan? I thought it would be best not to go.


He is atoning for his sins at Mo’s house, seeking peace within himself, and if I go and meet, it will inevitably add to the guilt within each other.


The hurt was real, but so was the fault. No one was at fault, it was just a matter of fate.


In the afternoon, I received a call from Gathering Jane, which was unexpected, but seemed to be expected.


“Meet up and talk?” There seemed to be more indifference between us at this point than the delicate and lovely way she was when we first met.




“There’s no need to meet between us.” I spoke, not quite cold, but ultimately a little indifferent.


The phone was silent for a moment, “There is a need, there are some things that have to be faced, aren’t there?”


I pursed my lips, compared to Gu Han’s stubbornness, Gathering Jane had been more than that, it’s only when similar people come together, it’s still true.




I was a bit lazy after the appointment, it was snowing heavily outside, not really suitable for going out.


I went upstairs in search of clothes, and it was good that Fu Shen Yan had laid out a lot of winter clothes in advance, warm and stylish.


I changed my clothes, I didn’t drive, the appointment was not far from the villa, I put up my umbrella and walked there.


The snow was piled high, but the road was plowed and it did not affect the walk.


There was the sound of laughter from the villa area, a couple building a snowman.


The woman was shovelling with a shovel and had made a large, unattractive pile of snow, while the husband rolled the snow into a snowball and smoothed the edges as if to prepare a snowman.


The snowman was secondary to kneeling in the two happy, retracting my gaze, and I couldn’t help but smile lightly for a moment.


Three meals a day with the people you love, have a boy and a girl, isn’t that what the rest of your life is all about?