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Never Say Never Chapter 709-710

Chapter 709

“I’m thirsty!” Having just gone downstairs for a drink of water, he didn’t expect to overhear their conversation.


He nodded, “Okay, wait a while!”


After drinking the water, he carried the finished meal straight up and placed it in front of me, his words warm, “Eat and get a good night’s sleep, eh?”


I nodded, I didn’t bother to ask about Lu Ke, we are not good people, why bother to dwell on mercy.


I said I was hungry, but I didn’t actually eat much more than a few bites, and I had no appetite.


Seeing me not eating, he frowned, “Not to your liking?”


I shook my head and tilted my body into her arms, sighing slightly, “It’s delicious, it’s just that I don’t seem to be hungry anymore.”


He wasn’t forcing me to eat, too much in this case would be spitting it all out instead.


He knew me, better than I even knew myself.


Just by the quiet of the hour, we sat with each other like this, neither of us speaking.


Instead, I fell asleep in a daze, noticing midway that he was holding my hand, cradling me in his arms, his voice low and magnetic, “Shen Shu, I’m sorry!”


The voice was too muffled and I went back to sleep.




The next day.


It was rare to see the arrival of Shen Yu, he came alone and brought some things with him.


Most of them were for the four seasons.


Seeing that I didn’t look too good, he didn’t care about Fu Shen Yan and spoke directly, “Why don’t you go back to live at Shen’s house.”


Although Shen’s house is in the city centre, but after all, it is a place managed by the military, the team, journalists accidentally enter, are subject to the law.


I shook my head, the four seasons did not go to school, the little guy seemed to like what he brought, looked carefully, even the box loved.


Thinking about Huya, I frowned, “Have you been over to see Huya yet?”


He flickered slightly and spoke lightly, “Eh.”


Knowing that he was being perfunctory, I had a bit of a headache, “Shen Yu, if you didn’t love her, you could have let her leave early and kept her by your side and left her alone, what is this? Have you considered what you will do with the child in the future?”


He frowned, raised his hand and pinched his brow, sighed, looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, this matter, will you stay out of it? If Hu Ya gives birth to the child, I won’t give her any less than what I have given her, and I won’t condescend to her.”


I was silent for a long time before I looked at him and said, “You’ve taken a liking to that Wang Yangyao?”


He wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, “Just for fun, don’t think too much about it.”


“Mum, when my uncle picked me up he met Grandma, she said she would come over to see you in a few days.” Four Seasons suddenly spoke up.


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but look at Shen Yu, “Grandma?”


He nodded, “It’s Lin Wan, she’s doing a charity foundation now, I met her at Four Seasons school and said a brief hello.”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything.


If I hadn’t mentioned it, I was afraid I would have forgotten that I was related to Ivana Lin.


Seeing my silence, Shen Yu hesitated for a moment and said, “I know you resent her in your heart, but she gave birth to you after all, and also searched for you all her life, there is too much that can’t be helped in this matter, Shen Shu, she may be more painful and bitter than you.”


I pursed my lips, holding the cup in my hands a little hot, “Shen Yu, when I first saw her in the Pearly Gardens, Chen Bureau said that my eyebrows were very similar to hers, later when I returned home, I looked in the mirror for a long time and thought to myself, if my mother hadn’t left me behind, then she would have been the same age and eyebrows as her.”


“When I was very young, my grandmother said that I was a dandelion and that I was blown away by the wind when I was held in my mother’s heart, and then I flew with the wind and got separated from my mother. ”


Four seasons looked at me, the little one moved to lean on my lap and made a comforting sound, “Mom, it’s okay, you still have me!”


I smiled lightly, not feeling bitter in my heart anymore.


Chapter 710

Looking at Shen Yu, I continued, “So, I never used to resent her for dropping me, after knowing that Lu Xinran was the daughter she was looking for for years, I was actually envious in my heart, her maintenance, nurturing and doting on Lu Xinran, I saw it all, I envied the fact that Lu Xinran could have such a mother who could do whatever she wanted to do to treat her well, but I didn’t think that the one she would do whatever she could to hurt person was me.”


I lost my smile, feeling a little ridiculous.


Shen Yu looked at me with heartache in his eyes and took a deep breath and said, “Shen Shu, one cannot live in the past, can one?”


I don’t know that people can’t live in the past, but even so, those hurts were real.


“So, I didn’t dare to hate her, nor did I dare to blame her, because she and I were connected by blood, and I buried all that pain and released it alone.” Looking at Shen Yu, my heart hurt a little like a cat scratching, “Shen Yu, I’m not that generous, do you know why I don’t want to see you neglect Hu Ya coldly? Because I used to be a lot like her, a very humble love.”


“Because of my origins, marrying Fu Shen Yan was a lifelong blessing, even though I knew he treated Lu Xinran differently, the night of the thunder, he heard the thunder and woke up in the middle of the night worried that Lu Xinran was scared and drove for hours to soothe her, at that time I, you don’t know how envious I was in my heart, I was also afraid of thunder and lightning, but I couldn’t call Fu Shen Yan because I knew He had someone to guard, so I had to huddle up on my own to survive those nights of lightning and thunder.”


These days are like an old video, clearly engraved on the hard drive, not mentioned, it is like forgetting, once mentioned, it feels bitter and painful.


The meaning of memories is probably the same.


Shen Yu wanted to comfort me, but his eyes fell behind me and he paused slightly, then said nothing.


I probably knew who it was, and when I turned around, it was indeed Fu Shen Yan, whose gaze was light with a strong obscurity.


Shen Yu got up, briefly explained a few words, and left.


The four seasons ran to the courtyard to play with the snowball, leaving me and Fu Shen Yan in the large living room.


I turned around and looked down at the phone in my hand. I didn’t know how much of what he had heard just now.


I can’t help but sigh slightly and stop talking.


My shoulders were warm, and I was covered with his jacket, “It’s winter in the capital, remember to wear thicker.”


The man’s voice was low and dark, with a magnetic and tantalizing vocal line that was so charming it was almost fatal.


I nodded and raised my hand to pull on my shirt to see him lighting a cigarette butt he had brought from somewhere.


I subconsciously frowned as I watched him gracefully take the butt into his mouth and inhale it, wondering how long it had been since I had seen him smoke.


This time with Fu, it seemed quite a big deal.


“I wonder if it’s going to snow tomorrow.” I spoke, breaking the silence of the atmosphere.


He took a long puff and held the butt of his cigarette between his slender fingertips, looking extraordinarily elegant.


“I’ll watch the snow with you tonight.” The words, though inexplicable to hear, were inexplicably joyful.


Having been born in the south, I had seen snow, but I had never seen a scene where snowflakes covered the flat ground, and I thought it would be extremely beautiful.


I got up and walked towards him, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth, “Good, I could have never seen snow overnight since I was a kid, I’m a little excited just thinking about it.”


He looked back at me, his nostrils tinged with the scent of tobacco, smelling somewhat familiar and fragrant.


Not wanting to let the fragrant smoke get to me, he moved the butt of the cigarette away from his fingertips, “Shen Shu, those who don’t want to see, can be disappeared.”


I froze slightly, raised my eyes to look at him, and crashed into his deep black eyes.