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Never Say Never Chapter 707-708

Chapter 707

The car door opened and was hard to close again.


Countless limelight swooped towards me, eager to capture my every pore so they could take it to the internet and make a big comment.


“Ma’am, we may have to get out of the car.” The bodyguard spoke up, no longer considered calm.


I was escorted by two bodyguards, but how could a pack of journalists, who were like vicious wolves, let me go so easily.


The road was blocked to the ground.


Countless video cameras were pointing at me, questioning and cursing, wanting to trap me and extract a confession.


The phone in my pocket vibrated desperately, and I knew that I had been exposed to everyone without a doubt.


The call was from Fu Shenyan.


Subconsciously, I reached for it, but I tripped and fell, and the phone fell somewhere, and I was helped up by my bodyguard.


I was helped up by the bodyguards. I was a bit disoriented, the people were really huge, and it was hard to dispel this fear just by being surrounded, I didn’t know how I looked at this point, but I was sure it wasn’t good.


Chen Yi arrived, with two dozen bodyguards behind him, and opened the way before helping me out.


I ignored the reporters’ words and kept my head down, thinking to myself that Fu Shenyan had protected me for so long in a secretive manner, but it seemed to be useless in the end.


The fact that Chen Yi had appeared, the special a*sistant of Fu Shen Yan, was with him everywhere he went, and his appearance undoubtedly added to the speculation and rumors in the reporters’ minds.


Someone asked in a loud voice, “Special a*sistant Chen, Fu’s and Gu’s have been fighting for years, is it because of this young lady beside you?”


Chen Yi did not say anything, and helped me to walk out of the crowd quickly.


There were still many people asking questions in a loud voice, and someone raised his voice, “Miss Shen, how many years have you and Mr. Fu maintained this three-person relationship? I heard that you have a daughter with you, is this child Mr. Gu’s or Mr. Fu’s.”


These words were undoubtedly a pot of dirty water that poured down on me unawares.


I froze, cold air radiating from my body, Chen Yi frowned and lowered his voice, “Let’s get out of here first.”


Get in the car, “Bang!” The car door slammed shut, isolating all sound.


Without going back to the villa, Chen Yi took me directly to the Cold Mountain Villa in the eastern suburbs, a city away from the original villa.


When I got out of the car, Chen Yi took me directly into the bedroom and instructed me, “The doctor will be here in a few minutes, so you should wash up first, and I’ll order someone to prepare some food.”


After saying that, he didn’t bother and left straight away.


Winter had begun to set in in the capital, and the cold chill invaded my body, making my bones ache.


The cloakroom had already purchased clothes, all of which were new and understated for the season.


I found my clothes and went into the bathroom. It took me a long time to find my temperature and lie down on the bed, but I still didn’t take my thoughts back.


My mind buzzed as the bedroom door was opened and Fu Shen Yan’s handsome face was taut.


He brought the doctor behind him, “Check first to see if she has fallen.” Then turning back to Chen Yi, he spoke, “Go and cook some ginger soup to drive away the cold.”


Chen Yi nodded and left.


He walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms, being open to speak, just holding me tightly as the doctor opened the medicine box.


Looking over to me, “Ma’am, I need to look at the area where you fell.”


I froze for a moment, reaching up and pushing back the hem of my skirt, a bruise on my knee showing, a little stinging.


Fu Shen Yan’s arm around me tightened, his gaze turned to the doctor and he spoke, “Be as gentle as possible, she’s afraid of pain!”


The doctor nodded and pressed with his fingertips, pausing slightly before looking at me and saying, “Does it hurt?”


Chapter 708

I shook my head, “It’s okay, it’s all bearable.” It was just a small fall, not that exaggerated.


The doctor nodded, applied some medicine, left a bottle of medicinal wine for Fu Shen Yan, and spoke, “Rub it in the morning and evening, rub it properly, rest for a few days and you’ll be fine.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded and arranged for Chen Yi to send the doctor away.


He put his arm around me and didn’t let go.


I knew he was worried about me, and the more silent he was the more he felt guilty and uneasy inside.


I raised my hand, tugged at his shirt and opened my mouth, “Fu Shen Yan, I haven’t eaten dinner yet.”


I was really hungry after tossing and turning for so long.


He lifted his hand, his clear, meaningful gaze fell on me, a light smile spilled out of the corners of his mouth, his voice magnetic and provocative, “Okay, what do you want to eat?”


“Anything!” Just hungry, not specifically what I wanted to eat.


He nodded and dropped a kiss on my forehead, reaching down to tuck me in.


The bedroom emptied, and I couldn’t help but sigh longingly; today’s events would only add to the already chaotic Fu’s.


The wound on my knee was not that serious, but it was just a bruise and did not hurt.


I went downstairs to pour water, Fu Shen Yan and Chen Yi were in the kitchen, two men with slender bodies, just looking at their backs was extraordinarily eye catching.


There was something cooking on the gas stove, Fu Shen Yan was washing the vegetables, Chen Yi was helping with the dishes, and they seemed to be talking about something.


I walked in and took a cup to pour water.


“How did Shen Shu’s whereabouts get revealed?” The question came out of Fu Shen Yan’s mouth.


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but look over.


Both of them were busy with their own affairs and didn’t notice me coming downstairs.


Chen Yi washed the dishes and spoke, “Madam met Miss Lu in the hospital.”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, “Miss Lu?”


“Lu Ke!”


Putting down the things in his hands, Fu Shen Yan’s gaze fell on the food on the gas stove and his dark eyes darkened, “What happened?”


“Madam and Miss Lu seem to have quarreled downstairs at the hospital.” Chen Yi spoke, pausing for a moment before continuing, “It seems that Miss Lu scolded Madam.”


“Scolded what?” Fu Shen Yan, a man with a cold nature, asked as he absently put the chopped vegetables in the pot, his mood dark and sullen.


Chen Yi raised his hand and touched his nose, speaking, “B*tch, son!”


Fu ShenYan sank his eyebrows, the movement in his hands stopped, and answered in a not-so-soft voice, “En!”


This en, the emotion was very light, but those who knew him knew that he was angry.


Chen Yi washed his hands clean and spoke, “What do I need to do?”


Fu Shen Yan did not begin to explain, but simply spoke, “Do you know what a woman cares most about in her life?”


Chen Yi froze for a moment, obviously not responding, and after a pause said, “Looks?”


Fu Shen Yan lightly smiled a pair of black eyes clearly smiling, but extraordinarily cold.


“Only by destroying the things she cares about most will people grow to remember.”


Chen Yi raised his eyebrows and spoke, “I get it!”


Pulling aside a tissue, Chen Yi dried his hands, took his phone and prepared to leave.


Fu Shen Yan brought down the pot on the gas stove and said with a bland gaze, “After all, it’s a woman, show a little mercy and say hello to Jun Yu, if he cares, you can teach her a lesson, if he doesn’t, it’s up to you.”


Chen Yi nodded and turned around and went out of the kitchen.


I was in the living room, not far away, and listened to all these words. Chen Yi went out and was a little surprised to see me, but it was only for a moment before he smiled lightly and spoke, “Madam!”


Then he walked away.


I stood in the same place and saw Fu Shen Yan come out of the kitchen, his eyes fell on my bare feet on the floor, he frowned, “Why don’t you wear shoes.”


I opened my mouth, “I was in a hurry to go downstairs and forgot.”


He picked me up in his arms and carried me back to the bedroom.


He looked back at me with a smile in his dark eyes, “What’s wrong?”