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Never Say Never Chapter 701-702

Chapter 701

Fu Shenyan was worried that I would be hurt by words when I faced the company’s shareholders, so I stayed in the office.


In fact, there are some things that I have to face, and hiding is not a solution.


I was worried that I would be emotionally affected, so Fu Shen Yan specially arranged for Chen Yi to be by my side.


I read all the text on the headlines. Putting down my phone, I got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, and my sight could clearly see the reporters who were blocking the floor of Fu’s building.


“Madam, there are quite a few famous books in the lounge, you can take a look.” Chen Yi spoke up, the best way to comfort someone in a straight man’s mind is to change the subject.


I smiled lightly and looked back at him, “There are quite a few celebrities in the capital, don’t they think it’s a waste of resources to spend so much effort to surround Fu’s like this?”


He pursed his lips, but did not answer my words.


After sitting for a while, when Fu Shen Yan came in, his face was not good, gloomy and depressed.


When he saw me looking at him, his eyebrows slackened for a few moments and he beckoned towards me, I walked to his side, he smoothly pulled me to sit down and spoke, “A small matter, don’t worry!”


I nodded my head and didn’t say anything. Anything that could make him frown should not be trivial, these scandals affect not only people but also companies.


What listed companies fear most is the destruction of the persona of the person in power, Fu Shen Yan has always been the image of Fu, although there is no can be shaped.


But his natural aura of a king, and his style of behaviour without anger, can bring a sense of security to the stock market not a star and a half.


He brought me to the company, only because he was worried that I would not feel comfortable seeing all those news in the villa with no one to look after me emotionally.


“Grace!” I just returned him a word.


Chen Yi handed him the documents and materials, all of which were about the fall of Fu’s stock market in just a few hours.


I didn’t know anything about stocks, but seeing the red line going extraordinarily prominent on the infographic, I guessed quite a bit in my heart.


After all, I was hit hard. Fu Shenyan patted my hand, gestured for me to rest for a while, took the information and got up and went to his desk.


He didn’t say a word and Chen Yi looked a little fidgety.


“Pah!” After a long time, he put down the file in his hand, not heavily, but the sound seemed extraordinarily shocking in the empty silence of the office.


Noticing me looking at him, a gentle smile spilled out of the corner of his mouth, “It’s okay!”


It seemed rea*suring.


I nodded, but my heart was more or less lowered; it was probably more than just a small thing that could make him do something like this.


Knowing that my presence here would interfere with his talk with Chen Yi, I got up and went into the lounge, reasoning that I was a little sleepy.


He smiled lightly, gently soothing, “Eh, get a good night’s sleep, don’t worry.”


I nodded, lying on the bed in the lounge, how could I possibly fall asleep.


For the first time, I opened the financial network, and as I thought, many experts were already analyzing the aftermath of this crisis of Fu’s.


Some experts say that Fu’s has had three major and minor image crises in six months, and this time things are playing out very hot, and once Fu Shenyan is not handled properly, Fu’s collapse is expected.


Some experts also say that this crisis of Fu’s could be another turning point in Fu’s development. Four years, whether it is talent socialism or social status, Fu’s has reached a certain peak, and it is difficult to continue to another peak.


But either outcome would be determined by how Fu Shen Yan would handle this crisis.


He gave me this number many years ago to avoid a repeat of what happened to me the night I lost my child, so he gave me this number and would answer it whenever I called, no matter what the situation.


He did what he said he would do, and a few seconds after the call came through, he answered, his voice low and introspective, seemingly equally busy, and he didn’t wait for me to ask.


Instead, he spoke directly, “Those photos, would you believe me if I said they didn’t go out of my possession?”


Chapter 702

I nodded, “Believe!” Since he said it wasn’t, then it wasn’t.


After a moment of silence, he spoke, his voice a little hoarse, “This time, I will take care of it, and I will never let you get hurt half as much.”


I didn’t feel anything, to him, I was just thankful, now that I had come this far, resentment was born, there wasn’t much emotion left.


The voice was light, “How you handle this one, that’s your business, I’m only calling you to tell you that, from now on, I don’t owe you anything.”


There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, nearly a billion dollars was remitted into his account, this time the crisis, Gu could be safe and sound.


After all, there was sufficient liquidity.


On the other end of the phone, his voice was a little low and dark, “You remitted these funds, does Fu Shen Yan know?”


“No idea!” I opened my mouth and didn’t feel anything, Huayu had been operating under Fu Shen Yan these past few years, and each year’s income had been extremely lucrative.


Back then, my grandfather had directly set Huayu’s company account as mine in order for me not to be left without a branch one day after Fu Shen Yan’s divorce.


I have not used any of Huayu’s money over the years, and I have no intention of using it.


This time, Fu’s and Gu’s are facing the same problem, this amount of money, given to Gu Han, from then on the favor he did to save me is considered paid off.


A cold laugh came from the other end of the phone, his voice extremely indifferent, “Shen Shu, you are ruthless enough.”




I don’t think so, I’ve owed this favor for four years, and my heart is troubled. If it was before, I know he Gu Han doesn’t lack anything except me, and he doesn’t care to use money.


But today is different, Gu and Fu have to face the same problems. Fu has been listed for seven years, Fu Shen Yan has to survive this crisis, it is not uncommon to suffer some hardships and suffer some pain, but the possibility of surviving is high.


But Gu’s is different, Gu’s has always been a family business before it went public, Gu Hengyang’s management style and business direction has never meant to expand.


Until Gu Han took over, the battle between men had to be on the same level in the first place.


So the two years it took Gu Han to make Gu a listed company was too short a time, even if he was able to gain some sweeteners from Fu in a small fight.


But when it comes to a real showdown, the risk of Gu’s disintegrating overnight is already as high as 80 per cent.


This money to him is undoubtedly a blessing in the snow that will ease Gu’s mind for a few days during this crisis.


The phone hung up, and I began to feel vaguely relieved for a while.


There was no way to fall asleep in this clear daylight, but what else could I do if I didn’t sleep?


It seemed that nothing could be done.


Sitting on the carpet next to my bed, I received a text message from Jane.


The text was terse, inviting me to meet up.


I could probably guess what she was thinking. That trip to M was an accident, if we hadn’t met and exchanged words, we wouldn’t have been embarra*sed to meet at this time, even if we were angry with each other and spoke ill of each other.


The first time I saw you, I was so happy to have met you, and now I’ve met you in such an awkward capacity.


I put my phone down and didn’t reply to the message.


When Fu Shenyan came in, I was lying on the edge of the bed, dazed, my mind buzzing.


So I didn’t hear him move.


It was only when he picked me up by the waist that I came back to my senses and froze for a moment, looking back at him and bumping into his deep, dark eyes.


His voice was still a little hoarse, “What’s wrong?”