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Never Say Never Chapter 699-700

Chapter 699

“Put Shen Yu on the phone.” I spoke, my voice a little cold.


The other end of the phone was silent for a moment and asked, “Are you Miss Shen?”


I pursed my lips, my heart already tinged with anger, “Put Shen Yu on the phone.”


Seeming to sense that I was angry, she froze and said, “Miss Shen, Young Master Shen is in the shower, would you mind if I asked him to call you back later?”


I held my anger in my heart and smashed the phone out without even hanging up.


The phone was resistant to smashing and fell to the ground and bounced a few times before just the screen shattered.


Without speaking, Fu Shen Yan got up and picked the phone up, then looked at it and dropped it after taking the phone card out.


He used his own phone to dial Chen Yi’s number, and it didn’t take long for Chen Yi to come over with a new phone.


I sat on the seat in the corridor and took a moment to settle down.


He handed me the phone, glanced up at the door in the emergency room and spoke, “Sleepy?”


It was now one in the morning.


I shook my head, “No!”


After a moment of silence, he pulled me in and opened his mouth, “Don’t let anyone get you down, promise me, eh?”


And why shouldn’t I know that I shouldn’t make myself angry because of others, but ……


“I can’t control it, Hu Ya even if it’s bad again, but Shen Yu touched it, she’s pregnant, this child is his, at times like this, he’s actually fooling around with another woman, I ……”


Shen Changlin came in a hurry, saw me and Fu Shen Yan in, did not see Shen Yu, frowned, “Where is your brother?”


“Dead!” I spoke, my anger still fresh.


This was the first time I had communicated with Shen Changlin with emotions like this, and when I calmed down, I couldn’t help but freeze.


Raising my eyes to look at Shen Changlin, I saw him looking at me with a deep, muddy gaze.


I thought he was going to reprimand me.


But to my surprise, he suddenly laughed out, “You child, what are you babbling about?”


I ……


exhaled and I looked at him before saying calmly, “Shen Yu he probably can’t come for a while.”


After a pause, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Third uncle, Hu Ya has the flesh and blood of the Shen family anyhow, Shen Yu is not responsible for his nonsense, but you are the elder, so if you let the child be born without knowing, how will outsiders look at the Shen family in the future?”


Shen Changlin is so smart, how could he not hear my words.


He looked at me and sighed, “I’ve thought about it, but Hu Ya’s background is complicated, her parents are both drug dealers, and she has a criminal record on her.


I had heard Hu Ya say something about this, but not everything. Yes, compared to the future of the Shen family and Shen Changlin’s official career, Hu Ya not entering the Shen family was the best choice.


But these are the things that Shen Yu knew from the beginning, if so, why did she still touch her?


Shen Changlin is old and his body can’t take it anymore if he’s tossed around once in the middle of the night.


He arranged for someone to stay at the door of the resuscitation room and wait, and then he went back.


The company has a lot of work to do, so it’s not a good idea to keep watch.


The good thing is that Shen Yu came half an hour later, followed by Wang Yan Yao.


Even a fool could see that the relationship between these two was not normal.


“How is the person doing?” Shen Yu came forward, sweat soaked on his forehead, and it was clear that he had come in a hurry.


Chapter 700

I resisted the urge to hit him, suppressed my anger and did not speak to him, just gave him a look, and dragged Fu Shen Yan away.


When I left the hospital, I was still a little angry, and when Fu Shen Yan saw that I didn’t say anything, he paused and said, “Why don’t you beat me up to get out of it?”


I raised my eyes to look at him, and the man’s eyes were deep, so I could not help but feel calmer, and raised my hand to pull his sleeve, which I had tugged and wrinkled.


“Luckily, I’m not that angry!”


He laughed and pulled me into the car, dropping a kiss on my forehead as he fastened my safety, “You’re cute when you’re angry!”




I opened my mouth and didn’t speak up, was that how cute was used?


I stayed up until midnight and fell asleep while still in the car.


The next day I woke up and was already in bed at the villa.


Fu Shen Yan was still downstairs eating breakfast, Chen Yi came early, see me down, he nodded and smiled lightly, as a greeting.


When I saw that the Four Seasons were not there, I froze, “Isn’t the Four Seasons up yet?” The little one has school, she can’t be up yet!


“The driver just dropped her off at school.” Chen Yi opened his mouth and responded with a fact.


I couldn’t help but secretly say it was too early when Fu Shen Yan pushed a bowl of clear porridge in front of me and spoke, “Come with me to the office later.”


Lifting my eyes to look at him, I wondered, “I’m going to go see Hu Ya.”


Although Shen Changlin had arranged for someone to keep watch last night, and Shen Yu had also gone over, it was always necessary to go and see.


He put down the newspaper in his hand, his eyes deep, his voice introspective, “I may not be able to go.”


I didn’t, looking up at him and seeing him look pale.


Chen Yi opened his mouth, “Madam went to the hospital, there are a lot of people and it’s easy to get into trouble, it’s better to stay with Mr. Fu these two days.”


I frowned, “What’s wrong?”


“A little matter.”


Seeing that I didn’t say anything and just looked at him quietly, Fu Shen Yan put down the newspaper in his hand and his dark eyes fell on me, “The weather forecast says it’s going to snow in the capital, wear more clothes when you go out later.”


I nodded, he did not say, so I did not ask.


The reason I know what happened is that when I got to Fu’s downstairs, a large group of reporters were the only ones under Fu’s high-rise building, densely blocking access.


Chen Yi got out of the car to clear the way, Fu Shen Yan pulled me, Qing Jun’s face has a few warm colours, “a little don’t be afraid, they no matter what they ask are given to me, eh?”


I didn’t know the reason, but my heart mostly had a bottom and nodded, not so afraid.


I got out of the car and didn’t take a few steps before the reporters came around, but luckily there were enough bodyguards.


The reporters were asking a variety of questions, but Fu Shen Yan didn’t have the intention to open his mouth to respond.


He dragged me into Fu’s and then went straight to the conference room.


If I didn’t know what was going on at first, I would have guessed when I saw the reporters and heard the questions that came out of their mouths.


When I opened the headlines, indeed, the hot search was for the ex-wife of Fu’s president, who had cheated on her in marriage and attached the photo of that year’s catch in the hotel.


There are many people involved, even Nan Xiangxiang, who was forgotten in the sea of people, was also involved.


The media penned a few blurred photos of me and a polished photo of Nan Xiangxiang together for comparison, and then the media also analysed the feud between Fu Shenyan and Gu Han.


The black spot in this exposé was pointed at me. The word “watery” no longer seemed insulting enough, and public opinion attributed Nan Xiangxiang’s death to me, sympathising with and championing the two men, feeling sorry for them as they were played by me, a woman.


The netizens took pity on the dead and held a comforting pity for two wonderful men.


I, on the other hand, became the cheap woman who cheated on her husband and **was unbearable.


Seeing the word lowlife really stung my eyes, and as I exited the page, I pursed my lips and couldn’t help but feel amused.