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Never Say Never Chapter 693-694

Chapter 693

I was a little lost in thought, Muzi seemed to like wearing high heels too, back then we didn’t have any money, the heels she bought were very high and rubbed her feet, every time she was in pain I would buy her a pair of slippers at a roadside stall, then laugh at her over and over again while forcing her to change them, for fear of hurting her, every time she dutifully changed them, then complained that the slippers didn’t match her temperament.


In the twinkling of an eye, I recalled it as if it had been a long time since all this had happened, and as if it had only just happened.


I got up, looked over at her and said, “Sit here and wait for me for a while!”


The mall was full of shops and it didn’t take long for me to return. I handed her the shoe box and said with a light smile, “I just looked at your size and it’s 37, this should fit.”


She froze for a moment, took the box, opened it and looked at me, her gaze froze, “You bought this for me on purpose?”


I nodded, “I don’t know what style you like, but it should go with your outfit, but it’s not a big brand, but it should be wearable.”


She had a pair of shoes for tens of thousands of dollars, I really could not afford to part with them. After I came back from Huai’an, I had not been working, and I had not swiped the bank card Fu Shenyan gave me, so I had been using my own savings, and I planned to find a part-time job after I got into graduate school, so that my usual expenses would not be a problem.


The first woman to buy shoes for me is Shen Shu. My brother is a big straight man who doesn’t know anything about aesthetics, so I never ask him to buy them for me, I always buy them myself. ”


I smile lightly, the two old men of the Mo family seem to have always lived abroad, Mo Fei Lin is the youngest daughter of the Mo family and knows little about the Mo family.


The only thing I know is that Mo Fei Lin and Mo Zhi Zhan are brother and sister, as for the rest, nothing.


“You can wear them first, as long as they don’t chafe your feet and you can walk well.” I opened my mouth, and when I looked up I saw the highly visible Fu Shen Yan, dressed in black, with a slender, jade-like figure and handsome features, walking in the mall was particularly attention-grabbing.


“Male scourge, attracting peach blossoms, too flashy.” Mo Fei Lin muttered.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan walk in, she couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Fu, I mind if you appear a little more low-key in public next time, someone is already taking pictures.”


Luckily, the consumers here were all relatively sensible and did not flock to the place as if they were chasing a star.


Fu Shen Yan smiled lightly, his eyes fell on me, his voice warm, “Tired? What did you buy?”


My hand was warm from his grip, I looked at the bags laid out to the side and said a little awkwardly, “Just a few pieces of clothing.”


Mofilin was in a good mood and smiled, “And a pair of shoes for me.”


She took a few deliberate steps and looked at me and said, “You don’t say, these shoes are really good, much better than high heels.”


I smiled and didn’t say much.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and held my hand a little tighter, then he lifted the bag on the ground, then pulled me away.


“Hey, Fu Shen Yan, there are still a few bags, are you blind?” Mo Fei Lin shouted behind him, just about cranky.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t say anything, pulling me straight towards the mall as if nothing was wrong.


I paused for a moment, “There’s something else?”


He raised an eyebrow, his gaze falling not far away.


Chapter 694

When I glanced sideways, I saw He Zhi Zhou coming over, so I knew what to expect, and I walked with him.


His car was parked outside the mall, a black McLaren that caught the eye.


“Why are you driving this car?” The car had been sitting in the car park for a long time, very handsome, but I rarely saw him drive it.


Putting my stuff in the trunk, I noticed that it seemed to be all the sets that Maureen had chosen for me How did he know these were mine?


“Just driving!” Responding, he pulled me into the car, “What do you want to eat?”


I suddenly remembered what happened when I met Qiao Zhuan Yan at the mall earlier and said, “Mr. Qiao said we were meeting for dinner tonight!”


He pursed his lips and his dark eyes sank, “En!”


He answered me, and then he turned sideways to fasten my seat belt.


Mo Fei Lin and He Zhi Zhou came out and said towards me from afar, “Shen Shu, I’m having a candlelight dinner with my husband tonight, so I won’t be joining you, thank you for the shoes, I like them very much, I’ll ask you out for a big dinner some other time.”


I smiled and shook my hand towards her, Fu Shen Yan fastened my seat belt for me and coldly bit me on the chin.


I ate the pain and looked at him uncertainly, “What’s wrong?”


“You haven’t given me a present!” That sounded a bit condescending anyhow.


I opened my mouth and said, “I’ll buy you something some day, what do you like?”


A smile floated across his face, “I like anything you buy.”


I ……


The prophet who said that men are like children must be a girl, otherwise how could she say that.


Qiao Zhuan Yan set the restaurant at a private restaurant under his own ownership, which was Cantonese cuisine.


The cooking was delicate and non-flammable, which didn’t seem very suitable for winter food, but it was valuable because it was light and tasty.


There were five of them, apart from the three brothers, Qiao Zhuan Yan had brought Lu Xinran and Fu Shen Yan had brought me.


When they were all seated, Qiao Zhuan Yan was the first to open his mouth, “I just went to the south two days ago to find a cook, his cooking skills are good, you will try it later.”


Fu Shen Yan has always been a man of few words, so he just nodded and didn’t say much about his words.


Naturally, Cheng Jun Yu also, did not say much, lightly drank a mouthful of water, and then stopped talking.


After the last time, Cheng Jun Yu did not go to the villa to see the four seasons again, the reason for this should be because of what Fu Shen Yan had said to him.


The meal was exceptionally silent, Qiao Zhongyan’s intention was to let the brothers continue as before, but now, like this, they probably all felt awkward.


So he simply called the waiter and served wine.


After replacing both the tea and the juice, and seeing the waiter about to take away the gla*s of juice from my hand, Fu Shen Yan spoke up, “She doesn’t drink.”


The waiter’s hand froze and then withdrew.


Qiao Zhongyan raised his eyebrows and didn’t say much.


Cheng Junyu’s gaze fell on me, very faint, but with a vague hint of displeasure.


Where this displeasure came from, I don’t know, but it wasn’t good in general.


“Does everyone remember what day it is today?” Qiao Zhongyan spoke, obviously in a somewhat low mood.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, seemingly thinking of something, Cheng Jun Yu’s gaze fell on him and came, “You went to see him?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan nodded, “I went last week, the weather in Jiangcheng wasn’t too cold, I gave him some fruit.”


I didn’t know who they were talking about and couldn’t help but be silent.


Lu Xinran, who hadn’t spoken, her dark eyes filled with mist, looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Brother Shen Yan, I bought my brother’s house in Jiangcheng and I want to stay in the capital to live.”


Fu Shenyan frowned, not much emotion, nodded his head and said lightly, “En, you decide for yourself, if there is anything you need to find Zhuan Yan, he will take care of it.”