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Never Say Never Chapter 691-692

Chapter 691

I looked at the handsome man and woman in front of me and without much ado, prepared to leave.


As I brushed past Lu Xinran, my arm was stopped by her, “I won’t give up and have no intention of doing so, what I can’t have, Shen Shu, you can’t have either.”


I couldn’t help but feel that I had just judged Lu Xinran too highly, looking at her sideways, I raised my eyebrows, “He’s not anything that you can get just because you want it, he’s a human being, he didn’t love you once and he won’t love you in the future, if you want to destroy me, then I’ll go along with you to the end, of course if you want to destroy him, I think you’re dreaming in vain, after all, what you’re attached to now Everything is his, including the man beside you, and once you destroy her, you will be destroying yourself just as much.”


If Lu Xinran really wanted to do something to Fu Shenyan, I guess neither Qiao Zhuangyan nor Cheng Junyu would stand by and do nothing.


She snorted coldly and released me, “Then we’ll see.”


People and people, don’t care anymore to be able to let go of themselves, Lu Xinran’s feelings for Fu Shenyan, are very strange.


At first I originally thought it was love, but over time I found out it wasn’t, it was probably dependence, Fu Shen Yan had taken care of her for years, she was used to being the only woman he cared about in his mind, once that care was weakened one day, then the person’s heart would change with it.


In the clothes shop, Mo Fei Lin picked out some clothes, and when she saw me enter, she raised an eyebrow, “She threatened you?”


I smiled lightly, my eyes falling on her newly changed clothes, “Didn’t you say you wanted to buy jewellery? Why are you buying clothes instead?”


She shrugged her shoulders and stood in front of the mirror examining her figure, “I’ve found myself without clothes lately, and besides, the winter in the capital may be cold, but it can’t take away from my beauty.”


I smiled, it seems that all girls are in pursuit of beauty throughout their lives, cute when they are young, S*xy when they are young, sensual and elegant when they are middle-aged, beauty is different at every age.


After accompanying her for a while and seeing that I didn’t seem to have any intention of picking one, she huffed, “No, is that how you save a family fortune as large as Fu Shen Yan’s?”


I froze and shook my head, “No, I just don’t really like buying clothes, and I have them all at home.”


I don’t have much in the way of clothes, as I only need to keep warm.


She was speechless, “Luckily Fu Shenyan protects you well, otherwise, when you go out, your friends in the media will know that you are the wife of Fu’s boss when they see you, and they will probably have to spit out your clothes in writing.”


She pulled me, picked out the latest seasonal new products for me, looked at me and said, “Go and try them on!”


“No……” the words of refusal didn’t come out before she blocked them, “What were you thinking coming out shopping and not buying anything?”


“But I really don’t need to buy anything!” After four years in Huai’an, I had long since gotten used to wearing one set of clothes for years, and the pleasure of shopping wasn’t that intense for me.


She chortled, “Then I’m going to wonder if you’re a woman, there’s always that one piece of clothing missing from a woman’s wardrobe, don’t dilly-dally, go and change.”


Unable to resist her, I went into the fitting room and changed into the clothes she had chosen.


A knitted top and casual trousers, probably because I had lost weight recently and the trousers looked a bit baggy.


Seeing that I didn’t go out for half a day, Mofilin spoke up, “Are you done?”


Chapter 692

I opened the door and tucked my knitted top into the waist of my trousers, she looked at it, thought it looked good and spoke, “Here, with a camel coat it’ll be perfect, and your long hair can be pulled up.”


With that, she did it, reaching down and helping me with a late pill.


At 5’7″ and wearing high heels, Mofilin was a full head taller than me.


After helping me, she snapped her fingers, called the receptionist and spoke, “Also the few pieces I picked out are wrapped up, and the clothes she just changed out of please throw them away for me, thanks!”


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “That dress is still wearable.”


She shrugged her shoulders, “I know, it’s a fashionable model from a high luxury brand from a few years ago, but it’s all out of fashion this year, and you’re still wearing it, wouldn’t it be nice to wear the new seasonal models?”


I ……


That dress is four years ago Fu Shen Yan purchased in the previous villa, after I returned from Huai’an, he had Chen Yi rearrange some, but that dress comfortable, I just often wear, did not care when.


Now when she said it, I seemed quite rustic.


I couldn’t help but go along with her and purchase quite a few things. I took a taxi over and she drove herself here without calling a driver.


I was looking at the big bags of stuff, my door couldn’t help but be worried, she pondered for a while, took out her mobile phone and called He Zhi Zhou.


I never thought that a straightforward female with a straightforward nature would have such a gentle tone when talking to someone she liked.


“Zhi Zhou, I’m here at the mall downtown, come help me carry my stuff, it’s too much, I can’t lift it!”


I looked at the big bags of stuff on the floor, for a moment I thought the woman was being a bit pretentious, it was all clothes and jewellery, just a bit more, not that I couldn’t carry it.


She hung up the phone and looked at my puzzled gaze and bristled, “A woman has to show weakness when she should show weakness, it’s not that I can’t carry it, it’s just that I can’t unscrew bottle caps, lift heavy things or even cross rainy roads with puddles because I have him.”


I froze and couldn’t help but lose my smile, so in love, the woman is responsible for being gentle and understanding, and the man is responsible for protecting and caring.


Seeing me dazed, she blinked and took out her phone to dial out again.


“Mr. Fu, are you off work yet?” I froze for a moment when she spoke.


I couldn’t help but stare at her with wide eyes, how she was calling Fu Shen Yan.


She directly ignored my gaze and continued, “Downtown mall, come help carry your stuff.”


This was something that only she dared to say to Fu Shen Yan.


Hanging up the phone, she looked over at me and raised her eyebrows, “Mr. Fu said he’ll be there in ten minutes.”


I admired her a little and gave a thumbs up towards her and found a seat.


After a long walk and just sitting down, I was relieved that Mo Fei Lin was on high heels and just sat down and rubbed her feet complaining, “Next time I won’t wear these, it hurts like hell.”


I ……


“You can wear five centimeters or seven centimeters, the shoes are too high, even the best shoes feet hurt.” I opened my mouth to mind.


She C*cked her head at me, pinned her chin and suddenly smiled, “Shen Shu, when did you consider me a friend?”


I froze, “Aren’t we friends now?”


She shook her head, “No. If we were friends, you would have stonewalled me when I said my feet hurt, but you just calmly gave me advice, which means that you see me as an ordinary friend who you’ve met a few times, not a good friend.”