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Never Say Never Chapter 687-688

Chapter 687

I voiced a reminder, “Four Seasons, remember to drink your water.”


“Okay mommy!” The little girl’s eyes were still on the comic when she answered me.


I could tell that she was looking very hard.


Exiting the screen, I couldn’t help but look at Fu Shenyin who was sitting at his desk, dealing with his work.


Still very serious, I took the book I hadn’t finished earlier from the cradle, continued to pick it up, walked over to him, and continued reading it in accordance with him.


He smiled lightly, his voice warm, “Are you hungry?”


I shook my head, resting my head on his shoulder and propping my hands on the book to read.


“What do you want to eat later?” He stopped moving his hands and dropped his arm behind me, making it easier for me to lean.


I thought about it very carefully and found that there really didn’t seem to be anything in particular that I wanted to eat, so I C*cked my head at him and said, “There doesn’t seem to be anything that I want to eat.”


“So we’ll cook at home later?”


I nodded, a smile spilling over my face, “But you’ll have to cook.”


My cooking, in comparison, wasn’t as good as his.




After saying that, I continued reading my book, he looked at the book in my hand and couldn’t help but smile lightly, “When did you buy that book? Overbearing President?”


Closing the book, I looked at the title, “The Overbearing President Fell in Love with Me” Looking at the title, I couldn’t help but look at him and giggle, “It’s a book that Muzi bought earlier to put in Cloud Copper’s flat, I looked funny and brought it with me.”


He lost his smile, “So, is it good?”


I thought about it and nodded, “It’s okay.” After a pause I said, “It just seems like everyone else’s president is quite idle, how come they have so much time to take the heroine around the world?”


After I met Fu Shen Yan, almost all the time he was busy, with endless meetings and contracts and endless business trips.


Seeming to hear the complaint in my words, he hooked his lips and smiled, “Then how about I accompany you to start travelling around the world?”


I shook my head, “No, I’ll have to make money if you stop working and there’s no one to make money with.”


Huai’an for four years, although there are savings to maintain, but all the money will be spent one day, if you work 9 to 5, trying to maintain a family life is not that simple.


He laughed, “Fu’s savings down the years could be enough to feed you for the rest of your life, you’d be better off worrying about that than whether you can spend it all.”




Pretty ho-hum.


The day pa*sed peacefully and comfortably and I seemed to enjoy each afternoon together as a family more and more in a quiet and uneventful way.


The weekend was all the more a bit rushed because it was wonderful.


Fu Shenyin didn’t have much time off, and a day was already a luxury.


Leaving Four Seasons and me, Four Seasons had to attend a training course, and I ended up being the only one left.


Mo Fei Lin called and said she wanted to meet up for a shopping trip. It was rather cold in late autumn in the capital and I was reluctant to go out.


But it seemed easy to get emotionally lost at home alone, so I simply arranged to meet her downstairs at the mall.


I didn’t drive, so I took a taxi. When I arrived, Mo Fei-lin was already there, carrying pastries in her hand, and it looked like she had just bought two of them.


When she saw me, she slipped the one she was holding into my hand and laughed, “Don’t always dress up in an old-fashioned way, you’re out shopping for pleasure, let’s make ourselves pretty, with your face value, the eyes of pa*sers-by are probably going to fall out.”


I smiled lightly, “It’s easy to attract unnecessary trouble.” It was true, Nan Xiangxiang had been exposed a few times, and if I cleaned up a little to stand out, I would inevitably be noticed, and not in a good way.


She also seemed to react and nodded, but did not continue to say more.


Chapter 688

The mall was full of people and hustle and bustle, which I didn’t really like. I stayed alone for a long time and was rather rushed under the hustle and bustle.


Mo Fei Lin is a cheerful nature, she likes to walk through all the shops and jewellery along the way, and is always happy like a child when she buys something she likes.


Like Muzi, she would be happy and excited for a while because she had eaten something delicious and bought something she liked.


Some people say that only people who are similar can be friends, and Muzi and I are young friends, so even if we have very different personalities, we will still come together.


But it was strange that Mofilin and I had somehow become friends, which was a bit surprising.


Seeing my daze, Maureen touched me with her arm and said, “Is it so hard to pick out a necklace? What are you staring at?”


I looked at the two necklaces she was holding and said casually, “Both of them look good, so I can have them both.”


After I said that, I didn’t even react myself, but she spoke up, “Holy Sh*t, Shen Shu, this is the first time I feel the luxury of a rich wife on you, I always thought you were a little white mouse, all these accessories and clothes on you, Fu Shen Yan got them for you, right?”


I nodded, “The clothes at home, every season Fu Shen Yan will basically ask Chen Yi to get them, I rarely shop, I basically have no idea about clothes and jewellery, all the family has what they wear.”


She gave a thumbs up towards me and skimmed her lips, “Really is ho cross, Fu Shen Yan really spoiled you to the point of disability, but I say you a woman, do not like shopping for things, also do not like food, what do you do for your usual leisure?”


“Reading books at home!” This was true, in the past when Muzi was around, I was busy working overtime and went out with her on weekends for some good food, after Muzi left, I basically didn’t have that kind of life anymore and had basically zero friends around me.


She held her forehead and sighed, “It’s true that the high-flying president’s taste is placed on your face.”


She looked at the necklace in her hand and thought for a moment, “Forget it, I’ll take both of them, 400,000 for 400,000, they’re both for me to wear anyway.”


I froze for a moment, looking at her as an afterthought, and opened my mouth, “How much is this necklace?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Four hundred thousand.”


“It’s gold, it doesn’t have to be that expensive, does it?” I smacked my lips for a moment, even if the price of housing in the capital had risen to 100,000 per square foot, I didn’t think it was that expensive, but 400,000 for a necklace was really expensive.


She froze, her eyes fell on the bracelet on my wrist, and she said, “Didn’t you just ask me to take both of them? How come you don’t think it’s expensive? It’s not really expensive, the necklace is handmade by a famous British designer, and the moon curved brick stone in the pendant, which is pure diamond, is absolutely high value, so it’s okay.”


Even if the design and materials are used well, a necklace of ten thousand dollars always feels extravagant.


I couldn’t help but sigh, “You’ve got a two-bedroom apartment in a fourth-tier city hanging around your neck, how extravagant.”


The counter girl packed the necklace and swiped her card, she took the box and looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, I wonder if you don’t move the goods, you put hundreds of millions of dollars of bracelets on your own hands, let’s not sigh that what you are wearing on your hands is a villa in the capital!”