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Never Say Never Chapter 685-686

Chapter 685

I looked for a change of clothes, went into the bathroom, handled myself, got it on my pajama trousers and fitted trousers, not just a little.


I came out of the bathroom and coldly saw Fu Shen Yan cleaning up the bed, the sheets on the bed had already been changed by him, the mattress was waterproof, and it was clean after a wipe.


The sheets that were stained with blood were changed and the bed was replaced with new sheets.


When I saw him reaching for the sheets on the carpet, I subconsciously took a step ahead of him and picked them up, the embarra*sment on my face hard to hide, “I’ll do it!”


He frowned, a few hints of a different colour on his handsome face, “It’s cold, I’ll take care of it.”


“No …… no need!” Even if the relationship is close, it is always inappropriate to pretend to borrow a hand for such matters.


His handsome eyebrows were slightly hidden emotions, and when his eyes looked at me, they loosened slightly and spoke, “Good girl, be good, I’ll wash it!”


I opened my mouth to refuse, but the sheets had already been picked up by him.


I probably never dreamed that one day, the business tycoon standing atop the highest office building in the capital, would roll up his sleeves and wash the sheets in the bathroom.


Naturally, the pajama trousers in the washbasin, soaked in red liquid, were not safe from his gaze.


The man looked natural as he washed the blood and poured the washing up liquid, his voice was low and he seemed to think of something as he spoke, “Do you get stomach aches these days?”


I shook my head, “No!” In these four years in Huai’an, apart from the year when I first arrived, I was prone to pain and fatigue because I stayed up late and lived irregularly from time to time taking care of the four seasons, but the rest of the time, it was fine.


As I watched him scrubbing the objects in his hands, I couldn’t help but feel a little hot in the face. After thinking about it, I finally turned around and left the bathroom.


Four Seasons was downstairs practising her skills on her little bike in the living room, which was large enough to be out of the way.


When she saw me coming down, she looked up at me and said, “Mum, I’ve learnt, look!”


And with that she began to ride on her own, moving smoothly, seeing as she had been so quiet, I think she had been riding her bike downstairs.


“Have you had breakfast yet?” I spoke, self-consciously walking towards the kitchen.


Four Seasons nodded, her interest still in the bike, and spoke, “Uncle Chen Yi came by just now, he brought breakfast and pastries, I ate, Uncle Fu said you’d be down to eat in a bit, so I didn’t go up to call you.”


I nodded and sure enough, I saw pastries and breakfast sitting in the kitchen.


The family didn’t hire a nanny, they just called a bellhop to come over and clean up on time.


The things I heard the last time Four Seasons was taken by the nanny at Shen’s house always made me wary of outsiders.


Four Seasons is still young, so I can’t talk to her about everything, and if there is an outsider living in the house, I can’t watch her at all times and I have no way of knowing what people are saying to her.


So I just spend time with it myself.


When I went upstairs again, Fu Shen Yan had already washed the bed sheets and pajama trousers.


I stood shallowly behind him as I hung the clothes to dry, looking at him and blushing a little.


He turned back, his gaze warm, “Have you had breakfast?”


I nodded and walked towards him, reaching out to wrap my arms around his waist, my voice low as I spoke, “Thank you!”


He still had water stains on his hands, pulling a tissue to wipe his hands, his eyes fell on my face with a smile, “Thanks for what?”


Thank you ……


I couldn’t open my mouth for a moment, I just looked at him, my eyes like water, “Thanks anyway.”


He lost his smile and pulled me along, “Don’t go anywhere today, just stay in bed and rest.”


Chapter 686

As he spoke, he had picked me up and brought me to bed, I thought he was too overwrought and smiled lightly, “I’m fine!”


He didn’t say anything, he just let lie and then made a trip downstairs, he had been tossing and turning since he got up in the morning, and to think that he was so busy at the office that he had to come back and look after me and the Four Seasons.


I can’t help but feel self-conscious, I seem to have caused him trouble again.


There was no way to fall asleep, it was a bit cold outside, going out was not an option, and staying at home was always boring.


So I got out of bed and went to the study, looking for a few books to read, which is always good.


When I arrived at the door, I met Fu Shen Yan, who was carrying brown sugar eggs in his hand. I was surprised for a moment, originally thinking that he had come downstairs for breakfast, but I didn’t want to ……


Looking at the dark red thing in his hand, I shook my head and tilted my head to look at him, “I just had breakfast earlier, I can’t eat now.”


These days, although there is no more vomiting, but once you eat too much, your stomach still flips and you tend to dry heave.


He knew better than I did and didn’t force me to drink it, he just put the bowl on the bedroom table and spoke, “Wait for it to get cold later, you can eat a little.”


Knowing he was worried about me, I nodded and thought for a moment, “I want to go to the study and read, will you go?”


He raised an eyebrow and reached out to pull me along, leading me straight to the study.


The study of the new villa was decorated with a certain gap from the previous villa, taking into account the four seasons.


So Fu Shen Yan designed the study to be extra large, and the books and materials collected in the study were basically all used with care.


Because he was worried that it was not safe for the Four Seasons to play downstairs alone, Fu Shen Yan carried her to the study.


A children’s starry sky study was specially designed for her, delicate and dreamy and beautiful.


Four Seasons hadn’t learnt many words, so she basically read comics and pictures.


As I didn’t want to put too much pressure on Four Seasons, I didn’t add anything to her studies. She is only five years old and I didn’t want to add much burden to her, so I spent all my energy on her interests.


I originally planned to send her to piano lessons at the age of three, but being too young is not good for the child’s joints, so I just let her learn to dance and paint.


The time pa*sed in a leisurely manner. Although Fu Shenyan was off work, he still had to deal with company matters.


I nestled in the cradle and read a book for a while, and when I looked up I saw Fu Shen Yan still dealing with company matters.


The man has an inherent hard and handsome look, and when he is serious, it is as if the light of the world is converging on him, which is particularly attractive.


When I saw him stop, I reached for the gla*s of water on the table to drink, and when it reached my mouth, I found that the water in the gla*s was finished, and he frowned slightly, but only for a moment before putting it down and continuing to work.


I put down the book in my hand, got up and took his gla*s, he raised his eyes, his gaze fell on me and he smiled lightly, “I’ll do it myself later!”


I smiled, “I want to walk around a bit.”


He smiled, not saying a word, and went back to what he was doing, giving him until he finished pouring the water, I couldn’t help but look over at the Four Seasons next to the screen.


The little one was lying on the carpet, her hands pinned to her chin, her little feet swaying, reading her comic very carefully.


She looked so serious that when she finished reading one page and turned to the next one, she probably got a little dry around her mouth, licked her mouth and then continued reading.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the resemblance between the little one and the big one, and poured water for her too.