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Never Say Never Chapter 681-682

Chapter 681

Qiao En looked at me, then looked at Wang Yan Yiu and said, “How did you come in together?”


Wang Yangyao spoke, saying extremely quickly, “I met her in the courtyard below the restaurant, I hadn’t seen Miss Shen for four years and I had been wanting to say thank you to her, so I just happened to meet her down there and said a few more words.”


Jon was puzzled, “When did you meet?”


“We met four years ago!” Wang Yan Yao’s eyes were looking at Shen Yu as she spoke, with a smile, “Four years ago if it wasn’t for Young Master Shen and Miss Shen, I don’t know how I would have died, today I met them, so naturally I have to say a word of thanks.”


I pursed my lips, always feeling that her purpose was not that innocent, but for a moment I could not say what was wrong.


Shen Yu frowned slightly, as if he had long forgotten that she existed, but he spoke very little to outsiders and did not speak.


Hu Ya hesitated slightly, bowed her head, and began to be silent again.


Mo Fei Lin glanced at Wang Yan Yao and raised his eyebrows, “You siblings are kind, this one lost girl was hard saved by you into a white collar, not bad!”


Obviously this was said to me and Shen Yu.


After a pause, she continued, “Miss Wang, you don’t have to take it to heart, I’m afraid the siblings have long forgotten about it.”


Wang Yangyao smiled lightly, “I was the one who was helped, how can I forget when I can be where I am today.”


Mo Fei Lin raised her eyebrows, “Why don’t you give me your body?”


She said this abruptly and for a moment Wang Yan Yao blushed and did not speak.


Mo Fei Lin skimmed her lips, her nature straightforward, continued, “Thanksgiving this kind of thing, the best way just do not bother, otherwise it is revenge, you say right Shen young master.”


Why did I hear something in her words?


Shen Yu didn’t say anything, the waiter brought the soup, he took it and put it in front of Hu Ya, as a tacit acknowledgement of Mo Fei Lin’s words.


When he came out of the restaurant, it was late. Mo Fei Lin had gone to bed early and dragged He Zhi Zhou to leave early.


The two of them seemed to have something to do and also left, leaving Wang Yan Yao a little embarra*sed.


Chen Xing said when she left that she should take a taxi, but this restaurant was originally a private restaurant, and it was true that it was not good to take a taxi around.


The company is in a nosy mood and is ready to go after pulling me into the car.


I saw Wang Yangyao standing next to Shen Yu and Hu Ya saying something, and Shen Yu nodded his head.


Then Wang Yangyao got into the car, and Shen Yu also went up, and the car went away, leaving Hu Ya alone in the same place.


I froze, a little surprised, had a fight? Leaving someone behind and leaving?


“Let’s go back!” I said, reaching out and tugging at Fu Shen Yan’s shirt.


Fu Shen Yan glanced sideways at the rear view mirror, naturally he also saw the person standing in the cold wind and could not help but frown.


Turning the car around, he returned to the entrance of the restaurant.


I got out of the car and looked at Hu Ya. It was windy outside and her cheeks were a little red from the blowing, so I couldn’t help but frown, “What’s going on? Why didn’t you go with Shen Yu?”


Hu Ya smiled lightly, soft natured, “He sent Miss Wang back first, and the family driver will come over to pick me up later.”


I ……


What kind of brain is this Shen Yu?


Holding my breath, I pulled her into the car and told her to call the driver not to come.


In the car, I held my breath and called Shen Yu.


After a few rings, the call was answered, “What’s wrong? Shen Shu!”


“Shen Yu, brains are a good thing, if you don’t have one, can you just throw it away and leave your wife on the road to send someone else back, you have a bag for brains, right?”


Chapter 682

Hu Ya didn’t expect me to call Shen Yu and was surprised for a moment, pulling me to whisper, “Shen Shu, don’t, I’m fine.”


I patted her hand and spoke in a whisper, “It’s okay!”


Shen Yu on the other end of the phone froze for a moment, unsure, “There’s a driver at home who will come to pick her up, don’t worry.”


I suppressed my anger, thinking he had really gone too far, “Shen Yu, she’s your wife, she’s still pregnant, you’re not thinking straight!”


What kind of brain was it that he would send a strange woman home and leave his wife on the road?


“I have no intention of marrying her, Shen Shu, as far as I’m concerned, she’s just a fertility tool, you don’t have to hug her like a sister-in-law, one day when I meet the woman I really want to marry, I’ll bring you to know her and let you call her sister-in-law yourself, don’t worry, the driver and maids at home will take care of her, I know what to do with her, you take care of your health. Don’t think too much, be good!”


Shen Yu’s voice was not loud, but Hu Ya and I were sitting close to each other, so she heard every word of these words.


I didn’t know what to say when the phone was hung up and I looked up at Hu Ya.


Her face was white, and she looked at me with a smile to rea*sure me that I was okay, even though she was obviously in great pain.


There were tiny droplets of water in her eyes, probably because she didn’t want me to see her pain, and she looked out of the car window to avoid my eyes.


I felt some pain for this girl, as if I saw myself once.


The way was wordless, Fu Shen Yan sent her back down to Shen Yu’s villa, a maid came down to greet her, very considerate and almost impossible to pick out.


Saying goodbye, Fu Shen Yan drove on, seeing my silence, his gaze fell warmly on me, his voice laced with warmth, “Thinking about what?”


I returned to my senses and leaned back in my seat, looking at him sideways, somewhat puzzled, “Fu Shen Yan, do you remember the day four years ago when you picked me up from downstairs at the hospital?”


He pursed his lips, his slender fingers holding the steering wheel, tapping it, nodding, “En, remember.”


Seeing what I was thinking, he continued to speak, “What’s wrong?”


“I happened to have an ultrasound that day, the baby was six weeks, I didn’t think you would suddenly pick me up that day and wait for me downstairs, as I sat in the car, I kept thinking, if you knew I was pregnant, would you not have mentioned the divorce to me, but then I was complicated, it would be really shameless to trap you with the baby, that way, myself. ”


I didn’t look at him, I just dropped my gaze to my fingertips, my nails were a little long.


He seemed to be waiting for me to finish, and after a moment of silence, I continued, “Then Lu Xinran’s accidental miscarriage, I watched you dote on and care for her, I would divorce you and I would keep the baby, so I had a fake abortion, but I didn’t think that in the end you would fall in love with me and would ……”


The car pulled slowly to the side of the road and his long, slender fingers lifted my chin up so that I was looking at him, all four eyes, looking into his deep, dark eyes.


I froze a little, not knowing what to say for a moment.


His gaze sank slightly, with a few moments of depth, and his voice was low and dark, “The reason I want to divorce you is that I’m not sure I can take care of you for the rest of my life, that I can take care of you with all my heart, and if I’m not sure I can go on and give too much warmth, it will be more painful when I leave.”