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Never Say Never Chapter 679-680

Chapter 679

After a pause, she continued, “And, in fact, you should also think about Fu and yourself, if one day, I mean if, Four Seasons really goes back to the Cheng family, you and Fu Shenyan as you get older, it won’t be so easy to want children again, and your body can’t take it, while you have the conditions and ability now, why not give birth to a child, I think, Four Seasons, although she is small, she must can understand you.”


I was a little distracted, yes, even if I didn’t think of myself, I had to think of Fu Shenyan.


He was almost thirty-five or six, so now was a good time to have a child. If he wanted to have a child later, when Four Seasons was older, it would be difficult to have a bad one.


Seeing me wander off, she patted my hand and said soothingly, “Don’t think too much about it, I’m trying to persuade you that everyone has things to worry about in life, but how about thinking of a way back for yourself.”


Walking to the courtyard, we found a seat and couldn’t help but think about her and Shen Yu, always bored, and couldn’t help but speak up, “Do you have a plan between you and Shen Yu for when you’ll get your license?”


If not, what about the child’s account and birth certificate?


Although Shen Yu had a way to pay for it at most, it would be unfair to Hu Ya in the end.


She was a little lost in thought for a moment, and after a pause, she smiled despondently and said, “It’s already a great blessing that I can give birth to a child for him, as for getting a license, I’m not qualified yet.”


I frowned, a little displeased, “What are you talking about, why do you put yourself down so low, you love him and have a child for him, the Shen family should have given you this name, you don’t fight or grab anything, you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for the child too!”


She smiled lightly and said somewhat helplessly, “Shen Shu, I am different from you, if I grew up as an orphan and grew up hard but clean all the way, I am not that lowly.”


I froze for a moment, puzzled, “You ……”


“I was born in Southeast Asia, household registration are in Southeast Asia, my mother is in the Golden Triangle farming poppies, corn farm women, you know, growing up in the Golden Triangle, not many children are normal, until the age of twenty, I always thought that people and people kill each other poison are normal, until I met Shen Yu, only to know that the original girl’s growth can be dry and clean. ”


There was no way I could imagine the bad conditions of her existence, so for a moment I couldn’t pick up her words.


She touched her belly and smiled lightly with her eyes lowered and a gentle look on her face, “But luckily, my child can grow up dry and clean, that’s already a blessing.”


There was a moment of silence before I spoke, “Perhaps Uncle Sam wouldn’t mind your birth?”


Even if she had the nationality of another country, it didn’t mean anything, it wasn’t up to her to decide her birth.


She smiled lightly, took my hand and said with extra tenderness, “Thank you, Shen Shu, even if they could accept me, I wouldn’t get a license with Shen Yu, he deserves better.”


After all, it’s a matter for two people, and it wouldn’t be good for me to interfere too much.


After a pause, I still didn’t say anything, I just sighed.


It was about time to get out, so I spoke, “Come on, let’s go back, they should be looking for us in a few minutes.”


She nodded, her seven-month belly was still a bit heavy, whether she sat or stood for a long time, she tended to be sore.


Chapter 680

Walking back along the stone path, the atmosphere was somewhat quiet, and the woman’s delicate voice suddenly appeared, rather abruptly.


“Young Master Shen, no matter what, I still have to thank you.” The voice sounded a little strange.


I couldn’t help but glance sideways and saw a familiar face, it was Shen Yu, standing beside her was the a*sistant Chen Xing had brought with him, I didn’t look closely just now.


This girl looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember for a while.


I pulled Hu Ya ready to go over to say hello, but before I got close, I could not help but see the girl crooked towards Shen Yu’s arms.


Her voice was soft and delicate, “Oops!”


Apparently she had broken her foot, and Shen Yu was a gentleman enough to reach out and give her a hand.


This picture was nothing, but when I saw the girl leaning towards Shen Yu’s arms, I couldn’t help but frown.


I subconsciously looked at Hu Ya, and saw that her gaze was light, basically unable to see any emotion, looking like this, probably used to it.


I couldn’t help but be a little displeased and spoke, “You wait here for me for a while.”


Walking towards the two, Shen Yu naturally saw me, pulling the woman on top of him away, he spoke, “It’s cold outside, don’t blow too long, you’ll catch a cold easily.”


I nodded my head and spoke, “Sister-in-law is over there, go over and keep her company!”


Hearing me open my mouth and call her sister-in-law, he frowned and pursed his lips, a little displeased, but he couldn’t seem to find a topic to refute.


So he nodded his head.


The woman who had been leaning on him froze slightly when she saw me, stood up straight and was quite peaceful.


Shen Yu left and I took a look at the girl, didn’t like it much, didn’t say much, and was ready to go.


“Miss Shen, do you remember me?” A woman’s voice came from behind me.


I froze for a moment and looked back at her, my eyes falling on her delicate make-up, unable to think of it for a moment.


Chen Xing was a workaholic, but he always seemed to treat his staff well, and this girl had big brands all over her body, and they were all new in season and looked expensive.


“Do we know each other?” I couldn’t really remember where I’d seen this lady before, and the way she’d just acted towards Shen Yu was a little flirty and pretentious, and I didn’t like it.


She smiled lightly, her bright face a little delicate, “I met her four years ago, also in the imperial capital, that time was in Miss Mo’s night club, you and Mr. Shen saved me.”


Four years had pa*sed, too much time had pa*sed, I didn’t remember much and couldn’t help but say, “What’s your name?”


“Wang Yan Yiu!” She spoke, “Four years ago I was still in college, it was Young Master Shen who introduced me to credit to follow Mr. Chen at the end of that year.”


I seemed to recall that back then, it seemed that Shen Yu and I had met a girl who was being bullied in Mo Fei Lin’s nightclub, and at that time, we just couldn’t bear to look at it, so we took a stand.


It was also because of this incident that Mo Fei Lin and I got to know each other, and it seemed that this girl was later introduced to Chen Xing’s company by Shen Yu, at that time it was just said that she was working part time, but now it seemed that she was following Chen Xing over the years and seemed to be doing quite well.


I nodded my head and forced a smile and said, “En, it’s quite good!”


After saying that, I turned around and prepared to leave, she followed me and chatted with me, I chatted with one thing or another and wasn’t that taken with it.


I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get to the next level.


I got up and pulled me, “I ordered soup, you can drink it later to warm your body.”


The outside is indeed cold, standing for a long time the limbs will also be cold, Fu Shen Yan covers my hands, to warm my hands.