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Never Say Never Chapter 677-678

Chapter 677

After a pause, I spoke, “That’s good, then I might see you guys a lot in the future too.”


He nodded, “En, so you can come for a walk more often in the future if you have nothing to do.”


I chatted until the afternoon, originally I was going to let him stay home for dinner, but Fu Shen Yan had made a reservation at the restaurant, so I didn’t bother.


When I went to the restaurant, quite a few people came, Fu Shen Yan let me raise in the villa for a week, picking up and dropping off the four seasons every day, not letting me touch outsiders, the days were sober, and everything looked as if it was going quite well.


I was surprised that Shen Yu and Hu Ya also came over. I hadn’t seen them for almost a month, Hu Ya’s belly had grown quite a bit, I just saw that Hu Ya’s face was a bit haggard.


I like this girl a lot, she is quiet and elegant, she is gentle and knows how to move forward and backward.


Shen Yu and her together, life goes on, also quite happy.


When she saw me, she got up holding her stomach and wanted to pull me, I hurriedly went forward and held her, losing my smile, “You don’t have to be so polite with me, with a big stomach, I feel tired even if I move a little.”


She smiled lightly and pulled me to sit on a chair, her voice gentle, “It’s only seven months, it’s fine.”


I smiled and saw Shen Yu looking at me, frowning, “Why have you lost weight again recently.”


The first time I said this, my stern gaze had fallen on Fu Shen Yan, obviously blaming him for not taking good care of me.


Fu Shen Yan was not angry, reaching out to pull me, his gaze overflowing with tenderness, and said, “I have indeed lost weight.”


I lost my smile and couldn’t help but look at Shen Yu and say, “I’ve already said that you need to be thinner to look good, and you’re still saying that you’ve made Hu Ya thin, and she’s still a pregnant woman?”


He raised his eyebrows, his eyes faintly looked at Hu Ya, did not speak anymore.


Hu Ya bowed her head, smiled, and didn’t make a sound either.


It was quite strange to notice, the way these two were getting along.


I suddenly remembered, last time Fu Shen Yan and I said, Shen Yu can not marry Hu Ya, the Shen family can not accept, Shen Yu’s future is not able to allow such a woman to stay by her side.


My eyes fell on Hu Ya’s slightly bulging belly, and I couldn’t help but feel some strange emotions, for this child should have been born openly.


A voice came from the doorway, it was Chen Xing, and he was followed by a wonderful woman who looked beautiful, a beauty that was somewhat solid.


Looking at the relationship between the two, they should be up and down the hierarchy, Chen Xing greeted everyone.


He just spoke lightly, “I just came out from the company, do you all mind if I bring an a*sistant!”


Everyone smiled, naturally they did not care.


They all took their seats, and Chen Xing looked at me and spoke, “Shen Shu, it’s been a long time.” These words were said in a serious and solemn manner.


When I saw that he was holding a gla*s of wine in his hand, I couldn’t help but feel serious too, and looked at him.


He continued to speak, “Mother left all the Chen family’s things in my hands, four years have pa*sed, you have time to go to Mo’s house to see her, the years have tormented not only you, but her as well, gain and loss, she is indeed harder than you can imagine.”


I pursed my lips and couldn’t help but bow my head, people really are so complicated, the word forgiveness is the best to say, but doing it is indeed the hardest.


I could understand all that she was going through, but ultimately there was no way to do it without anything happening.


Mo Fei Lin frowned, probably think Chen Xing in this occasion to say this kind of words is not quite appropriate, lifted the wine cup and clinked with him said, “Well, today we are here to party happy, let’s eat more food to talk about the recent interesting things is not good? Let’s drink!”


Chapter 678

After saying that, she bashfully finished the wine in her cup, He Zhi Zhou thoughtfully gave her a few bites of stomach-nourishing dishes and spoke, “Drink less, eat more!”


She smiled, the usually big-hearted woman always looked gentle and well-behaved when she was around the person she liked.


Looking at her smile, I suddenly thought of Muzi, who also seemed to have such a brash and straightforward personality.


I couldn’t help but look down, a little dejected, as the memory of the past inevitably brought up bad emotions.


My hand was held by Fu Shen Yan, and he tightened it, his voice was gentle, and even his gaze was much softer, “Eat more, grow fat.”


The bowls in front of me were already filled with food, so he obviously wanted me to finish them all.


I tilted my head to look at him and smiled lightly.


We were all familiar with each other, and after Chen Xing’s little episode, we chatted with each other, all about the interesting things around us and the things we encountered in our work.


Even Hu Ya, who has always been a man of few words, opened her mouth, “The other day I went for a maternity check-up, and there was an aunt in the queue with me who looked like she was over sixty, so I thought she was queuing for her own daughter-in-law, but it was only when I went into the ultrasound room with her that I realised she was pregnant herself, six months old, and twins.”


I froze and wondered, “That’s considered advanced maternal age, isn’t it dangerous to give birth?”


She laughed, “It is dangerous, but I heard that the old man’s husband was adamant that she give birth, their son had left in an accident two years ago, and the black hair was sent to the white hair, and the arrival of these two children was a surprise to the two old men.”


I nodded my head, my heart couldn’t help but sigh, the world is good or bad, it’s not outsiders who decide, it’s themselves.


Sitting for a long time, Hu Ya is pregnant, have to get up and walk, she held the chair to get up, I reached out to help, see Shen Yu holding the phone do not know what to do.


I couldn’t help but frown and say, “Shen Yu, you help Miss Hu walk.”


“No need!” Hu Ya opened her mouth and smiled, “I’ll just go for a walk by myself.”


After saying that, she got up and walked outside, and Shen Yu acted as if she didn’t care about it.


I pursed my lips, a little displeased, but not good enough to get angry.


I got up and followed her out. With a seven-month-old belly, she didn’t seem to be very pregnant, probably because her clothes were loose, and all of them looked a bit small.


Seeing me come out, she froze and smiled, “It’s okay, I’ll just walk outside, I’ll be in in a minute.”


The corridor of the restaurant was not that spacious after all, and I had almost eaten, so I helped her and said, “I will accompany you downstairs for a walk, there is a rather large garden behind this restaurant with flowers planted in it, there are not many at this season, but a walk is not a bad idea.”


She smiled lightly, but didn’t say much, and went downstairs with me.


“Shen Shu, aren’t you and Mr. Fu planning to have another one?” She asked as we walked together, inevitably without talking about family matters.


I froze and smiled lightly, “When we adopted Four Seasons, we decided that we only wanted one child for Four Seasons, if we had another one, it would be a disservice to Four Seasons as her love would be divided.”


She frowned, a little puzzled, “How so, if you have another child, Four Seasons will be five soon now, wouldn’t it be better to have a child around? She’ll be three before she’s three her security you give her enough, the child won’t even think anything of it.”