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Never Say Never Chapter 671-672

Chapter 671

Looking at Chen Yi again, he looked at me differently, with sympathy and pain.


What was happening to me?


Caught up in my emotions and unable to pull myself out, there was no way for me to calm down. The only consciousness I had was to curl myself up on the floor, holding my head in a death grip and tearing my hair.


I wasn’t sick, I really wasn’t sick.


It was an hour later when I was conscious again, and Fu Shenyan was at my side.


I tugged at Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “Were the Four Seasons taken away by Cheng Jun Yu?”


He pulled me along and shook his head, his gaze gentle, “No, she’s asleep, in her room.”


The man’s voice was low and magnetic, “Cheng Junyu will not take her away, she will always be our daughter and will always be by our side, don’t worry, she won’t leave.”


With his promise, I calmed down and leaned into his arms listening to his heartbeat as a long silence began.


He patted my back as if to soothe me, “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy these days that I’ve neglected you, I’m to blame for not taking care of you.”


I shook my head and pursed my lips, not willing to speak anymore.


He sighed, his voice deep, as if he was discussing with me, “Shen Shu, let’s go to the hospital tomorrow, okay?”


My body stiffened, almost a subconscious movement, and he felt it, almost at the same time, he hugged me tighter.


“Don’t be afraid, we’re just going to check it out.” He spoke, his voice all soothing.


I pursed my lips for a long moment before nodding in response.


Going to the hospital would probably really mean I was sick, four years of thinking I had healed myself, that I was all let go, that I was cured, but I didn’t think that I was, no.


This night, I did not lose sleep, nor was I cranky, Fu Shen Yan did not go to the office, stayed by my side.


The next day.


Chen Yi came early and picked up the Four Seasons. I watched the Four Seasons go for a long time before I returned to my senses.


Fu Shen Yan took the keys and pulled me along, tightening the force, and spoke, “The Four Seasons will be back in the evening, don’t worry.”


I nodded and followed him to the car. Sitting in the car, I was fidgety and even a little inexplicably irritable beyond words.


I originally thought Fu Shenyan would take me to a public hospital, but I didn’t expect him to take me into a private hospital.


He didn’t choose a department or name what he wanted to see. He pulled me along, all the way into an office, and then told me to sit and wait.


He stayed with me, the office was empty, and I looked at him and asked, “What are we doing here?”


He patted my hand, sort of soothing me, and his voice was low, “To see the doctor, in a moment you talk to the doctor, don’t think too much, and say whatever the doctor asks, okay?”


I nodded, but it always felt like I was going to suffocate in such a cramped space.


About ten minutes later, an old man of about sixty came in, dressed in a white lab coat.


He looked at Fu Shenyan, nodded and smiled lightly, as a greeting, and his eyes fell on my face.


It didn’t take long, maybe a few seconds, he looked at Fu Shen Yan, didn’t say anything, just spoke lightly, “Does Fu Shen Yan want company?”


Fu Shenyan nodded his head.


The doctor pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, but did not continue to say anything else.


After looking at the information in his hands, he dropped his gaze on me and said, “How is the quality of your sleep lately?”


I said, “Fine!” I was already vaguely irritated, I didn’t like this small space, this way of being talked to like an interrogation.


Chapter 672

My stomach churned and I didn’t wait for the doctor to ask the next question before I jerked up and went to the bathroom.


There was really nothing left to throw up, so I ended up vomiting blood.


I froze myself when I saw the splash of scarlet, how could there be blood?


The questioning that followed, did not continue, the doctor looked at me with a few moments of concern in his gaze and told me to walk in the corridor or downstairs.


Fu Shen Yan pulled me along and admonished me several times, “Don’t wander off, wait for me downstairs or in the corridor, don’t go too far.”


I nodded, pulling a smile that was a little forced.


He pulled me along, the strength in his hand tight, and looked to the doctor, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll come by some other time and talk to you more about it, so that’s all for today!”


The doctor looked at me, nodded, sighed slightly and said no more.


Pulling me down the stairs and into the car, I looked at Fu Shen Yan’s somewhat scraped white face, “Is it very serious?”


He smiled lightly, his deep gaze fell on my face, his slender fingers moseyed across my face, his voice was warm, “No, don’t think too much, it’s probably just a bad stomach, let Chen Yi come over later and prescribe some medicine.”


This sounded to me like he was comforting himself, and looking at him, I began to fall silent.


In fact, we both knew in our hearts what was going on, it was just that no one wanted to be transparent about it.


Back at the villa, he hugged me, very tightly as if he didn’t want to leave for a moment.


I seem to get sleepy easily, but I can’t get a deep sleep.


It was rea*suring to know that he was by my side, and I woke up after a while to see him on the balcony on the phone.


It wasn’t loud, but I could hear it.


“She’s not sick, she’s just been so tired lately.” He had suppressed emotion in his voice, not knowing what was being said on the other end of the line.


His silhouette was vaguely lonely and insistent, “No, I’ll take care of her.”


As if the person on the other end of the line was advising him, he was silent for a moment, his voice low, trying desperately to seem calmer.


“I won’t let her undergo psychotherapy, that exposes her pain to others, she can’t bear it, and I’m not willing to let her, I’ve waited and wandered for four years, when I saw her in Huai’an, she buried all her gloom and pain in her psyche, the four seasons are her only pillar of life, I know what she’s worried about, as long as it’s to make her unhappy. I’ll do anything.”


I got up and walked to the balcony, the voice on the other end of the phone could be heard, it seemed to be Jon’s voice.


Jon’s tone was a little anxious, “Fu Shenyan, yes, you can do anything, but have you considered the people who love her and the people who are trying to keep her safe? You know very well in your heart that depression is simply impossible to cure, she went to Huai’an for four years to put all her attention and energy into the Four Seasons, now she has deteriorated to this point by getting a little news that the Four Seasons are leaving, have you thought about it, in the future the Four Seasons will grow up and leave, what are you going to do? Let her go completely mad?”


The room was suffocatingly silent, Fu Shen Yan’s back trembled a little, for a long time he spoke, his voice was tinged with moisture, “I will always be with her.”


Qiao En seemed unable to get through to Fu Shen Yan and was somewhat discouraged, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re not protecting her like this, you’re harming her.”