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Never Say Never Chapter 667-668

Chapter 667

When I woke up, it was already midnight and Fu Shen Yan was not there, so I got out of bed and went to Four Seasons’ room.


The little girl was sleeping soundly, the room was decorated by Fu Shen Yan, she was sleeping quietly, like an angel that had fallen to earth.


I looked at her quietly for a long time before I came back to my senses and coldly wondered when Fu Shen Yan was already standing behind me.


I looked at him a little sluggishly, and when he saw me like this, he walked towards me and pulled me into his arms, building for a moment before pulling me out of the Four Seasons’ room.


I went back to my bedroom and lay on the bed before I spoke, “What did Cheng Junyu say to you?”


I wasn’t in the best of spirits on the way back, so I didn’t ask anything.


He pursed his lips and looked at me for a moment in silence, “It’s about the Four Seasons, the Cheng family knows about her existence and plans to let her claim her ancestry.”


“Snap!” I raised my hand and swept the lamp on the bedside table straight down, emotionally unstable, “I don’t agree.”


He sighed and got up to methodically pick the lamp back up, there were shards of gla*s on the floor and he used his hands to pick them up, I pursed my lips with some vague warm anger.


Dealing with the things on the floor before he raised his eyes to look at me, his mood steady, “You don’t want Four Seasons to leave, I’ll convince Jun Yu, but Shen Shu, we both need to ask Four Seasons what she thinks.”


“How old is she? What do you want to hear from her? I’ve been with her for four years, it’s impossible to separate from her, she’s already a part of my life, I won’t let her go with Cheng Junyu, she stays with me, for better or worse, at least I’ll hold her in my heart and love her, but if she goes back to the Cheng family, how can you be sure that Cheng Junyu will be able to take care of her? The Cheng family will not give her a hard time, why should he want the child I have kept in my heart for four years?”


I never wanted Cheng Junyu to take the Four Seasons away, nor could I have let him.


He sat beside me, took my hand, patted it and soothed me, “As long as you don’t want to, no one can force you, be good, it’s late, let’s go to bed early.”


I always felt as if there was something Fu Shen Yan hadn’t told me, but what exactly it was, I wasn’t sure.




Gu Han’s phone call came, I just finished delivering the Four Seasons and was not willing to answer his call, but I did anyway.


“What’s up?”


I was not willing to have too much contact with him after the storm of the last incident.


The voice on the other end of the line was a little lower, “Do you never count when you speak?”


I froze for a moment, running through my head, not realising what I had said, and frowned, “What words?”


“Come to my house and cook for me this month, forget it?” He spoke, sounding slightly annoyed.


I reacted as an afterthought and froze for a moment, there had been so much going on in the past few days that I shouldn’t have taken it to heart, and it was only now that he said it that I remembered.


But the journalist thing had just pa*sed, I had to get busy with the Four Seasons, Cheng Junyu was intent on taking the Four Seasons away, I had to find a way to keep the Four Seasons, and I simply didn’t have time to cook anything for him.


At that time, I promised him just to get rid of it, but I didn’t expect him to put it at ease.


“Gu Han, I have my own business to attend to, I beg you, leave me alone!” I always felt as if I had suddenly been forced into a dead end and had no direction.


There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line, and the man didn’t seem to be in a good mood, “Let you go? Heh!” He sneered, “When did I ever force you?”


I frowned, I had a headache, my mood was unstable, I pulled the car over to the side of the road and simply hung up the phone and turned it off.


It took me a while to get better on the side of the road, I didn’t know what was wrong with me, either I was suddenly dry heaving or once the slightest thing happened, my mind started to have extreme meltdown thoughts.


Probably because of what had happened recently, I got out of the car and planned to go for a walk to take a break before going back.


She was wearing a long camel-coloured trench coat, and when she saw me, she went up to me and greeted me, “What a coincidence, have a seat?”


Chapter 668

I shook my head, intending to turn and walk away, not wanting to be blocked by her, “You don’t want that kid back at Cheng’s, and I don’t want her back, so, talk?”


I frowned and paused, but nodded my head in agreement.


I found a cafe and sat down, she looked light, because of the makeup the whole person looked a little bit of spirit.


“Believe it or not, Li Muzi’s death had nothing to do with me, the fact that she had a hard time giving birth in a hemorrhage was really just an accident, I know you don’t believe me, after all, if it was me, I wouldn’t believe you either, after all, you all think I said something to stimulate her and that’s why she had an accident.” She got straight to the point and spoke directly.


I pursed my lips and didn’t take her words as she continued to speak, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you these things now, so there’s no need for me to say more, that child has been with you for four years, you won’t let her go, I know, I want to stand firm in the Cheng family, and likewise I want the child I have with Cheng Junyu to come out of my belly, so I don’t want her to go back to the Cheng family. ”


“You can just say what you want.” I spoke, a little impatiently.


She paused for a moment, obviously not expecting me to say something like that directly, and after a moment of silence said, “You and that child have been together for four years, she already thinks of you as her mother, according to Cheng Junyu and Fu Shenyan’s friendship, they will not fall out, but also maybe, you and Fu Shenyan openly married, and can carry out legal public Fu Shenyan and you are incapable of reproduction, so that can adopt that child in name only, but only if you and Fu Shen Yan, in the future, must not have children.”


“You should know more about the law than I do, you and Fu Shen Yan’s conditions and background, wanting this child can be very easy, it depends on whether you and Fu Shen Yan, are willing to trade the price of reputation and not having a child in the future.”


I pressed my emotions and looked at her with a shallow gaze, suddenly unable to help but laugh, “Lu Ke, do you think that if we were to really argue, Fu Shen Yan would be afraid of Cheng Jun Yu?”


She shrugged her shoulders and laughed coldly, “Of course not, with Mr. Fu’s stature he is naturally not afraid, but what about public opinion? You think he will be afraid?”


I ……


Yes, in terms of strength and background, Fu Shen Yan will not be afraid, and also has the means and ability to keep the four seasons around to raise.


But once the Cheng family makes a big deal out of this, the Four Seasons will be in my name for no apparent reason. If her real parents were dead, I would have been right to adopt her, but her father is still alive and well, and I would be wrong to take her.


The thought of this made me more and more irritated, Lu was not here to talk to me about this, she was here to irritate me.


In a flash, I stood up from my seat and looked at her, my face completely sunken, “If that’s what you called me here to talk about, I don’t think we have anything to continue talking about.”


Turning to leave, she stopped me, “You might want to think about what I said.”


“F**k off!”


I didn’t hold my emotions in check, so I turned towards her and left the cafe, not taking more than a few steps before I got nauseous in my stomach.


I squatted on the side of the road and threw up everything in my stomach, and my whole body was so weak that I couldn’t stand it.


Recently, I seemed to be losing my energy more and more easily, so when I returned to the villa, I did nothing and sat on the balcony blowing the cold wind all day.


If Fu Shenyan hadn’t come back, I probably would have forgotten what I was doing.


Carrying me back to the bedroom, he looked very pale, putting the blanket over me, he was a little furious, “Still a child? Don’t you know how to look after your own body?”