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Never Say Never Chapter 665-666

Chapter 665

She nodded and didn’t dwell on the matter, leaving her to play on her own in the yard.


I originally thought of calling Shen Yu, but after thinking about it, I gave up.


In the evening, Fu Shenyin called, seemingly just finishing up, his voice a little low, “Have you eaten yet?”


If it wasn’t for the Four Seasons coming back, I wouldn’t have cooked in the evenings, so I looked at the rice still cooking in the kitchen and said, “Not yet!”


“Let’s eat together at the Metropolis tonight, I’ll come and pick you and the Four Seasons up later, it’s cold outside, wear more clothes.” On the other end of the phone he seemed to be still sorting through his papers, he must still be at the office.


I froze as I hadn’t been out all these days, a little worried, “Will going out suddenly now attract unwanted attention?” After all, the buzz had only just pa*sed.


“It’s fine, I’ve booked a private dining room, it won’t affect it.” After a pause, he added, “Jun Yu came back from Huadu and said he wanted to meet the Four Seasons.”


I frowned, my bones not wanting the Four Seasons to have contact with him.


Seeing my sudden silence, he couldn’t help but speak, his voice warm, “If you don’t want the Four Seasons to meet him, we’ll go for a walk out of breath as a family.”


“It’s okay!” Even if I had more reluctance, Four Seasons was still Cheng Junyu’s daughter.


Half an hour later, Fu Shen Yan parked the car in front of the courtyard, and Four Seasons and I got in, both directly into the back seat.


He frowned slightly and looked back at me, “What’s wrong?”


I shook my head and took the scarf off my neck, the car was a little hot with the air conditioning on, and even a little stuffy.


The four seasons talk a lot, relieving a lot of the quiet atmosphere, I did not say anything on the way, nothing emotional, just felt a little stuffy inside.


When I arrived at the restaurant and entered the private room, Cheng Junyu was already waiting inside, but he was the only one.


When he saw Four Seasons, he had a smile on his handsome face and pulled him in to ask questions.


I sat down in my seat and my hand was pulled by Fu Shen Yan, his discreet words were low and introspective, “Are you in a bad mood?”


I purse my lips, shake my head, the movement is very shallow, the voice is very low, “Nothing!”


The waiter served the food, seeing the Four Seasons and Fu Shen Yan talking, Cheng Jun Yu’s gaze kept falling on the Four Seasons.


I was silent for a while, looked at Cheng Junyu and spoke, “Lu Ke should be giving birth soon, you ……”


“The baby fell out!” Cheng Junyu opened his mouth, his voice cold, nothing emotional, his gaze still on the four seasons.


I thought I had heard wrong and couldn’t help but open my mouth and ask, “What?”


He finally turned his gaze to me and opened his mouth, very serious, “The fetal position is unstable, even if it is born, it will not live long, so it was aborted.”


Fu Shen Yan also stopped the movement in his hand and looked at him, frowning, “What’s going on?”


Cheng Junyu sat up straight, pursed his lips and spoke, “She had miscarried the baby before, she didn’t say anything, and then because of her emotional instability, she went to the hospital several times and couldn’t do anything, so the baby wasn’t saved.”


When he said this, he was extraordinarily indifferent, as if this matter was a trivial matter to him.


I squeezed my emotions and looked at him, “So what are you going to do now?”


I originally thought he would answer my question positively, but I didn’t expect him to suddenly narrow his gaze and fall on me, saying somewhat indifferently, “Did Muzi’s death have anything to do with Lu Ke?”


“Pah-da!” The chopsticks in my hand didn’t hold steady and fell to the floor.


I froze for a moment and looked to him pursing my lips, my mood a little cold, “I’m not sure.”


What I knew about Muzi’s death had always been because of me, when Ivana Lin had set Muzi up to come to the capital in order to get me out of the villa and deliberately lure me out.


If I hadn’t come out of the villa that night, maybe all of this wouldn’t have happened.


The chain of reactions to what happened afterwards all started because of this incident.


Chapter 666

How hard Lu Ke’s words really hit Muzi I don’t know, Jon was by Muzi’s side at the time and he only heard part of what was said.


He sneered and stopped speaking, just setting his gaze on the Four Seasons, “I won’t marry Lu Ke, the Four Seasons is the Cheng family’s daughter, she will have to go back to the Cheng family one day.”


I froze, not expecting him to say these words so bluntly.


I looked at him with my eyes raised, and finally did not suppress my emotions, “Cheng Junyu, the four seasons will not go to the Cheng family, this is Muzi’s decision, and it is also the decision I have made in the past four years as my feelings for the four seasons have developed, if you want to take the four seasons away, I don’t mind fighting you to the death.”


Fu Shen Yan was not in a good mood either, a pair of black eyes fell on him, his voice was low and cold, “Four Seasons will not go to the Cheng family with you, you also agreed to Four Seasons living with us in the first place.”


“Heh!” Cheng Junyu laughed coldly, his eyes looking at him, “You also promised that I would take good care of Mamo at first, what happened?”




Who was it?


Fu Shen Yan’s face sank completely, “You know very well why things turned out that way in the first place? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.


Cheng Jun Yu’s face suddenly darkened with traces of injury as he looked at Fu Shen Yan reluctantly, “So what? You’re now throwing everything onto me and think it’s my fault?”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, feeling that some of it didn’t make sense with him, raised his hand and pinched his brow, looked at me and said, “You take the four seasons downstairs first and wait for me.”


I nodded my head, long wanted to take the four seasons to leave, after all, estimates to the child’s emotions, Cheng Jun Yu did not do excessive action, just a pair of black eyes to watch me and the four seasons leave.


When we got downstairs, for fear of being recognized, I went straight out of the restaurant and sat on the flowerbed next to the car.


Four Seasons was clinging to my side, and although she was young, she could more or less understand some of the words, and looked at me and said, “Mum, why did Uncle Cheng take me away?”


I had a bit of a headache and an uncomfortable stomach, so I raised my hand and pinched my abdomen and said, “Uncle Chen wants a daughter like you too.”


“But doesn’t that aunt have a baby? As soon as she gives birth Uncle Cheng will have a baby of his own too!”


I looked down, somewhat speechless, my stomach and abdomen aching unbearably, and before I could react, I vomited up everything I had just eaten.


Four Seasons was suddenly startled and in general asked me straight away, “Mum, what’s wrong with you?”


I dry-heaved for a while before easing up, but the whole thing wasn’t good. Pulling Four Seasons in my arms, I was in a bit of a trance.


I wasn’t at all surprised by Luke’s appearance, which seemed even more haggard than the last time I saw her.


The wretchedness just now was probably in her eyes, “Nausea and vomiting, you’re pregnant?”


Speaking of this, she suddenly sneered sarcastically, “Fu Shen Yan can’t have a baby, you’re pregnant, and the baby is Gu Han’s? I thought how clean you were!”


I pursed my lips, not wanting to argue with her in front of the Four Seasons, and it was good that Fu Shen Yan came out.


Walking over to the car, he naturally saw the vomit and looked at me, then at Lu Ke, his voice cold and stern, “What did you do?”


The man’s aura was cold and bloodthirsty, mostly frightening, Lu Ke jerked back a few steps and looked at Fu Shen Yan, his voice slightly trembling, “I didn’t do anything, she was the one who wasn’t feeling well.”


Then he turned and hurried into the restaurant, Fu Shen Yan walked towards me, extraordinarily deep in his gaze, “Did you eat inappropriately just now?”


I shook my head, my voice a little weak, “Let’s go back!”


He nodded and carried the Four Seasons to the car, then carried me in the pa*senger seat.


I had no strength and leaned back in the seat, silent.


It didn’t take long before I sank back against it.