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Never Say Never Chapter 663-664

Chapter 663

It was night.


I was asleep when Fu Shen Yan came back and didn’t notice until I heard the sound of water in the bathroom, then I woke up.


When I first woke up, I was always a bit confused and stared at the ceiling for a while, when Fu’s voice came out wrapped in a bath towel, probably because he was afraid of waking me up, and left the lights on in the bedroom.


I moved over to turn on the bedside lamp and when I looked back at him, I saw him looking at me too, water dripping from his toned pecs and his strong, short hair still wet.


He froze slightly when I suddenly turned on the light, his gaze falling on me, the corners of his handsome mouth rising slightly as he smiled, “Did I wake you up?”


I shook my head, I was always a light sleeper and had no intention of waking up.


He walked over to me, the water stains on his body already, dried, just on his hair.


I got up from the bed, took the washcloth from him and wiped his hair.


“Are there any more reporters out there?” Although most of the reporters had been lured away by Mofilin’s side, there were still reporters waiting downstairs.


He smoothly took me in his arms and made me sit on his lap, probably a little cold on his chest from the shower he had just taken.


“It’s all gone!” As he spoke, he dropped his chin to my collarbone, sounding a little tired.


“Tickle, don’t!”


He spoke, his voice low, “Where does it itch?”


I pursed my lips and my face couldn’t help but burn a little harder.


The man’s voice was low and introspective, with an indefinable meaning, “Have you had dinner tonight?”


I nodded, “Yes, I did!”


Before the words were out of my mouth, he gave me another suck on my neck that hurt a little, “Little liar, nothing in the fridge has been touched.”


I ……


Who observes that closely?


“Had a snack, I’m not hungry.” It was true that I wasn’t hungry, I seemed to have gained weight again in the time I had spent back in the capital.


He frowned, “Can snacks top off the satiety?”


“Yes!” For a girl, it really could.


He didn’t seem to be able to take my words in at all, as his hair was dried, he picked me up straight away and then walked towards the stairs.


It was already midnight and I was afraid of falling down. I wrapped my arms around his neck, speechless, “Fu Shen Yan, where are you taking me? It’s so late, you’re not sleepy?”


He pursed his lips, “Downstairs to eat,”


I ?????


“I’m not hungry, really!” But whenever I’m hungry, I eat on my own, I’m not a child and I have to wait for him to come back to supervise, seeing that he was still continuing to walk downstairs, I couldn’t help but speak up again, “It’s so late, you can’t digest it after eating, you should have another stomachache tomorrow.”


He frowned and stopped, looking down at me to confirm again, “Really not hungry?”


I nodded and replied in the affirmative, “No, I’m not hungry!”


I sighed in relief as I was put back on the bed, it was true that eating at this time of night hurt my stomach.


Seeing him bending over me, not meaning to leave, his dark eyes looked at me with a deep, unspoken meaning.


I froze for a moment, unsure, “What’s wrong?”


The knot of his S*xy throat slid slightly, “I’m hungry!”


I froze and paused, “Then go down and eat something, I don’t want to move.”


His breath moved closer to me, looking slightly oppressive, “No need to go down, it’s fine here.”


I frowned, not quite free to be encircled by him like this, and I couldn’t help but say, “Let go of me first.”


The atmosphere was a little weird, and I blinked a few times as my eyes met.


I didn’t know that this had become the trigger, and I was still a little confused when Fu Shen Yan kissed down.


Chapter 664

He didn’t look at him with wide eyes until he was a little out of breath, he seemed to enjoy my expression and released me for a moment, “You’re going to leave me a widow for the rest of my life like this?”


“Fu Shen Yan, no.”


Four years hadn’t pa*sed, which for a normal person might be torment, but for me it was indeed spared.


Four years, I have healed all my sorrows and memories, but only the physical defects, I have no way, to heal myself.




The next day I woke up and Fu Shen Yan, who was usually gone, was still lying next to me with his eyes closed.


The man slept deeply, I moved over and rolled over to look at his brow, and suddenly felt that time had flown by.


I suddenly felt that time had flown by. Seven years had pa*sed in the blink of an eye, and when I thought about it, it seemed that all the hardships were now being overcome little by little, and that what was to come would be the quiet of the years.


But I am not sure what to do in my heart after all.


I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice when Fu Shen Yan opened his eyes, and it wasn’t until his low, husky voice wanted to go that I came back to my senses.


The man’s handsome face had a smile on it, “Are you hungry?”


I shook my head, “No, I’m not hungry!”


He reached out and pulled me closer to him, his voice low and introspective, “You’ve lost weight recently, you need to eat more.”


I smiled lightly, “I’ve gained weight.” Leaning into his arms, I felt a little more at ease.


The morning was simple. Chen Yi brought me some porridge, which tasted very good, but after a few bites, I couldn’t eat any more.


My stomach was inexplicably a bit uncomfortable, and I endured it for a long time, waiting for Fu Shenyan to leave the door before I went to the bathroom and vomited up everything I had eaten.


I probably didn’t want to eat, that’s why I threw up.


The reporters outside the courtyard were still there, but not as many as they should have been, as the story of my relationship with Fu Shen Yan and Gu Han was more or less tossed around.


Not surprisingly, I have been written up as a Sl*t in the media.


I couldn’t be studied carefully, otherwise my body and mind would not be able to continue to survive. Things were made so public that I had no way to continue going to cla*ses at the Beijing University, so I simply had to stay in the villa to study.


After a few days, the journalists couldn’t squat on anyone and seemed to give up. The wind had just pa*sed and I had no idea of going out, but with such a large group of people keeping watch outside for a few days, it would be a lie to say there was no impact.


We are human beings, not gods, and it is impossible to turn a blind eye to all gossip.


Four Seasons stayed at Shen’s house for a few days and when she came back, she kept hugging me and looked up at me, “Mum, do you not want me anymore, why do you let me live at my grandfather’s house?”


I froze and said, “Mommy has something to do these days, so I can’t pick you up, that’s why I let you stay at my grandpa’s house, what’s wrong?”


The child was innocent and thought for a moment, “But my grandpa’s aunt says you don’t want me anymore, that I’m not your own and that you’ll send me away when I’m older.”


I wrinkled my brow, “Auntie?” The Shen family is small and the only person who can chatter around the Four Seasons is pretty much the nanny.


She nodded, “It’s the auntie who cooks for us every day, Grandpa is too busy and works late every day, Uncle is also very busy, he only comes back at night to read me stories, so it’s just auntie who keeps me company.”


I pursed my lips and said no more, taking the Four Seasons in my arms, I spoke slightly, “Four Seasons, mommy didn’t not want you and won’t not want you, you are mommy’s own, from now on whoever says this to you just ignore her, okay?”