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Never Say Never Chapter 659-660

Chapter 659

I didn’t even think about it, “You wouldn’t!”


He froze for a moment and raised his eyebrows, “So sure!”


“Although Nan Xiangxiang is obnoxious, she’s not this far gone, people have a bottom line, besides, there’s so much going on at the company, you’re not interested in meddling with a minor star like her, this is clearly a case of retaliation, you’re not that kind of person.” Back then, I didn’t even think about wanting Ivana to die after what happened to her, and now Nan Xiangxiang would be even less likely to do so.


Fu Shen Yan and I were actually the same kind of person in some ways, so I was sure he wouldn’t.


He paused slightly and pulled me closer into his arms, his chin resting on my head, his voice low and introspective, “The me in your heart turned out to be so good, I’m going to be proud.”


I didn’t get poor with him, I just felt strange and couldn’t help but speak up, “There’s no way the Mo family would do this either, let’s not talk about Ivana Lin, let’s just say Mo Zhi Zhan, although he’s been in the underworld for many years, he’s not to the point of not taking human life seriously.”


He nodded his head, pressed his voice and spoke, “Don’t think about it, prepare for your exams.”


To put it bluntly, this really doesn’t have anything to do with me either, so I don’t say much more.




October National Day.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.




I had come to Beijing University for a few days to attend a lecture, and thanks to him, when I saw him from afar, I raised my hand to greet him, “Professor He here!”


He saw me too and stood there with a light smile.


I went up to him and saw that he was carrying his law book, so I thought he had just come out of a lecture, so I said, “Do you have another cla*s later?”


He smiled lightly and shook his head, “I’m done, what about you? How was English cla*s?”


“I got a lot out of it!” I said, walking with him towards the school gates with my books in my arms, “Are you going to South Park later?”


He shrugged his shoulders, “I might not be able to, my family is coming over to the capital and I need to pick them up, give Lin Lin a message for me and we’ll have dinner tonight.”


“Good!” I was a little curious and couldn’t help but say, “Are they parents?”


Their wedding date was coming up, and He Zhi Zhou was from Jiangcheng, so he should be coming over to prepare for the wedding.


He nodded, smiled and didn’t say much.


When we got to the car park, he was in a hurry to leave, so after a brief goodbye I was ready to go back too.


The autumn of October was not too cold, so I took a shallow walk along the way, which was quite leisurely.


When the black Bentley pulled up to the side of the road, I didn’t react until there was someone standing in front of me.


It was Gu Han.


I frowned, “Something wrong?”


“Where are you going? I’ll give you a lift!” He had one hand in his pocket and a cigarette between his slender fingers, seemingly at ease.


Was it a coincidence? Or was it premeditated?


It didn’t seem to matter.


Tilting my head to look at him, I pursed my lips and spoke in a light tone, “Go home, I’ll be there in a minute, no need.”


He narrowed his brows, a little cold, “Home?” Cold smile, “Home with Fu Shen Yan?”


I frowned slightly, but didn’t say much, just looked at him, a little impatient to leave.


“Shen Shu, are you stupid? If he truly treated you, how could he let you stay with him like this without a name or a place to call home?” There seemed to be someone else in the black Bentley, presumably his a*sistant.


I had little interest in talking to him, and just spoke indifferently, “This is between him and me, it’s not your business, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”


Chapter 660

“Is there really nothing left to say between us? That one month of affection is worth nothing to you?”


He pulled me back, a little agitated, “Am I so bad to you that you won’t even say anything?”


I frowned and sighed, tilting my head to look at him, “I think Jane is due to give birth, right?”


He froze and spoke, “It’s her you care about?” After a pause, he said, “That baby was just an accident, if you mind, when she has the baby, I’ll let her go back to M. It won’t affect us.”


I shrugged him off with a moment of unwarranted anger, “Affect us? Let her go back to M? Gu Han, do you know what the difference between you and Fu Shen Yan is? He has his own boundaries and principles, he knows how to be responsible for a girl, he knows better than to hurt someone if he doesn’t love them, he may be clumsy, but he will respect.”


I let out a breath and continued, “Yes, I’m not qualified to judge you, and I know I didn’t do a good job four years ago, I owe you, you can ask me what you want, apart from loving you, what you want, I’ll try to make up for it, but as a man, if you don’t love Gaijin, why did you go near her in the first place, and now you’re so heartless. In the end she did nothing wrong, the only thing that was wrong was just falling in love with you.”


That was probably the sad thing about human nature, not knowing how to cherish someone you’ve already held in your arms, but always missing someone who isn’t actually there, sadly.


He pursed his lips and was silent for a moment, his dark eyes narrowing slightly as he spoke, “You’ll grant all my requests?”


“Anything but love you!” There was no way to hide, and avoiding it was not the answer after all.


He spoke, raising an eyebrow, “Go to work at Gu’s, move away from Fu Shen Yan’s villa, and don’t see him.”


I pursed my lips, a little warm and angry, “I have exams in November, I can’t go to work, whether I leave him or not, whether I see him or not, this is my private life, Gu Han, do you have to force us to turn against each other?”


He sneered, disdainful, “So, what you call promising everything, you can’t actually do anything at all, can you?”


I ……


“I can go to Gu, but I only agreed to go, I have exams and there’s no way I can take Gu’s job, that’s all, and that’s all.”


He pursed his lips, his jaw moved slightly, penetrating coldness, for a long time, spoke, “Since you want to take the exam, I won’t stop you, how about this, you go to Blue Moon Bay every day and cook a meal for me, consider it a return for my kindness in saving you back then.”


I pursed my lips, “How long is the deadline!”


“One year!”


“Gu Han, I have a life of my own and there is a bottom line to everything.” This relationship had become complicated from the moment we met.


“Six months!”


He spoke, his eyes looking at me with some certainty, “A month of saving your life, six months of meals, you’re not missing out.”




I was a little tired and still a little annoyed, always feeling some emotions being vaguely ripped away from me.


Having said that, I didn’t want to stay much longer and prepared to leave.


He stood behind me, but didn’t stop, just inexplicably said, “In the future, if someone bullies you, the best way is to return the favour, if Fu Qingyin doesn’t want to see it, you can tell me and I’ll make her disappear far away.”


I froze, stopped in my tracks, looked back at him and frowned, “What do you mean?”