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Never Say Never Chapter 657-658

Chapter 657

The message looked like a nonsensical prank.


I frowned and turned off my phone, so I went back to my revision.


Then came a call from Han Shuang, with words of some indefinable self-condemnation, “Is that Mr. Fu?”


I frowned, what the hell did this inexplicable phrase mean?


“What’s wrong?”


Realising that it seemed I didn’t know the reason, she spoke, “Nan Xiangxiang was ganged in her own home, the police are still investigating and I heard the death was embarra*sing.”


I froze for a moment, the book in my hand involuntarily closed, and subconsciously turned on the TV.


Indeed, the whole internet was focused on Nan Xiangxiang’s death.


“Wasn’t Mr. Fu with you?” On the other end of the phone, Han Shuang spoke.


I frowned, remembering her opening words, and couldn’t help but chill, “Fu Shen Yan isn’t despicable to such an extent.”


Seeming to hear my angry words, she hurriedly opened her mouth to apologize.


People change, she has been infested in the mall for many years and has long since become the white knight of the mall.


I hung up the phone and looked at the message I had just received on my phone.


I called the number but no one was available, so after thinking about it, I called Fu Shen Yan.


The call was answered and there was a voice on the other end, seemingly in a meeting, “Shen Shu, what’s wrong?”


His voice was not loud, but when he opened his mouth, the sound that was there on the other end disappeared, apparently it was quiet.


“What’s going on with Nan Xiangxiang?” I opened my mouth, not meaning to question, but realising the tone was wrong, I started again, “I just received a message, it’s suspicious.”


“Don’t worry about it, she’s out of contract with Fu, everything she does at a later stage has nothing to do with Fu, don’t think too much about it.” He spoke, his voice low and a little hoarse.


After a pause, I nodded my head and, not being able to say much, hung up the phone.


But there’s always something weird about messages you receive inexplicably, and after thinking about it, I called again.


But the phone was still switched off.


The doorbell rang outside the villa, so I got up, went downstairs and opened the door.


It was Fu Qingyin who came.


Just after opening the door, before I could react, I was slapped down by her.


“Slap!” The slap was solid enough.


My head buzzed and it took me half a second to come back to my senses, blood spilling out of the corner of my mouth.


Tilting my head to look at her, I suppressed my anger, “Has Mr. Fu always been so bold? Don’t you even need a reason to hit someone?”


She sneered, disdainful, “Reason? Shen Shu, I originally thought that you would come back after four years away and live in peace, but I underestimated you. Nan Xiangxiang was just an admirer of Shen Yan, you can beat or scold her if you don’t like it, why did you let her die so miserably?”


Why did you let her die like that?” She thought I was responsible for Nan Xiangxiang’s death?


I just about lost it laughing out loud, looking at her, I laughed, “Mr. Fu, you think too much of me, if I were really so cruel, you wouldn’t have had a chance to land this slap.”


She didn’t care, “Don’t pretend, Nan Xiangxiang has slandered you and humiliated you, you hold a grudge and want to kill her, it’s not impossible, no matter with the strength of the Shen family or the Mo family, it’s easy to kill an actress quietly, Shen Shu, she’s ruthless enough!”


It didn’t seem to make sense, besides, her intention in coming was not to question me if I was the one who killed Nan Xiangxiang.


To put it bluntly, she didn’t care who killed Nan Xiangxiang, she decided it was me and that was me, she couldn’t change it.


I didn’t want to talk to her, so I simply said, “I’ve beaten and scolded her, so please go back.


Chapter 658

If Fu Qingyin was that easy to get rid of, I wouldn’t have been forced by her to hide around several times.


She went straight into the villa and sat down on the sofa in the living room, throwing the file bag in her hand on the table, disgusted with disgust, “Shen Shu, if you still have some feelings for Shen Yan, leave him, don’t drag him down with you.”


I frowned and couldn’t help but open the file she threw on the table, seeing the picture in the photo, I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.


It was a picture of Nan Xiangxiang before she died. There was no frontal view of several men’s faces in the photo, but Nan Xiangxiang’s painful and struggling expression could confirm that it was her.


I raised my eyes to look at Fu Qingyin, “What are you showing me these for?”


She looked at me and her face sank, “The police are already involved in the investigation, how long are you going to hide it, from the time you returned to the capital until now, Nan Xiangxiang and Fu’s contract was terminated, she climbed a high building and held a press conference to slander you, and now she has come to this point, if not you, who else?”


She paused and suppressed her emotions, “Whether you are vengeful or resentful, whatever you do has nothing to do with me, but you must leave Shen Shu, he can’t afford a wife like you at his current price, once there is a half-a*sed mistake, both he and Fu will have to go down in flames, Shen Shu you staying by his side will only ruin him.”


I just about laughed out loud, “What makes you think I did it?” You’re not even asking who did it, you’re just throwing it at me.


She laughed coldly, “The Mo family has done so many unconscionable things, you think Ivana Lin can’t see the news, a Nan Xiangxiang is not even a dog in their eyes.”


I laughed, “What does that have to do with me? Mr. Fu, people have a limited bottom line, there is one thing to do but not two, I put up with you three times because you are Fu Shen Yan’s aunt, respecting our elders is the cultivation of our juniors, but if the elders don’t grow a face and don’t know themselves, then I don’t think there is any need to put up with you, please leave my house!”


She froze, not expecting me to do this to her, her face sank, “Shen Shu, who are you? This is the Fu family’s property, who are you to kick me out?”


“By virtue of her being my wife!”


Fu Shen Yan’s sudden appearance took me by surprise as he entered the living room and walked over to me.


Looking at Fu Qingyin, his face was infested with anger, “I respect you as an aunt, please do well in your place too.”


“Fu Shen Yan!” Fu Qingyin was warm and angry, “For the sake of a woman, do you have to break with me?”


“If you continue like this, it’s not impossible!” Fu Shenyin, a cold man with a temper that is difficult to grasp, was clearly angry at this point, looking at Fu Qingyin without the slightest emotion, “Do you need me to send you?”


The words have come to this point, Fu Qingyin even thick-skinned can not stay, angry chest constantly heaving, fiercely glared at me and left in a rage.


I looked at the person who had disappeared from the doorway, and my head hurt so much that I was pinching my eyebrows, a little irritated.


Fu Shen Yan pulled me to sit on the sofa, I was in a bad mood and spoke directly, “What is the story of Nan Xiang Xiang’s death?”


He looked at me, his eyebrows slightly moistened, “Her mother owed a lot of loan sharks, so I guess those people knew she was snowed under and knew there was no hope of getting the money, so they went to extremes.”


I frowned, “But it’s not so bad as to get someone killed, it’s obvious that someone wants her dead, and the Mo family is the one pushing for it?”


He smiled lightly, “Why don’t you guess it was me?”