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Never Say Never Chapter 655-656

Chapter 655

Thinking about it, I said, “Tomorrow is the weekend and there’s a chance I’ll have to take Four Seasons to the bookstore and won’t necessarily have time.”


“It won’t take long to have dinner tonight.” She opened her mouth and after a pause said, “I know you might have some misconceptions about me, but Shen Shu, people live for themselves, besides, she deserves it.”


Han Shuang’s intentional complaint against Nan Xiangxiang in the studio was not a big deal to me, it’s just that one always chooses one’s friends, after all, things come in different categories.


“See you at the weekend then!” When we talk on the phone, we can’t see the emotional expressions and it’s easy to be more suspicious.


She nodded in response, “Okay!”


After hanging up the phone, I came out of the bathroom and saw that Four Seasons was not at the table, only Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu were there, I couldn’t help but frown, “Where is Four Seasons?”


“She wants to eat dessert, she and Lu Ke have gone to pick it out.” Cheng Junyu spoke.


I frowned, finally uneasy, a little angry, but can not be angry at Cheng Jun Yu, can not help but look at Fu Shen Yan said, “four seasons of skin, Miss Lu is pregnant, how can you let her follow Lu Ke?”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, saw me anxious, got up and pulled me and said, “Just in the restaurant, will be back in a minute, don’t worry!”


I pushed him away and walked towards the dessert area, it wasn’t that I didn’t trust Lu Ke, it was that her character was definitely not trustworthy and the existence of the Four Seasons was too much of a threat to the baby in her belly.


The restaurant was huge and it took a quick turn around to find Four Seasons in the dessert section looking into the window to choose a dessert.


I was relieved to see that she was okay. When I saw Lu Ke taking pictures of the Four Seasons with her phone, I frowned and took a few steps forward, grabbing her phone and deleting the pictures.


“Miss Lu, my daughter, her picture is not allowed to appear anywhere without my permission.”


My sudden appearance made her freeze for a moment, then looked at me and said with some aggravation, “Shen Shu, don’t you think you’re making too much of a fuss about yourself? I just looked at the cute expression on the child’s face when she picked out the cake and wanted to take a picture, I didn’t want to do anything ah, you don’t have to!”


“Yes!” I spoke, my voice a little cold, and walked over to Four Seasons, pulling her along and looking at her, “In future, for your safety, please stay away from my daughter!”


She laughed coldly and took her phone back, looking at me, “If she were your child, I could figure it out, it’s not yours you’re so attached to, could it be that it’s really like the rumors out there that Mr. Fu can’t give birth to a child, so you treat someone else’s child as a treasure.”


I sank fiercely, overlaid with warm anger, “If your mouth is useless, I suggest you go and have your tongue cut out before you pollute other people’s ears.”


“What?” She disdained, “Is it hard to believe that all these rumours are true? That Fu Shen Yan won’t give birth?”


With this latter statement, she leaned close to my ear, her voice so low that the people around her could barely hear it.


I sank my eyes, raised my hand and slapped her without the slightest hesitation, not too hard, but enough for her to suffer.


After the slap, she covered her cheek and glared at me angrily, “What? You’re not going to let anyone say anything?”


“You can try again!” I spoke, my expression completely cold already.


It was inevitable that hitting someone in a restaurant would attract attention, and Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu both followed.


Chapter 656

Seeing two people, Lu Ke’s tears were as good as an enlightenment, saying that they came without a trace.


“Jun Yu, I just took the four seasons away to get some dessert, Miss Shen won’t let me touch the child, and even hit me, it’s too much.”


I pursed my lips and looked at her indifferently, my anger hadn’t subsided, “Lu Ke, if you like to be so pretentious, I don’t mind giving you another slap on the wrist, besides, don’t think you’re great just because you have a seed in your stomach, if you like to make a fool of yourself, I don’t mind doing something bad.”


Cheng Junyu frowned, looked at me, and said, “If there’s anything to talk about, there’s no need to do it.”


The words were not too light, and after he finished, he looked at the Four Seasons and said, “Four Seasons, do you want to eat anything else?”


Four Seasons tilted her head to look at me and glanced at Lu Ke who was crying with pearly eyes, the little one was quick-witted, “She made mommy angry, that’s why mommy hit her.”


Cheng Junyu froze for a moment, smiled lightly and nodded, “Uncle knows, uncle didn’t use to blame mommy.”


Siji nodded, handed the dessert in her hand to Fu Shenyan and said glutinously, “Uncle Fu, let’s go home, mum is not in a good mood.”


Fu Shen Yan’s eyes were on me the whole time, although he didn’t say anything, but his eyes were deep and dark, which was very transparent.


The company’s main focus was on the four seasons, and it was talking to them all the way outside the restaurant.


He said goodbye and got into the car, and the four seasons fell asleep in a short while.


The traffic light intersection.


Fu Shen Yan reached out and pulled me in, “Angry now?”


I was stunned and shrugged my shoulders, “I’m over it.”


He smiled, “So, what did Luke just say that made you angry?”


His hand was held and he looked down at it, smiling, “Does it hurt?”


“I’m the one who hit the guy, what does it hurt me.” I took my hand back, remembering Lu Ke’s words, and couldn’t help but look sideways, subconsciously looking at Fu Shen Yan’s lower body.


The gaze was too **, and he narrowed his eyes slightly, obscurely, “What’s wrong?”


Realizing that my gaze was inappropriate, I withdrew my gaze and thoughtfully said, “Did you …… take it?”


He didn’t seem to react, the light went green, he started the car and just gave a puzzled “eh?” He said.


Four years ago he went on the ring, these four years I was not around him, naturally do not know anything.


According to Luke, maybe he didn’t use the fetch, hence the rumours.


“Took what?” He looked sideways at me, a little puzzled.


I opened my mouth, my face a little hot, “The contraceptive ring, didn’t you …… fetch it?”


He froze for a moment and smiled instead, a pair of dark eyes turned sideways to me and raised an eyebrow, “I’d be happy to have children if you want them.”


I ……


I pursed my lips, so he wasn’t taking it?


“It can be infertile if you wear it for too long!” Four years, I wonder if it will have an effect.


He smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, your husband is in good health, if you want to have a baby, I’ll accommodate several.”


I didn’t continue with him, I said seriously, “Make an appointment tomorrow to get the ring removed.”


Even if we don’t make it to the end, I don’t want him to be childless for the rest of his life because of me.


He looked over at me and he lost his smile, “There’s no rush about the baby.”




The matter of removing the ring was not used to be put on the agenda because Fu Shenyan was busy.


But I didn’t think I would be the first to be notified of Nan Xiangxiang’s death.


The day at the end of September was rainy and I rarely went out because I was preparing for my exams.


I was a little surprised when I received the text message, tightly packed with just a few words, “Turn on the TV and wait for her death.”