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Never Say Never Chapter 653-654

Chapter 653

I froze for a moment, forgetting that Fu Shen Yan did say this morning that he was taking the Four Seasons out for dinner.


Cheng Junyu coughed and spoke, “I’ll call Shen Yan and eat together later.”


I nodded my head and didn’t say much more.


Since Muzi handed over the Four Seasons to me, I had no intention of letting the Four Seasons meet him, although it was the Four Seasons’ last wish, but there was more or less my selfishness in it.


Fu Shenyan was a little late because of a meeting, and we waited for him in the restaurant for half an hour before he arrived.


After ordering, Four Seasons was lying in Fu’s arms talking to him, and it was clear that she was very dependent on him.


Cheng Junyu tried to talk to Four Seasons several times, but after she politely answered his questions, she went back to pestering Fu.


I could more or less understand his feelings, but that was all. To make it less awkward, I spoke up, “I heard that you’re planning to go to Huadu to develop.”


Cheng Junyu nodded, “Yes, Huadu is the foundation of the Cheng family, so it’s time to go back.”


I had heard Fu Shenyan talk about the Cheng family in Huadu before, so I knew a little bit about it. Although the Cheng family was a bookish family, its descendants had been prosperous for a hundred years and had made their own achievements, either in business or in the practice of medicine, and were well known both at home and abroad.


In the past hundred years, the Cheng family has been the sole owner of half of the world in Huadu. Cheng Junyu returned to Huadu because it was convenient for him to take care of his wife and children, but he planned to go back to do what he likes.


This is naturally good, but Lu Ke ……


Just thinking about it, people appear, French restaurant, the flow of people is not too much, Lu Ke’s appearance, is considered more obvious purpose.


After all, a woman with a big belly, still dressed fashionably and girlishly, such a mother-to-be, is more or less attractive.


Originally I was going to ignore it, after all, it’s not easy to have a quiet meal.


But as if she had deliberately sought it out, after pa*sing through the reception desk, she came straight to our table.


Looking at us with a light smile, she smiled and said, “Jun Yu, are you eating here too?”


It seems like a chance encounter, but it feels like a deliberate search, after all, what pregnant woman would come to a western restaurant to eat by herself?


Cheng Junyu frowned, nodded his head and spoke in a light tone, “Alone?”


She nodded, her voice soft, “I was bored staying home alone and you didn’t answer my calls, so I came out.”


“Sit down!” Cheng Junyu spoke, his face light as he ordered a steak for her.


When the steak was served, Fu Shen Yan placed Four Seasons next to him and sat down, then gracefully raised his hand and began to cut the steak.


The four seasons do not know how to cut, and I was too lazy to move, so I just waited for him to cut.


Cheng Junyu placed the cut steak in front of Four Seasons, his face soft and warm, “Four Seasons, can you eat what uncle has cut first?”


The four seasons hesitated for a moment, but did not refuse, nodded and agreed.


Lu Ke cut halfway, saw this frown, vaguely unhappy, moved the remaining steak in his hands to Cheng Jun Yu, face smiling, “Jun Yu, these two days I always feel a little sore arm, you help me!”


Cheng Junyu frowned, put the cut steak into his mouth elegantly, seemed a little unhappy, raised his eyes to look at the waiter, beckoned.


The waiter came forward and greeted politely, “Sir, how can I help you?”


Chapter 654

“Could you please help cut the steak, please?”


Waiter ……


I couldn’t help but glance at Lu Ke and saw her face was white and she seemed to stay a bit aggravated.


The guest had asked for it, and there was no reason not to cut it, and the waiter served it with a light smile.


But the next atmosphere, then a little awkward.


Fu ShenYan seemed not to see anyone else at all, placing the cut steak in front of me, his voice warm, “Eat at ease, don’t wander off.”


I nodded my head and returned to my thoughts.


Four Seasons looked at me, then at Lu Ke, and wondered what was going through his little head.


Coldly, he spoke up, “Uncle Cheng, do you not love this aunt?”


I almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of water, how dare this child say anything.


Lu Ke’s face was white, her eyes lowered and her lips bitten, her face embarra*sed to the extreme, but she still managed to squeeze a smile out of her face.


Cheng Junyu raised his eyebrows and looked at her, “Do you know what love is?”


Siji nodded, “Uncle and I have talked about it, he said that if a boy loves a girl he will take care of her personally, just like Uncle Fu loves his mother, he often takes care of her, like cutting her steak and cooking for her, calling her mum from time to time and caring for her.”


I ……


Shen Yu really dared to teach everything.


When Fu Shen Yan heard this, the corners of his mouth rose, “Your uncle is quite observant.”




Four Seasons nodded her head, looking very serious, “Then of course, he said that in the future I should also learn to observe to see if that boy loves me so that I can be happy.”


“Four Seasons, talk less and eat more, don’t talk nonsense.” I spoke up and saw that Lu Ke was not looking too good.


Pregnant women are not very stable, and although I don’t like her, I wouldn’t go so far as to irritate her, at best, just don’t provoke.


The four seasons let out a cry, and then lowered their heads to eat.


I don’t know whether he meant to or not, but Cheng Junyu said, “You’re really straightforward, just like her!”


I frowned, knowing in my heart that he was talking about Muzi, but I always felt that these words of his were a bit redundant now, and frowned slightly.


I got up and excused myself to go to the bathroom.


People are really strange, when they get it, they don’t cherish it, they have to wait until it’s completely lost, then they look around for her shadow, ridiculous.


Lu Ke followed me, her face not so good, “If you have adopted her, why do you still take her around and affect other people’s lives?”


I froze and looked back at her, frowning, “Affecting other people’s lives?”


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Let’s not talk about the fact that I don’t want Four Seasons to see him any more than anyone else, let’s talk about the whole dinner thing, he’s the one who’s begging to have dinner with Four Seasons, blame me?”


She looked at me, her breath slightly frowning, “In the future I want us to keep our well out of the water, you take this child and live well in the capital, it’s best to stay out of my life.”


Looking at her, I felt a little sympathy for her, a child made her nervous like this, I couldn’t help but sneer, “Blood relations in this world are the most wonderful, there is no way for any of us to guarantee what will happen in the future, I advise you to nurse your baby well and live your life well, as for the rest think less.”


I could see that Cheng Junyu did not love her, had no feelings at all, and I was afraid that the only thing she could cling to was the child in her belly.


There was no point in arguing, so I didn’t say anything more to her and went straight into the bathroom.


Han Shuang called. I didn’t want to answer the phone, but after thinking about it, I picked up.


“Are you busy? Got time to have dinner together tomorrow?” She worked at Fu’s, I knew that, running around both in the capital and in Jiangcheng, so she was quite busy to say the least.