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Never Say Never Chapter 649-650

Chapter 649

I glared at him and smiled lightly, “Your hair and tie are askew.”


I lifted my hand to help him fix his hair, which was a bit messy from the pressure, and straightened his tie.


He smiled lightly, “Find Chen Yi if you want anything, Jun Yu is preparing to go to Huadu and the handover is a bit complicated so it will take a bit longer.”


I nodded and nudged him, “Go on!”


In a hurry for the meeting, he didn’t say much, and I read in the office for a while, a little bored.


Hearing the sound of an argument outside, I was curious, so I got up and went out to look.


It was Nan Xiangxiang, who I hadn’t seen for a long time. Xing Xu hadn’t seen her for a long time, she was a bit different from what I remembered, her hair was messy, her complexion was waxy and haggard, her clothes were still big brands, but probably because of the person, how she looked was a bit cheap.


The two secretary ladies blocked her out of the door on the floor of the large office building, “Miss Nan, you don’t have an appointment with our General Manager Fu, I’m sorry we can’t let you in.”


Nan Xiangxiang barely had any image left, even though she was blocked by the two secretaries, she didn’t give up at all, her voice was a little hoarse, “You guys go tell Fu Shenyan that I want to see him.”


It was no way to make such a racket, after all, it was a big company and both secretaries had their own jobs.


But I shouldn’t interfere in these matters, Chen Yi had just gone out, and for a while it was a bit impossible.


After a pause, I still turned around, ready to go back to my office and stay there.


“Shen Shu, stop right there!” Before I could take a few steps, I was called to a halt.


Turning back, I saw Nan Xiangxiang looking at me, still angry, “Are you very proud of yourself now? You think you’ve climbed up the ladder and become a phoenix.”


I frowned, slightly displeased.


My eyes fell on her somewhat messy clothes, it was tiring to speak from too far away, and since I saw it, there was no avoiding it, so I might as well just go up to her!


I walked up and looked at her with a shallow gaze, “Miss Nan, since you are down and out, you should also be elegant enough, don’t you feel like you’ve lost your price like this?”


She herself is well qualified, young and pretty, with a good figure and education, even if her star is hopeless, she still has other ways out, and is not at the end of her rope.


She laughed coldly, her gaze falling, “Worthless? Are you talking to me like a winner now?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “Take it any way you like.”


She disdained, “Fu Shenyan used me as a stand-in, how good do you think you’ll be? The white moonlight in his heart is something he’ll never be able to let go of for the rest of his life.”


To dwell on this is really a drop in the bucket, who is the stand-in, it seems that there is no point in exploring it anymore by now.


She was now dwelling on it, but only because she was unwilling to do so.


I don’t know how you appeared in his world and how he noticed you, but at this point, it doesn’t seem to make much sense for you to dwell on the double with me. caused me no small amount of trouble, and it seems only right to me that, as the victim, I should defend my name.”


Her face sank, “Who can you behave yourself? I told the truth in every way.”


I nodded, not really angry, I just spoke, “I married Fu Shen Yan seven years ago, I am also considered to be married to the right person, what happened four years ago, although I do not know who gave you the information, but just use your brain should be able to guess, I do not take it into account, does not mean that I am cowardly, I just think it is unnecessary, after all, wasting time on this kind of thing, it is really degrading. ”


Chapter 650

When the two secretaries heard my words, they looked at each other, seemingly a little surprised, surprised probably by the fact that I was married to Fu Shenyan.


I look at Nan Xiangxiang, I continue to speak, “When people do something, they must think about the consequences, Miss Nan, if I were you, I would go back right now and put my things away, take your mother to a safe place to live properly for a while, plan your life properly, do not come around Fu’s again, Fu Shenyan’s patience and tolerance is limited, once he is busy with the matter at hand, no one can guarantee that he will not do everything. There is no guarantee that he will not be able to kill them all.”


Nan Xiangxiang’s face turned white, “What do you mean?”


“Her meaning is clear! Fu Shenyan only blocked your star career, he didn’t force you to die, if you continue to make such a mess, maybe he’ll get annoyed and your future will be ruined.” A woman interjected.


I froze for a moment and turned around to see that somehow Mo Fei Lin was already leaning against the lift entrance in a sleek black suit with his arms wrapped around him.


The face stayed if anything smiling, open and unrestrained, seeing me look at her, she hooked her lips in a bright smile, “Four years no see, you seem to have gained weight.”


I ……


Such an opening statement between girls is a little too direct.


I couldn’t help but lose my smile, “Huaian’s feng shui nurtures people.”


She shrugged her shoulders and walked towards me, “It seems to be true, you look great.”


After a pause, she looked at Nan Xiangxiang, who still hadn’t returned to her senses, “Little girl, you’re twenty-six this year, aren’t you, and you think you’re a human being after being a star for a few years? By the way, didn’t I see you get some reporters to climb upstairs and prepare for a jump the other day? How come you haven’t made it yet? Looks like it was just for show!”


After four years of not seeing her, she always seemed to speak with such a big grin.


Nan Xiangxiang’s face turned white and her thin lips were pursed tightly, “What does it matter to you whether I jumped or not? Who are you and who are you to meddle here.”


“Tsk!” Mo Fei Lin sighed, “It seems that our Mo family has indeed been too low-key these past few years.” A pair of beautiful eyes looked at the two secretaries at the side and raised an eyebrow in a somewhat evil manner, “You two wouldn’t know me either, would you?”


The two secretaries shook their heads hastily and said, “Mr. Mo, you shouldn’t make fun of us.”


Mo Fei Lin nodded and looked at Nan Xiang Xiang, “But then again it’s normal, you’re an opera singer, if you were to set aside in the past, you wouldn’t even be on the stage, just a clown who clamours for attention, it’s normal not to know people in the official world of shopping malls.”


“You ……” Nan Xiangxiang Xiang was sarcastic by her are blue face.


The actual fact is that you can be a good deal more than just a few years old. How about this, don’t you think Shen Shu is not qualified to be with Fu Shen Yan? Why don’t I give you some extra knowledge so that when you die that day, you can die in peace.”


“You deceive people too much!” The company’s owner really takes himself seriously.”


I sometimes think that this Nan Xiangxiang is actually quite cute, at least simple, I heard that Chen Fen is her mother, so after looking at her so carefully, she really does look like her mother.


Mo Fei Lin gave a cold heave, feeling very bored, but the words had already been said, it would look even more boring if she didn’t say anything.


The first time I heard of the Mo family in the capital, I’d rather talk about the Shen family in the capital, Miss Nan, do you really think a woman who is nothing can marry Fu Shen Yan?”