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Never Say Never Chapter 647-648

Chapter 647

Four Seasons came running and dragged him to go play, unable to resist the softness of Four Seasons, Fu Shen Yan left.


I sat in my chair, wondering for a moment what kind of past Hu Ya had that would make even a person like Shen Changlin unable to accept it.


In the evening, at the entrance of the villa, Shen Yu looked at me with a deep gaze, “Since you’re back in the capital, you should take the Four Seasons home to live, Mr. Fu and you are divorced after all, and living there for a long time will cause gossip.”


I froze, knowing in my heart that he didn’t want to see me and Fu Shenyan together in such an unspecified way.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t say anything, he just politely sent them away.


Four Seasons was tired after a long day of playing and fell asleep in the living room.


I was squeezed between the door frame and his chest, “I didn’t sign the divorce papers four years ago, legally we are still husband and wife, married couples living under one roof, no?”


I couldn’t help but laugh at his somewhat obstinate look, why was this man still serious?


Tilting my head at him, I smiled lightly, “Okay, so I’m staying.”


The man’s dark eyes overflowed with laughter, soft and warm, and if the Four Seasons in the living room hadn’t woken up in a daze, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been able to help himself at this point.


Autumn in the capital can sometimes be cloudy and unpredictable.


On Tuesday, I was a bit bored after staying in the villa for a few days to study, as it is always boring to be alone for too long.


I simply changed my clothes, peeled all the fruit in the kitchen and sent it to the school for the four seasons. It seemed that the school would not allow it in, so I thought I would have to send it to Fu’s for Fu Shen Yan.


The sky was a bit foggy, but it was a good thing that Fu Shen Yan had given me a car, so the road was not a traffic jam.


I came to the downstairs of the Fu’s, four years ago was a lot of companies among the inconspicuous Fu’s, now the big tall buildings and prominent wording are highlighting the Fu’s now.


I had just found a parking space and stopped when it started raining heavily in the foggy sky.


The lightning and thunder came so suddenly that I thought it would not be very heavy, so I got out of the car with my food box and walked towards the Fu building.


I didn’t want it to rain heavily halfway, so I ran furiously all the way to the Fu building, and by the time I got there, my clothes were already mostly wet.


The sky is still lightning and thunder, lightning in all directions, the foggy sky is not the brightest.


There were quite a few pa*sers-by standing at the entrance to Fu’s taking shelter from the rain, and I squeezed through the crowd and into Fu’s lobby.


After several lessons, I didn’t go to the front desk to ask anymore, and took out my phone directly to call Fu Shen Yan.


The phone just escaped and I saw several missed calls, all from Fu Shen Yan, just now in a hurry


Chapter 647 has a melon to eat


To avoid the rain, did not hear the sound of the phone.


Before I had time to return, the phone rang again, I picked up the phone and stood to the side, not blocking the incoming and outgoing people.


“What just happened?” The man’s voice was low and urgent, as if he thought it was caused by too much haste.


I froze, looking out at the heavy rain still falling, and spoke, “Nope!”


“Rumble!” There was a loud clap of thunder that shook the surroundings.


A man’s low, soothing voice came from the other end of the phone, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be right back.”


A voice came from the other end of the phone, “Mr. Fu, this will be ……,” hearing the voice of Chen Yi.


Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth, his voice low, “Open another day!”


I froze for a moment, standing in the hall, forgetting to move my feet for a while, “Are you in a meeting?”


He spoke, “Yes!” The thunder rang out again and his warm voice came over the phone, “I’ll be home in fifteen minutes!”


I am afraid of thunder, he seems to have always remembered, just four years of time, Huaian weather south side, those thunderous nights you, I have long been with the four seasons for many years released, although afraid, but also can cope, not too afraid.


Listening to his rushed breath, I could not help but open my mouth, my voice somewhat shallow, “I’m fine, you ……”


The man’s body is long and slender like jade, in the crowd of people in a hurry, always elegant and noble he, at this time because of anxiety on the forehead invaded sweat stains.


The man was handsome and stood out in the crowd.


I put down my mobile phone and faced in his direction, jumped into his arms, wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned on his heart, my voice muffled, “I’m fine, I’m not afraid of thunder.”


I was not afraid many years ago, and seeing him worried like this, I couldn’t help but have a sweet and sour mix in my heart.


My sudden appearance took him by surprise, and then he wrapped his arms around me tightly.


I was embarra*sed when my breath calmed down. I was so moved just now that I forgot that this was the hall of Fu, and I ran right into his arms.


What a way to attract attention!


I looked up, a little embarra*sed, and tilted my head to look at him, my face burning, “I was too bored to be home alone, so I brought you fruit.”


He put his arm around me, his brow tinged with a smile, lifting his hand to smooth the strands of hair on my forehead to my ear, smiling lightly, “Yes, go and eat in the office.”


Under the gaze of everyone, I went up the lift with him, and I couldn’t help but sigh, I guess the employees of Fu’s had a melon to eat today.


Chapter 648

Just as he entered the office area, he met Chen Yi who was anxious to follow him out, seeing Fu Shen Yan return, he was momentarily joyful and spoke, “Starlight’s General Manager Lin is most difficult, this meeting they took the initiative to come, most likely they are interested in cooperating with Fu, does Fu want to talk to them?”


After all, he was an a*sistant, all he could do was to give advice.


Fu Shen Yan was in a meeting just now, I was aware of it, at this moment, seeing Chen Yi speak, I couldn’t help but tilt my head to look at Fu Shen Yan, “I’ll wait for you in the lounge.”


He glanced sideways at the overcast sky outside, the dark clouds had cleared and it was only raining lightly at this time.


Looking back at me, he scraped the tip of my nose and said, “Okay, I’ll be ready in a minute!”


The office area dedicated to him had two floors, the conference room was on the other, and I went into the break area.


In about five minutes, Chen Yi brought in some fruit and snacks and looked at me and said, “Mr. Fu doesn’t usually eat much of this, so he doesn’t have any in the office, see what you like and eat while you wait.”


I always felt that after not seeing him for a few years, Chen Yi didn’t seem as straight as he used to be.


I smiled and took it. Fu Shenyin didn’t like fruit, I always knew that, and he basically wouldn’t move if he didn’t have to let him eat.


So it was normal that there was no fruit or snacks in the office.


About twenty minutes later, he came back and saw that I had peeled all the fruit on the table into pieces but didn’t eat them, so he frowned, “Don’t you like it?”


I shook my head and took a toothpick and stuck a piece in his mouth, smiling lightly, “I’ll eat it when you get back.”


He wrapped his arm around me, a little apologetic in his grind, “The meeting might be a bit long later, will you be bored staying here alone?”


Knowing that he was busy and that I had come for a walk and had no intention of delaying his work, I smiled lightly and said, “No, I’ll pick up Four Seasons after school later.”


He nodded, kissed me on the forehead, a little tired, hugged me and started to close his eyes to rest.


The two people do not need a lot of sweet words to pave the way, time, love are integrated into the details, mutual understanding and care, mutual tolerance, fine water, this life can go to the end.


The heart-breaking quarrels and boisterous love partings, when recalled in the twilight years, are inevitably tragic.


For about an hour, Fu Shenyan seemed to have fallen asleep, Chen Yi knocked on the door and picked him up, seeing his eyes closed and breathing steadily, he couldn’t help but turn his gaze to me and lowered his voice, “Asleep?”


I nodded and opened my mouth to inquire, “Is it time for a meeting?”


He gave an enunciation, raised his hand to check the time and said with some urgency, “There’s a meeting over in M in ten minutes, Mr. Cheng has just arrived.”


Mr. Cheng?


I subconsciously asked, “Cheng Junyu?”


He nodded.


Didn’t he say he was ready to go to Huadu to develop?


“If you’re tired later, go to the lounge and take a rest!” The man spoke, his voice low and introspective.


I looked back and saw that Fu Shenyin had already woken up and was sitting up straight to straighten his clothes, speaking elegantly and slowly.


Chen Yi was not evasive to me, and spoke directly, “The company over in the M country sent all the information to me, the hospital and the film and television two sectors, Mr. Cheng handed them all over to me, and are currently waiting for you to do the handover work.”


Fu Shen Yan bowed his head, straightened his clothes, and got up, “The matters handed over from Jun Yu’s side will be put on Zhuan Yan’s side for the time being, so that Zhuan Yan can handle them.”




Seeing that he was about to leave, I got up and said, “Wait a minute!”


He smiled lightly as he walked over to Fu Shen Yan and stood in front of him, “Can’t let go?”