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Never Say Never Chapter 645-646

Chapter 645

The woman is gentle, but she didn’t say anything, she just bowed her head and couldn’t see any emotions.


I frowned, always feel Shen Yu like this, some hurt, no matter how before, but now Hu Ya since she is pregnant, he should not be so reckless to hurt a woman.


“Four seasons, good boy, eat well!” I opened my mouth, looked at Shen Yu, gave him a dish, and spoke, “Brother still remember the puppy you picked up on the field stalk when I was eleven?”


This topic, seemed a bit abrupt, he froze and instead spoke, “Yes, it was years ago.”


“Do you remember what became of that dog?”


He thought about it and said, “I let you keep it at the time, and you gave it away after a few months because you had to go to school in the county.”


I nodded and spoke, “At that time I thought it would be a ha*sle to take it with me and take care of it so I gave it away, later when I went to look for it again I couldn’t find it, over the years I would always think that if but for not giving it away and letting it stay in the yard with Grandma, maybe I wouldn’t have to feel sorry for the deficit now every time I think of it. ”


He was silent for a moment and didn’t say anything, just gave me a piece of meat and said out loud, “It’s all in the past.”


“Did Mum used to have a dog? Was it like a snowball?” Four Seasons interjected, looking at me with a puzzled expression.


I smiled lightly and nodded.


She nodded and said with style, “Then I can’t lose Snowball in the future, I have to keep him well, I can’t leave regrets or deficits.”


I lost my smile, my eyes subconsciously looked at Shen Yu and spoke, “Brother, all seasons understand the truth, you don’t wind up in your own world and can’t get out.”


He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.


Hu Ya had always been a man of few words and said almost nothing.


After we finished eating, we drank tea in the courtyard, and the four seasons took Hu Ya to the backyard to see the flowers.


I sat opposite Shen Yu and went straight to the point, “When are you going to have your wedding?”


He frowned, “What wedding?”


“Your wedding to Miss Hu, do you plan to wait until the baby is born before rushing to get the license?”


He shrugged his shoulders, somewhat unconcerned, “I have no intention of getting married, you know, the baby in her belly is mine, I want it, but I have no intention of marrying her, when the baby is born, I will give her a sum of money, the baby will be transferred to your name then, the four seasons have fallen into your name anyway, same thing!”


I was so angry with him for a moment that I could hardly speak, and if the tea in my hands hadn’t been too hot for me to be ruthless, I would have wanted to throw all the water in the cup on him.


“Shen Yu, do you know how irresponsible you are for saying that yourself? I’m already indebted to you for the four seasons, and you want your children to live in a single-parent household? Besides, what’s wrong with Hu Ya? She’s graceful and elegant, and you’re only trashing her like this because she loves you. You don’t want to wait until the day she leaves you with her heart in her hands before you realise what you’ve really missed.”


He was somewhat indifferent, took a sip of tea, leaned his slender body on the chair and said idly, “She wanted money, I gave her money, she gave me the child, I gave her money, this is not considered negative or irresponsible, besides, in the future the child I believe you will love him as much as you love the four seasons.”


I ……


couldn’t hold back the cup in my hand and splashed the tea directly on him as I spoke, “Don’t you dream of a hundred days in the green sky, there is no way I will raise your child, since you chose to keep the child, as a man, you have the obligation and responsibility to marry his mother back to the Shen family in a clear and proper manner.”


I was so angry with him that I got up and turned to go to the backyard, holding my breath.


It had been a long time since I had been this angry, and when I met Fu Shen Yan, who had come down from the first floor, he was not sure why, but he could see that I was angry.


He couldn’t help but say, “What’s wrong?”


I pursed my lips, my anger not yet suppressed, and looked at him and said, “No man is a good thing!”


Fu ShenYan ……


Chapter 646

Half a dozen times, suppressing my anger, I saw him looking at me with a smile, “Angry now?”


I nodded and looked at him, a little embarra*sed for a moment, “Just now ……”


He smiled lightly, “I know, the matter of Shen Yu and that Miss Hu?”


I nodded, for a moment could not help but speak, “Hu Ya such a woman, he missed, is another 800 years will not meet, the diamond in the arms do not know to cherish, have to engage in what is not married, dog blood!”


He reached out, pulling me to a side lounge chair, his voice warm, “Are you angry because Shen Yu doesn’t know how to cherish, or are you angry at his obsession with you?”


I froze and raised my eyes to look at him, bumping into his deep eyes, and for a moment I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.


It took a long time to find my voice, “He’s not a man and a woman to me, he’s a brother and sister, he just didn’t find out himself.”


I knew very well how good Shen Yu was to me, and that he had taken me to heart in everything over the years, and that to outsiders it was indeed no different from the love of a man and a woman.


But having experienced the love of a man and a woman, how could I not understand what Shen Yu’s feelings for me were? We had known each other at a young age, had suffered together during the difficult years, had been together during the wasted years, how could I not distinguish between affection and love?


We are both mentally lonely people, my grandmother is no longer here, Muzi is gone, and the only people we can rely on in our youth are him and me.


If he was really in love with me, with his character, he would have ignored the sweetness of the melon he had twisted.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and did not say anything for a long time.


I can understand how he feels when I think about it from a man’s point of view, and knowing what he is worried about, I say, “I am angry that he can’t read his own heart, that he is afraid that he will one day lose the most important person around him before he realizes it, that he doesn’t know himself.”


After a pause, I took his hand, my face became serious, “Fu Shen Yan, we are not children anymore, we have lived almost half of our lives, we know very well what we want in our hearts, I just don’t want Shen Yu to regret, that’s all.”


I saw that he didn’t say anything, his black eyes were deep and dark, I said so much but he didn’t mention a word, he just looked at me with deep eyes, dark and unknown, couldn’t peep into his emotions.


I thought he was angry with me and couldn’t help but say, “Fu Shen Yan, you can’t be so petty.”


The corners of his lips rose and his gaze fell on my face, his brows tinged with a smile, “What should I do to be not so stingy?”


Seeing him like this, I knew that he intended to tease me, so I glared at him angrily and did not speak to him anymore.


I got up to leave, but he pulled me into his lap and held me in his arms, his voice laced with laughter, “Let them deal with their own affairs, let us just live our own lives, eh?”


I sighed, how could I ever think otherwise, except that, after all, Shen Yu was my family.


“Hu Ya is really a very, very good girl.” I spoke, “If Shen Yu misses out, it’s for life.”


He buried his head in me, his voice muffled, “So what can you do?”


“If Third Uncle finds out, he might be able to get Hu Ya into the Shen family!” To Third Uncle, Shen Yu still had respect.


He raised his eyes and looked at me, his gaze deep, “Do you know about Hu Ya’s past and have you investigated her identity?”


I frowned, somewhat puzzled, “Even if Hu Ya was born in a humble manner, Third Uncle is not a person who values gentry, otherwise he wouldn’t have publicly acknowledged me in the first place and even let me into the Shen family tree.”


He raised an eyebrow, “Shen Changlin doesn’t care about a woman’s birth, but he cares about a woman’s experience, your background has been clean all the way through these thirty years, daughter-in-law of the Fu family, daughter of the Mo family, college graduate, all of these are enough for Shen Changlin to accept, but maybe not Hu Ya.”


I frowned, “Shen Ya even if she doesn’t have a high education or a luxurious background, she is elegant and atmospheric, that’s enough to get into Third Uncle’s eyes.”


He smiled lightly and pulled me along, somewhat helplessly, “Shen Shu, all things are not as simple as we think.”