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Never Say Never Chapter 641-642

Chapter 641

When I called Gu Han, I was in a taxi with the Four Seasons in my arms.


He picked up the phone and seemed busy with the sound of cumbersome files coming from his computer, but even so, his voice was warm, “Have you had dinner yet?”


“Meet up!” I opened my mouth, the car was already driving to Gu’s.


The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and spoke, “Okay!”


The car pulled up underneath Gu’s, and the four seasons fell asleep on my shoulder after crying.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the front desk.


I didn’t go up and ask, with what I knew about Gu Han, he would come down on his own.


About five minutes later, he came down.


Seeing the Four Seasons asleep, he frowned and reached out to take it, which I avoided, “Find a place to talk, or do we talk here?” His presence had been noticed by people coming in and out of the office.


He frowned, “Go to my office, there’s a break room, let the boy lie in bed and get some rest.”


I nodded, unwilling to let him hold the four seasons, and followed him straight upstairs in the president’s lift.


After four years of absence, Gu’s company had almost doubled in size, even the president’s office had been converted into two floors of luxury.


Putting the Four Seasons on the bed, I sat down in the parlour and he instructed his secretary to pour me tea. On my first arrival, it was inevitable that I would get a few extra looks, besides, at this point I seemed to be human.


“What would you like to eat later?” He didn’t seem to care what I had come over to him for, he just opened his mouth and asked me what I wanted to eat.


I pursed my lips and answered, “If you want to take revenge or want to embarra*s me, I accept it unconditionally, but Gu Han, the child is innocent, I came back to the capital for one purpose, I just want the four seasons to have a bright future, she is a child and doesn’t know anything, but you are an adult, you should know clearly that even if you have evil intentions, you shouldn’t hurt innocent people, especially children. ”


He frowned, finding my words inexplicable, and wondered, “Revenge? To embarra*s you? Why would I do that?”


I shrugged, “The only reason I can think of is that you hate me, and I accept that and am willing to play along, but the child is innocent and I don’t want to involve her.”


He was silent for a long time and looked up at me, “You think I did it when Nan Xiangxiang staged her suicide and held the press conference?”


“No?” There are not many people around me, and I can’t think of anyone else who could encourage Nan Xiangxiang to destroy her own career to frame me.


He suddenly sneered, somewhat disdainfully, “Shen Shu, my position in your heart, it’s still ridiculous, when did I become so dirty?”


“The fact that you are a businessman and do not lack money, people live half a life, it is only the unwillingness to seek but not to receive, your unwillingness and resentment, I suffer, you have kept Fu Qingyin for so many years, just want to use her to drive me out of the Fu family, to be honest, you do not need to do that, even if you do not stay in the Fu family, Fu Shenyan and I can still be together elsewhere, what is more , Fu Qingyin is only Fu Shenyan’s aunt, he respects her, but people have a bottom line, once it is touched, you and I both know exactly what he will do.”


He sneered, somewhat sarcastically, his sharp black eyes falling on me, “Shen Shu, you are even smarter than you were four years ago.”


I pursed my lips, not feeling like he was complimenting me with that.


He paused, his legs intertwined, resting on his Erlang legs, casually comfortable, “I did give Fu Qingyin a hint, for the simple purpose that I didn’t want you to live with Fu Shenyin because I was jealous, and as for the matter of Nan Xiangxiang, you’re thinking of me as too bottomless.”


“This matter has nothing to do with me, whether you believe it or not, I have to tell you so, besides, I know very well how important four years is to you, so I will not touch her, I will only protect her, I don’t want you to be sad and uncomfortable, Shen Shu, I love you, four years ago it was and still is, I will handle the matter of Nan Xiangxiang, as long as you and Fu Shen Yan separate, believe me, you will get better and better. Four seasons of life, I’ll pave the way for her.”


I tucked my eyebrows, did not find these words very appealing, indifferently spoke, “No need ……”


“Miss Pickup Jane, you’re here!” A voice came from outside the door.


Interrupting my words.


Pick up Jane!


Chapter 642

I froze slightly, my heart thumped, turned around, and saw that somehow, a blonde Gathering Jane was already standing at the door.


Unlike the first time I saw her, she had put on some weight, her belly was slightly bulging, and she seemed pregnant, her long blonde hair was pulled back, and her blue eyes were looking at me, surprised and overwhelmed.


I got up and subconsciously spoke, “Pick up Jane!”


She looked at me, a little incredulous, her eyes misting with water, “You and Ah Han, you’ve known each other all this time?”


She looked at Gu Han, her voice a little hoarse, “So the room you’ve been keeping me out of is hers? The woman you were desperately trying to protect was her? The woman you woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to thinking about was her?”


Gu Han frowned and displeasure grew on his face, “Who let you in?” The tone was one of displeasure and disgust.


Gao Jian smiled, but her eyes were overflowing with grief, “I’m rolling? If I roll, are you going to have a double date with her?”


I pursed my lips and heard movement from the break, I think it was too loud and had woken the Four Seasons.


I got up, not intending to explain, I just looked at Gathering Jane and said, “I’m sorry for showing up here, it was very uncalled for, I have my own family and children, I have people I love.”


With that said, I turned and went into the lounge, Four Seasons was awake, her tiny body sprawled off the bed, her fluffy hair a little dishevelled.


Seeing me, she ran towards me before she could stand up, “Mummy, is it because of me that you’ve had a fight with someone?”


I froze, shook my head and picked her up, “No, Four Seasons, it’s nothing to do with you, it’s the adults themselves.”


She seemed to blame herself a little and buried her head in my heart, her voice muffled, “Mummy, did I get you into a lot of trouble?”


I shook my head, a little distressed and a little bewildered, I had brought Four Seasons back to the capital because I wanted to give her a substantial future, but now this, I was bewildered, had I chosen the wrong one?


When I left the lounge, Jane was not in a good mood and looked at me with a gaze that was no longer as good as the one I had seen four years ago.


“You have your own family and children now, why do you still appear in his life now, don’t you know, your appearance, how much beauty has shattered me?”


Gu Han was unhappy and looked at her coldly, “Enough! This is Gu’s, not a place for you to spill your guts.”


Gao Jian laughed coldly, “I’m wild? Do you know how to show your face? Gu Han, you were the one who provoked me in the first place, you were the one who said you wanted to get engaged to me, four years, all my beautiful fantasies of marriage and love were ruined by you, you gave me the most horrible experience, and now you resent me for pestering you instead?”


Four Seasons was a little afraid of her tearing heart out and her small body hid behind me.


I’d said what I needed to say, and there was no point in staying here.


Pulling Four Seasons away, I didn’t want to get involved in what was going on between them.


Back in the neighbourhood, just as I reached the door, I heard a coughing sound coming from the stairs.


It was familiar.


As soon as Four Seasons heard it, she knew it was Fu Shenyan’s, and her smiling face instantly broke into a smile, “Mom, it’s Uncle Fu.”


Then he let go of me and ran straight to the stairwell.


I followed him and saw that Fu Shen Yan had just extinguished the cigarette in his hand, looking haggard and colourless.


Four Seasons moved quickly and was already hugging his lap and calling him uncle.


He picked her up and noticed the bruise on her forehead, and his eyes sank, “Did the school do this?”


Four Seasons didn’t wait for me to say anything before she said, “They were the ones who said bad things about mum, that’s why I fought with them.”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, coldness flashed in his dark eyes, his voice was low and magnetic, “Yes, be a good boy, it’s okay to fight in the future, but you can’t hurt yourself, you have to learn to protect yourself.”


Four Seasons nodded, probably because she thought Fu Shen Yan was right, and did not chastise her for fighting, and happily said, “In future fights, I promise to protect myself.”


I ……


I can’t help but look at Fu Shen Yan “Have you ever seen anyone teach their daughter to fight?”