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Never Say Never Chapter 639-640

Chapter 639

When I heard the doorbell, I opened the door and looked at each other, his chin sprouting a beard after a night of not seeing him, a little vicissitudes of fatigue.


“Can I come in?” He spoke, a little haggard in his voice.


I nodded and made way for him.


He looked at me, his gaze warm, “I’m sorry!”


I smiled lightly, “I’m not angry.” Fu Qingyin was the eldest member of the Fu family, there wasn’t much he could do.


My body was pulled into his arms, the man’s tobacco tinged breath wrapped around me, “There won’t be a next time.”


It seemed like a promise, and a promise at the same time.


I opened my mouth shallowly and answered in kind, I hadn’t slept all night and now I was more or less at peace with him.


Tiredness came over me and I closed my eyes, a little greedy, “If you’re not busy today, can you sleep with me for a while?”


He smiled lightly, somewhat indulgently, “No, I’m not busy, there’s plenty of time.”


How could it not be busy? Gu Han was intent on targeting Fu, and now he was desperate to take advantage of the slightest wrongdoing.


I pursed my lips and smiled lightly at his lie, no matter, life is long, there must be a few days to live for oneself.


If the day goes on so calmly and peacefully, it is actually a very good choice.


I woke up in the night and it was already dark, I had slept all day.


Fu Shen Yan leaned over me, saw me awake and smiled lightly, “What did you dream about?”


“I dreamt of a beautiful sea of flowers.” Recently, I seem to dream easily, and in my dreams there is Muzi, my grandmother and grandfather, and a child who has grown up.


Seeing my gaze drift a little, he reached out, pulling me closer into his arms, “That villa was originally kept for when you came back, if there are bad memories, how about we switch to another one?”


I laughed, “So posh, you’re not afraid of being caught in a hurry, but rather that you’re profligate?”


He rested his chin against my cheek, his scruff light and a little prickly, his voice low, “What’s a little gossip for your sake?”


I laughed, unlike his skin, and got up from the bed, the house had just been lived in and there was nothing that needed to be acquired.


So why not, simply order takeaway.


The living room.


He hugged his computer to deal with his work, I hugged my materials to review, but also quiet and harmonious.


Not long after, Chen Yi brought the four seasons over with a lot of daily necessities.


The two of us were in the study talking about work when Four Seasons leaned into my arms, looked up at me and said, “Mum, I seem to have gotten into trouble today!”


I froze for a moment, put down the book in my hand, looked at her and asked in a soft voice, “What’s wrong?”


She pursed her lips and her eyes were a little red, “It was a child, I pushed him down the slide, I didn’t mean to, I just saw him not going down for half a day and there were a lot of children behind me who wanted to play, so I pushed him, I didn’t think he wouldn’t hold on and would fall down.”


“How is the child doing now? Did you take him to the hospital?”


She nodded, “Uncle Chen took him to the hospital and then gave them a lot of money, mum I know I was wrong.”


“It’s wrong to push and hurt someone, everyone in all seasons has to apologise for what they did wrong, but your intentions were good, you just handled it the wrong way, have you thought about how to handle the next time you are in the same situation?” It had happened and there was no use blaming her, all I could do was teach her how to take it on.


She lowered her eyes, thought hard for a moment and spoke, “I should have told him not to get in the way of the slide, to play with the children and not to push him.”


After a pause, she said, “Mum, do I owe Uncle Chen a lot of money?”


Chapter 640

In the Four Seasons’ perception, the money Chen Yi spent does not belong to her, subconsciously, in fact, she may not yet treat Fu Shen Yan as a relative.


After thinking about it, I said, “Uncle Chen’s money, mum will pay for it, but Four Seasons, you will always fall in love with the book house will be sensible to deal with the problem, okay?”


She nodded, I could see that hurt others, she also blamed herself, leaned in my arms, remained silent and did not speak.


When Fu Shen Yan and Chen Yi came out, she was already asleep and Chen Yi said hello to me and left.


Fu Shenyan saw her sleeping and wanted to carry her back to the bedroom, but the little one didn’t sleep well and woke up when she moved.


Probably not seeing clearly that it was Fu Shen Yan, she opened her mouth and said, “Mom, I saw uncle at the hospital, he was with an aunt.”


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but look at her, “Do you know what they went to the hospital for?”


She opened her eyes and saw Fu Shen Yan holding her, she couldn’t help but freeze for a moment and spoke, “Uncle Fu.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded and smoothly hugged her back to the sofa, gesturing for her to continue answering my questions.


Siji thought for a moment and said, “Uncle said he took Auntie to see the baby, Auntie has a little baby in her tummy.”


I suddenly remembered the state Shen Yu was in the last time she was in Huai’an and guessed more or less in my mind, but who could that woman be?


It was getting late, and after eating, Four Seasons fell asleep; I had slept too much during the day to fall asleep.


It seemed that something had happened at Fu’s and he was rushing over to deal with it.


I said goodbye and then left.




The next day.


The first thing you need to do is to get to know that you have a good idea of what you are getting into.


As a result, Fu and I, who had only been divorced for many years, turned into what Nan Xiangxiang described as a Sl*t who would never stop pestering Fu for money.


The company’s history has been revealed, and even the unknown past of four years ago has been implicated.


The news about Fu Shenyan, the journalists and the media are all over the place, and with the confession of Nan Xiangxiang, the past between me and Fu Shenyan has turned into countless unpleasant versions.


I didn’t care much about the news, but I ignored the four seasons.


Fu Shenyan and I had picked up Four Seasons from school a few times, and although we kept a low profile each time, it was inevitable that we would be noticed more often.


Children are innocent by nature, but when adults speak in complex language, children will inevitably imitate them.


When I received the call, Four Seasons was already in hospital.


When I arrived at the hospital, I found out that Four Seasons had gotten into a fight because someone had intentionally called me names and she was angry.


The children had pushed and shoved each other without taking it lightly, and they had bruised themselves.


Four Seasons, with gauze wrapped around her forehead and crying unknowingly, saw me and hugged me tightly, choking back tears, “Mummy, they are all bad people, I don’t want to go to school, they are all bad people.”


We had underestimated the influence of a celebrity and how scary rumours can be.


Hugging Four Seasons, I didn’t know how to comfort her, and my heart sank deeper and deeper.


Four years ago, I was so full of resentment that it ended up hurting my parents that I left the capital for Huai’an.


Now that I’m back, I can’t help but involve my children after all. If I do nothing, I’m only afraid that my purpose of coming back will be to harm the Four Seasons.