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Never Say Never Chapter 631-632

Chapter 631

I nodded and moved to get out of his arms, but he held me down, “It’s early, you can sleep more!”


I looked up at the time and saw that he was usually out of the house by this time, so I said, “Don’t you have to go to the office today?”


He smiled lightly, “It’s okay to be late.”


Sure enough, the boss was a good sport.


But I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I said, “I can’t sleep.”


He nodded his head and let out a muffled sound, his voice low-pressure and dark, “Lie with me for a while.”


I had no choice but to lie next to him and stare at the ceiling, but a moment later my face burned a little, “Fu Shen Yan, you ……”


“It’s a normal reaction, every day!” He looked at me sideways, his gaze deep, “Shen Shu, I’m a man, it’s normal.”


I knew it was normal, but, couldn’t help but purse my lips, “You let go, I want to get up.”


He didn’t move, instead his breath was slightly frowned upon, “It will be fine in a moment.”


I ……


lay next to him, I was a little unnatural, my body stiffened and my lips pursed.


After a long time, he got up, went to the bathroom and came out after a long time.


I ……


He came out of the bathroom, looking much smoother, his face was at peace with his emotions, and he looked at me and couldn’t help but smile lightly, “Did I scare you just now?”


I shook my head, my face still burning, “The babysitter just came up and said it was ready early.”


He nodded, smiled lightly and gestured for me to go wash up.


Four years, even if they hadn’t been divorced in the first place, four years of separation is considered a divorce.


Now that we are together again, there are ultimately many things wrong with it, which he understands in his heart and I know.


During breakfast, the four seasons had to go to a new school, and there was a lot of anxiety about children changing environments.


After we finished eating, Fu Shenyan and I sent her off together. At the entrance of the kindergarten, the pick-up teacher was a young girl who looked like she was about twenty.


When she saw Fu Shenyan, she was more surprised than confused and almost lost her voice asking. “Mr. Fu is married? And a child?”


Perhaps she was too excited, so she forgot her manners, and regretted it after she blurted it out, hastily bowing in apology.


Fu Shen Yan did not say anything, I smiled lightly, said nothing, this kind of reaction is also normal.


In the past four years, Fu Shen Yan has been expanding his territory in the capital, showing off his talent, not to mention his ability, and his charming face alone is enough to get a lot of women drunk and dream of death.


The only rumours about him and Nan Xiangxiang in the past four years are that he has been in and out of various occasions, but there is no information about his marriage, so many people think that Fu Shenyan is still a golden bachelor, which makes many women even more imaginative.


In the beginning, the account of the Four Seasons was put under Fu Shen Yan’s name, so legally, the Four Seasons is Fu Shen Yan’s daughter, and now it is much easier to go to school.


After seeing Four Seasons off, Fu Shen Yan had some work to do at the office, so he kissed me on the way out and then told the driver to take me back.


When I returned to the villa, I began to carefully review the requirements and expertise for admission to Beijing University.


I had applied in November and now in September, so I had three months to prepare.


I received a phone call at noon from a stranger, and I was torn between answering it and not.


I thought about the call a few times, but in vain, I picked up.


The woman’s voice was light and calm, “Shen Shu, it’s been a long time.”


It was Lu Xinran. After four years, I could still remember her voice, which was a surprise.


Stopping what I was doing, I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything.


The person on the other end of the phone didn’t seem to care and said, “I’m at the entrance of the villa, the security guard won’t let me in, we need to talk.”


Did she come for Fu Shenyan?


Chapter 632

Closing the book, I got up, walked out to the balcony, crossed the courtyard and looked out the gate, the fence was too high for me to see anyone outside.


“Talk about what?” After four years, I wasn’t sure what she and I could talk about.


“Anything, a cup of tea to catch up, anything.” She was much steadier and seemed to have matured a lot.


Four years seem to change everyone, and I look down at the time on my wrist.


A moment of silence into the phone and a nod of the head. “Just a moment!”


It didn’t seem right to talk in the villa, and after packing up, I went downstairs and out of the villa.


She stood at the door, leaning against a white Corolla, dressed in a smart white suit with black heels and long hair that had been permed into big wavy curls.


Not even half as good as she looked four years ago, she seemed to have changed a lot.


I hadn’t even opened my mouth to say hello, but someone came behind me, the matter Chen Yi, noticed, these days, Chen Yi seems to have stayed in the villa.


I didn’t ask carefully, Fu Shen Yan had told me to go directly to him for anything, and it seemed that he had become my personal a*sistant.


“Madam is going out?” He spoke, his gaze falling on Lu Xinran outside the door.


I nodded, “Old friends catching up!”


He hmmed, not intending to let me out the door alone, and spoke, “I’ll accompany you.”


It looked as if there was a deliberate intention to protect me, which I didn’t understand at first, but as my eyes fell on a couple of big cars not far away, I would have understood a few things.


Today’s Fu Shen Yan must be different from what he used to be, every bit of him is getting a lot of media attention, I think Chen Yi is afraid that I will encounter any danger when I go out alone, after all, as the woman beside Fu Shen Yan, he cannot help but keep an eye on it.


I nodded my head and said no more.


Lu Xinran naturally noticed, and a pair of beautiful eyes fell on me, “Shen Shu, long time no see!”


I smiled lightly, a little disappointed, in four years, she had become more and more mature and charming, now she was outstanding in appearance and had attained something in the business world, such a woman, I think, was highly regarded, not that ordinary woman who only clung to Fu Shen Yan back then.


“Long time no see!” There was no jealousy, just some fallout, always a bit of a surprise.


“Let’s go to the cafe downtown!” She spoke, her gaze falling on Chen Yi as she continued, “Where it’s secluded enough!”


I nodded, and before I could get into the car, I saw a few big cars drive over not far away, blocking the front of Lu Xinran’s car almost without any suspense, and the people who got out of the car were not journalists, but a group of strong and powerful bodyguards.


Chen Yi was very alert and shielded me behind him, his voice low and calm as he looked at Lu Xinran and me and said, “It’s okay to go back to the villa and talk.”


Lu Xinran was obviously not expecting these sudden appearances, and after a moment’s hesitation, she narrowed her eyes and spoke, “No, a few words, and then we’ll leave when we’re done.”


After a pause, she hooked her lips and sneered, “It looks like someone wants to see you more than I do.”


When rivals meet, even the calmest of hearts can have emotions, I purse my lips and look at her, not saying anything.


She dropped her phone into her bag and looked at me with her arms wrapped around her, “Now that you’re divorced and you’ve chosen to leave, what’s the reason for coming back?”


Blunt enough, and sure enough, she’d changed a lot in four years.


I withdrew my gaze from the black-clad bodyguards and spoke indifferently, “This is my business, it has nothing to do with Miss Lu.”


She laughed coldly, “How can it be unrelated? For four years, I have worked hard to improve and change myself, just to stand by his side and go on with him, and you suddenly appear, what are my efforts?”