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Never Say Never Chapter 629-630

Chapter 629

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Mister might have been stuck in traffic on the road?”


I froze for a moment, reacting with hindsight, Fu Shenyan had promised me to be back for dinner at 12:30, and at this point it was already 28, and seeing how serious he was, I couldn’t help but lose my smile.


“The road is crowded, I know!” As soon as the words left my mouth, footsteps came from outside the courtyard, and it didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to return.


I saw him standing in front of me, his forehead lightly infested with sweat, as if he had rushed all the way back.


His black eyes were as dazzling as black stones, and they shone through, “It’s 12:29, not too late, is it?”


I laughed for a moment and wiped his sweat on my tiptoes, “Did you run back?” It was so hot and so sweaty.


He took off his jacket and smiled lightly, “Exercise!”


“No need to be in such a hurry next time, I’m right here and I’m not going to run.” As I wiped his sweat, I couldn’t help but speak, my heart vaguely warm.


He smiled, “Yes, I know, but I always want to see you sooner!”


The sweet words came out of my mouth, and I smiled lightly as I ran to him in all seasons, hugging him and saying softly, “Uncle Fu, are you not well? Why do you need to exercise?”


The child’s words were unforgiving, Fu Shen Yan picked her up and looked at me with a dark gaze, “Uncle is always in good health!”


The nanny had prepared the meal, he went upstairs to take a shower and came down with something in his hand, rather like a bag of papers.


Handing the papers to Chen Yi, he spoke, “Go and get Four Seasons enrolled in school, and send her to school one of these days.”


Chen Yi took the papers and left. Four Seasons heard his words and pinned her chin and sighed, looking a little less than happy.


Naturally he saw it and could not help but speak, “Four Seasons does not want to go to school?”


Four Seasons shook her head, “It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that everyone doesn’t know each other and I’m the only one!”


Children are most afraid of being alone and I smiled, “Four Seasons can go to a new school and make new friends!”


She pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.


Fu Shenyan had made good arrangements for Four Seasons to go to school, so I hardly worried about it.


It was night time and I was in my bedroom sorting through the clothes I had bought in Huai’an, all cheap clothes, but I was used to wearing them and felt comfortable.


When Fu Shenyan finished with the company and came in to see me folding the clothes, he couldn’t help but walk over to me and take the clothes from my hands, smiling lightly, “I’ll do it!”


The man’s fingers are as long as jade, and his wrist carries a watch worth a million dollars. I was thinking that these hands would be enough for me to sign a contract and live out my life in an uneventful manner.


Seeing me dazed, he raised his eyes, his gaze gentle, “What are you thinking about?”


I put his folded clothes in the wardrobe and smiled lightly, “The Four Seasons’ school is set and I should get a job and start working properly.”


He nodded, rather disapprovingly, “You can take some more days off.”


I pursed my lips, “It’s been most of a month, it’s almost time.”


“How about going to Fu’s?” He opened his mouth and put the few clothes he had in the wardrobe, swept the clothes in the wardrobe and seemed to think that I didn’t like them too much, so he paused and said, “If you don’t like these clothes, I’ll go and rearrange some.”


I shook my head, “No need!” I don’t care much about clothes, I think comfort is the main thing, so if he buys more, it’s just for decoration.


Without arguing with me about it, he turned around, pulled me onto the bed and said warmly, “Think about it, how about going back to Fu’s?”


I wanted to refuse outright, but thinking of his nature I was afraid I wouldn’t, so I said, “I think work is one thing, on the other hand I want to do what I like, Fu is good, but working 9 to 5 is for living, if it was before, then I would go to Fu more than anyone, but now I have you, I don’t need to worry about living, so I want to do what I want to do. ”


He did listen in and smiled lightly, “What do you want to do?”


Chapter 630

“I used to want to apply for a bar at JNU, but my GCSE results weren’t that good, so I stayed at JNU, and now I want to apply for a postgraduate degree at JNU when I have time to continue my law studies.” It was a dream from when he was young, and now it was a great blessing in life to be able to pick it up at the age of thirty.


He nodded, the corners of his mouth lifting, “Good, do you need to enroll in a course? I’ll get Chen Yi to do it.”


I let out a low laugh and looked up at him, “Do you feel like you’ve raised two daughters?”


He lost his smile, “It’s a great blessing in my life, it’s worth it to have you back and to have you doing what you love.”


Leaning against his heart, listening to his heartbeat, I couldn’t help but feel at ease. The future is far away, we can’t predict it, it’s best to live in the present.


It’s September in the capital, not too cold, the temperature is right, the lights in the bedroom are dim, if you sleep for a long time during the day, you won’t be able to sleep at night.


Fu Shenyin had something to do and had been working on papers in his study. When I got up in the middle of the night to drink water, I saw that the light in the study was still on, so I poured a gla*s of water and knocked on the door to enter.


In the study, the computer was already blacked out and the papers on the desk were neatly folded, so it looked like he had already finished his work.


Seeing him leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, he opened them when he heard a movement, his dark eyes deep and obscure, “Can’t sleep?”


I nodded, placed the gla*s of water in front of him, leaned back against the desk and looked at him, “It’s getting late, if you’re done with work, rest early.”


As I got older, staying up late seemed to take its toll.


He narrowed his eyes slightly and his thin lips rose, “You’re inviting me?”


It took me half a second to realise what he meant by that, and I couldn’t help but feel my face burn a little as I said, “Go to bed early!”


He had treated me with the courtesy of a gentleman from Huai’an to the capital, and had not overstepped his bounds in any way.


If it wasn’t for his obscure gaze at this time, I would have overlooked these things.


I hadn’t taken a few steps when he pulled me back, “Shen Shu, talk to me!”


I froze for a moment and turned around to see the look of exhaustion on his brow, thinking that it was something from work.


I couldn’t help but return to his side, raising a hand to his brow and speaking softly, “How long has it been since you’ve had a good night’s sleep?”


He tilted his head to look at me and raised his hand to wrap me in his arms, his head resting on the small of my back, his voice low, “Four years!”


Three short words that made my body stiffen violently for a few moments.


He wrapped his arms around me, his voice weary, “Get used to you being by my side.”


His hair was strong and short and powerful and seemed to have grown longer than before, “It’s long and needs cutting!”


“Mmm!” His voice was deep and he seemed to be asleep.


I looked up at the time and saw that it was already early in the morning, so I said, “Fu Shen Yan, go back to bed.”


He answered and with a tired face, he pulled me back to the bedroom, originally sleeping in separate beds.


But when he got into the bedroom, he pulled me to lie down on the bed, hugging me tightly, his whole body full of tiredness.


I couldn’t bear to disturb him, so I just leaned into his arms and closed my eyes and slept lightly.


I woke up in a haze, but Fu Shen Yan was still awake and my eyes were encircled in his arms.


The man’s features are handsome, his black eyes are closed at the moment, his curled eyelashes are extraordinarily beautiful, his sleeping face is peaceful and calm, without the usual openness and recklessness, it is extraordinarily warm and calm.


I couldn’t help but raise my hand to touch his curled eyelashes, and when my fingertips touched them, there was a slight touch, and he woke up.


When his eyes met, his eyebrows were deep and low, and his starry black eyes twitched slightly, “You’re awake?” His voice was low and dark.