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Never Say Never Chapter 627-628

Chapter 627

I pursed my lips and said no more, did Fu Shen Yan become softer and gentler? In fact, no. Four years have made him more and more vicious and ruthless.


It’s just that he knows how to hide his emotions better than before. He gave me all the warmth and love he had left, which was all he had left.


Back at the cottage, Four Seasons was crouched in the yard playing with a fluffy little teddy.


I froze for a moment and couldn’t help but look back at Fu Shen Yan, “You picked her up?”


He nodded, “I’ll go back to the capital when I’m done here, I’ve already arranged for Four Seasons’ school, so I’ll take her to have a good time in the meantime.”


Seeing us back, Four Seasons ran towards me and said excitedly, “Mum, can I keep it?”


She pointed her finger at the tan teddy, still small, looking like it was three months old.


I frowned and subconsciously wanted to refuse, but Fu Shen Yan spoke up, “In the future, if you don’t have time, you can let it keep Four Seasons company, she always needs to have friends.”


When she was with Mo Bai before, the little one always had a lot to say, but after she left Huai’an she seemed to talk less.


With the sudden change of environment and no friends, it was good to have her keep the dog.


I nodded my head in agreement.


The family had already prepared a meal. Sister Zhang was getting old and had gone home to retire, and Fu Shenyan had re-found a nanny.


It was a middle-aged woman in her forties, called Sister Rong.


It didn’t take long for Chen Yi to come over, and Fu Shen Yan sat in the living room, seemingly without any intention of avoiding it.


Chen Yi opened his mouth, looking a little apprehensive, “Mr. Fu, I was negligent about today’s matter, what are your plans for Nan Xiangxiang?”


Fu Shen Yan played with his mobile phone, his posture was skilful, but there was a cold air, “For a star, she’s already considered unqualified, since she’s been a popular flower for four years, it’s time to give young people a chance.”


Chen Yi froze for a moment, nodded his head and said, “Good, then what should be done about her mother, Chen Fen?”


Fu ShenYan narrowed his brows, a chill faintly penetrating his handsome brow, “You can see to it that this is handled!”


After a pause, he raised his eyes to look at Chen Yi and frowned, “Re-select the actors for the promo, replace them with someone who is pleasing to the eye.”


Chen Yi nodded his head, then looked at me and left.


Four Seasons seemed to love the little teddy, naming it Snowball, and kept hugging it and talking to himself.


Looking at Fu Shen Yan, I couldn’t help but speak, “Actually, you don’t need to block her, I’m not a big deal, not really!”


He smiled lightly, put Rong’s boiled egg on his palm and blew it cold, moved slightly closer to me, peeled the skin and rubbed it shallowly on my face, mainly to remove the bruises.


In fact, Chen Fen’s beating wasn’t that exaggerated and the marks left behind had almost dissipated, but Fu Shen Yan was just too nervous.


“You always have to suffer a bit to know what people to mess with and what not to mess with!” He said casually.


After a faint glance at the kitchen and seeing that Sister Rong had already prepared the meal, he got up and picked up the Four Seasons leading me into the dining room.






I had booked a flight back to the capital, and I got up early, so the four seasons were not awake and slept soundly in Fu Shen Yan’s arms.


The woman next to the waiting room was holding the child in her arms, which looked to be about seven or eight months old.


The little one was so active that he kept bouncing in his mother’s arms and when he saw the doughnut in Four Seasons’ hand, he kept reaching for it.


When she saw the doughnut in her hand, she reached out for it. When she looked at her beloved doughnut, she couldn’t bear to part with it, but the little one seemed to want it very much.


So she sighed, took a few steps, approached the child’s mother and said, “Auntie, can I give this to my brother to play with?”


The woman froze and smiled, nodding her head in agreement.


After sending the donut away, Four Seasons didn’t know whether to look at the little child or at her beloved donut.


Running back to me and Fu Shen Yan, she looked at me and said, “Mummy, will you also give me another brother in the future?”


Chapter 628

The child was too young to notice the flaw in this statement, Fu Shenyan pulled her over and laughed, “If mommy wants to give birth, it’s for me too!”


I laughed, why is this person so serious?


The four seasons pursed her lips and became serious, looking up at him and saying, “So, will Uncle Fu marry Mama?”


“Of course!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his gaze falling on me, mixed with tenderness.


The four seasons nodded, somewhat cheerfully, and looked at me, “Mom, after you and Uncle Fu get married, will I have a father? And I can have a little brother?”


I smiled lightly, and seeing that it was almost time to start checking the tickets, I got up and said, “Let’s go, we’re boarding.”


Not getting an answer, Four Seasons frowned, a little depressed, but childish emotions come and go quickly.


It was Fu Shen Yan who went into the first cla*s cabin and sat down, and after Four Seasons fell asleep, he pulled me along and smiled lightly, “How about a wedding in October?”


It’s already September, so a wedding in October would be next month, wouldn’t it?


I frowned and said after a moment, “Fu Shen Yan, let’s just go with the flow!”


No matter what, the wedding didn’t seem to be that important, and by going back to the capital, I wanted the Four Seasons to have a good future.


As for the rest, I hadn’t considered it yet.


Seeing my refusal, he wasn’t angry, and with a light smile, he nodded, “Okay, when you’re ready, we’ll get married.”


It took four hours to fly from Jiangcheng to the capital, and I woke up after a good night’s sleep.


Chen Yi had contacted in advance to pick up the four seasons, and Fu Shen Yan had just gotten off the plane when he received the call.


He was the chairman of a listed company, so it was only right that he was busy.


When he hung up the phone, he looked down at his wristwatch and said, “The driver will take you back to the villa later, wait for me to come back for lunch!”


I nodded, “About what time will you be back?” It wasn’t a rush, just a casual mention, a low point in my mind.


“Half past twelve!” He spoke, kissed me on the forehead, and had the driver take me and the Four Seasons to the villa.


Forty minutes later, Fu ShenYan left me and the Four Seasons at the entrance of the villa. For four years, Fu ShenYan seemed to have been living in the same place, and the family’s nanny had been changed.


The driver brought my and Four Seasons’ things into the villa, explained to the nanny and then left.


I had nothing to do as the four seasons were asleep, so I held my phone and read the headlines in the capital.


The two companies have been fighting each other unabashedly for the past four years, and there seems to be no desire to calm them down.


Some people say that instead of saying that Fu and Gu are fighting, it would be better to say that it is a war between Fu Shen Yan and Gu Han.


Both men have keen business instincts in the business world and handle things decisively and coldly.


But hasn’t Fu Qingyin always managed Gu’s business? When did Gu Han take it away? What had happened in the past four years?


When I looked down at the time, it was already twelve o’clock and the four seasons were awake.


I nodded, “He’ll be back in a while, get up and wash up, we’ll go downstairs together and wait for him later.”


Siji is fond of Fu Shenyin, I can see that she relies on him a lot during the past few days.


But when I thought about Cheng Junyu, I was a little worried. If one day Cheng Junyu was determined to take Four Seasons back to the Cheng family, what would I do?


Four Seasons was in good spirits after a good night’s sleep, curious about the new place she had come to, and after running around the hall, she went out into the courtyard.


I sat in the courtyard waiting for Fu Shenyan while Chen Yi gave Four Seasons the little teddy he had consigned over.


Looking at the time, it was a bit tense.


I was a little baffled, thinking he had something to tell me, and couldn’t help but speak up, “What’s wrong?”