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Never Say Never Chapter 625-626

Chapter 625

“You ……”


Chen Fen was so angry that she pushed me away and struck directly at Han Shuang with her upper hand.


I didn’t stand still for a moment, nor did I notice that she would suddenly go berserk, and when I was suddenly ripped away from her, I hit my body unsteadily against the dressing table, which was sharp-edged and hurt my arm, making my whole body tingle with pain.


Chen Fen and Han Shuang wrestled, and those on the sidelines dared not intervene, only daring to speak up and advise, “Don’t fight!”


But these words seemed incredibly pale and feeble.


Nan Xiangxiang clasped her hands and looked at me indifferently.


Han Shuang was wearing high heels and had long hair, so when Chen Fen grabbed her long hair, it was like being pulled by someone’s soft ribs, and she was somewhat at the mercy of others.


The woman’s face is most precious.


I couldn’t help but frown and step forward to block it, but Chen Fen seemed to foresee it in advance and violently pushed Han Shuang away.


I was caught off guard and took the slap directly at me.


My head buzzed and my cheeks were numb with pain.


“Chen Fen, you don’t want to die, you dare to hit her!” Han Shuang opened her mouth and took the messy things on the dressing table and smashed them towards Chen Fen.


I was originally standing aside and would not have been able to smash it, but when I was coldly pushed by the person beside me, all those messy things smashed towards me.


Han Shuang froze and looked at Nan Xiangxiang who pushed me, “Despicable!”


Nan Xiangxiang sneered, “Just a substitute, so worthy of your protection?”


Han Shuang was so furious that she almost exploded.


Luckily, Chen Yi, who suddenly appeared at the door, came in and broke the strife, seeing me looking a bit wretched, Chen Yi was a bit stunned and sluggish, “What …… is going on?”


“Nan Xiangxiang and her agent played a big card not to shoot, I asked Shen Shu to help me shoot, but they came to accept it, they began to make trouble, and beat people!”


Han Shuang said this, how there was something of a preemptive strike in it.


Chen Yi saw that I was in a bit of a mess and was a bit tense emotionally, looking to Nan Xiangxiang and said, “If Miss Nan can’t do her own job well, there’s no need to appear in show business anymore.”


Chen Yi is Fu Shen Yan’s a*sistant, and his words carry enough weight to be compared to Fu Shen Yan’s.


For a moment, Nan Xiangxiang’s face turned a little pale as she looked at Chen Yi and said, “Isn’t Special a*sistant Chen going to listen to what everyone says before making a decision?”


“There’s no need!” These words were not spoken by Chen Yi, but by Fu Shen Yan who suddenly came in.


He walked towards me, his gaze falling on my face, his warm fingertips landing on my cheek that had just been hit by Chen Fen.


A pair of black eyes sank coldly, grim and frightening, “Who hit you?”


“Shen Yan!” The originally indifferent Nan Xiangxiang saw Fu Shen Yan, her face had a few more warmth.


Fu Shen Yan ignored her, only gazing soberly at me, his black eyes narrowed, “Who hit you?”


For a moment the air was bonded with a fine chill, and some people in the vicinity looked at each other with four eyes, speculating secretly.


Han Shuang was in a mess, the anger on his face had not subsided, a pair of eyes coldly looked at Nan Xiangxiang to, “It was Miss Nan’s agent Chen Fen who did it, she has other injuries on her body.”


Han Shuang’s words carried the implication of a complaint, I pursed my lips and did not speak.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, his voice low and cold, his gaze fell on me, “Where else is there an injury?”


I shook my head slightly and smiled lightly, “Nothing, are you done?”


The air around me was too quiet, and I could faintly hear the sound of someone huffing and puffing, astonished, surprised, and puzzled.


Fu Shen Yan didn’t seem to have any intention of letting this go, touching the wound on my face, his gaze deep and cold.


“How can someone I hold in my heart and can’t spare the slightest touch be injured right here?” He said this lightly, but with a vague taste of bloodlust.


Chapter 626

The first time I saw her, she was white and colorless, and her limp body took a few steps back as if she had lost her weight.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


I know Fu Shen Yan is angry, but this is his company after all, so I’m not in the mood to take it personally. According to what I know about him, Nan Xiang Xiang Xiang will not be able to get along in the show business.


I’m fine, let’s go, what are we going to eat later?”


He eased his face a bit and held my hand, sighing slightly, “Be good, you are my Fu Shen Yan’s woman, no need to know how to back off on any occasion.”


His black eyes fell on Chen Fen, cold and bloodthirsty, his voice low with a vague killing intent, “How others call, how you call back!”


As soon as these words came out, Chen Fen’s legs went weak and she fiercely knelt down on the ground, looking at me and Fu Shen Yan, her voice trembling, “Mr. Fu, I was wrong, I didn’t mean to do that just now, I apologize with this young lady, I beg you, I apologize with this young lady.”


Fu Shen Yan did not open his mouth, just looked at her indifferently, his voice low and merciless, “kill people a sorry people live?”


Chen Fen froze, dried her tears, looked at me, her face white, opened her mouth, “I didn’t mean to hit you, you can hit back, slap as much as you want, but Mr. Fu, I beg you, Xiang Xiang’s future and future I beg you, lift up your hand, give her a way out.”


Fu Shen Yan did not speak, but looked at me, the corners of his bloodthirsty mouth eased a few points and became somewhat softer, “Afraid your hand will hurt?”


He took my hand in his palm and gestured for me to stretch my palm out flat, then looked coldly at Chen Fen.


Chen Fen knew how to know the time and in a flash, she got up from the ground and walked into me.


Before I could react, I heard a “slap!” The slap was delivered by Fu Shenyan, who took my hand. It would be more appropriate to say that I did it, rather than Fu Shenyan.


But that heavy slap just now made the corner of Chen Fen’s mouth bleed, and it was Fu Shen Yan who put all the force into it.


There was an eerie coldness hidden in the air for a while, and Fu Shen Yan’s anger did not subside.


He looked at Chen Fen and his voice was cold, “I don’t want to see you again in the future!”


Then he coldly glanced at Nan Xiangxiang, his gaze was as cold as ice, he didn’t speak, but it was enough to show that Fu Shen Yan had a distaste for her.


His hand was pulled by him, he was a little helpless, “No need to be soft-hearted in the future!” The fact that he was looking at Han Shuang, he frowned, vaguely unhappy, even the gaze he looked at Chen Yi was a bit cold.


I know that he was like this because I was aggrieved, but this matter is frankly not their fault.


I couldn’t help but take the initiative to take his arm and look up at him, “Are you done with your work? I’m a little hungry!”


He smiled lightly and raised his hand to scrape my nose, although in front of everyone, but did not hide his doting, “En, come on, let’s go back and eat something delicious.”


Fu ShenYan and I came out of the studio and couldn’t help but sigh vaguely, this time I guess the whole Fu’s would blow up.


Sure enough, not long after we walked, we faintly heard unbelievable voices behind us, “Who the hell is this woman?”


“So, who is the stand-in ……”


The voice behind me moved away, and when I got into the car, I looked at him sideways, “Does Nan Xiangxiang and I really look alike?”


He hooked his lips and smiled lightly, his fingers landing on my cheek for a moment, “No, she doesn’t deserve to say resemblance to you!”