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Never Say Never Chapter 623-624

Chapter 623

Someone else picked up the conversation, “I don’t feel like that woman’s back looks like that Miss Lu, nor does it look like Nan Xiangxiang, the woman in the photo, obviously the clothes are all floor length! Both women are highly controversial, how could they just be shopping in the square, and, especially Nan Xiangxiang, her usual clothes are big brands, the clothes on that woman, obviously not big brands ah!”


Someone else needed to say that, intended by the noisy voices outside.


The make-up artist had already done my make-up for me and looked at me extraordinarily stunningly and said, “Amazing! Miss Shen, your features are really too delicate, and your skin is good.”


I smiled and saw a group of people walking in outside the make-up room, led by a woman who looked to be around forty years old.


She was in a bad mood, “We Xiang Xiang hasn’t come yet, who told you to use a body double to film without permission?”


“Sister Chen, didn’t you say that Xiang Xiang was sick? If she’s coming today or not, all of us will decide to find a body double again!” The one who spoke was Liu Yue, the head of the publicity department.


The woman who was called Sister Chen gave me a cold look, extraordinarily disdainful, “Xiang Xiang is sick, but she didn’t say she won’t be filming. It’s just a case of “East meets West.”


After saying that, she raised her hand and looked at the little a*sistant who was following her and said, “Go to the nanny car and invite Xiang Xiang down, the make-up artist and stylist get ready and change Xiang Xiang’s make-up.”


The make-up artist and stylist were both a little embarra*sed and said, “Sister Chen, but we’ve been explained above that we’ll just let Miss Shen come to the shoot, and we’re ready to shoot once our styling and make-up are done, so if we do it again from scratch now, we’ll be delayed again later.”


“How valuable is your time? Is it as valuable as our Xiang Xiang’s? Is it hard to do the make-up and styling from scratch? Do you really think a substitute can shoot such a high-end promotional film for Fu’s?” The woman who was called Sister Chen gave me an extraordinarily disdainful look.


She laughed coldly, “Just because you have a few similarities with Xiang Xiang, you really think you can be more of a mountain chicken than a phoenix, and you don’t even look at yourself.”


This is clearly a personal attack.


“Sister Chen Fen, since when did you have such a poisonous mouth? Who’s a mountain chicken and who’s a phoenix?” Han Shuang, who had arrived from outside, walked over to me, patted the back of my hand and spoke out to comfort me, “Is everything alright?”


I shook my head, looking pale, I had seen these things before four years ago.


Seeing Han Shuang appear, Chen Fen sneered, “Who do I think it is? Director Han, you’re a director of the marketing department, what are you doing here in the publicity department?”


After years in the mall, Han Shuang was already comfortable with people like her, “Since when is a manager like Chen Fen qualified to dictate to Fu’s announcement department? I am at least an employee of Fu’s, what are you, Sister Chen Fen? According to Mr. Fu’s meaning, you are only Nan Xiangxiang’s personal agent, right? To put it bluntly, you have nothing to do with our Fu’s in the slightest.”


“You ……” Chen Fen’s chest rose and fell, furious, “it seems that you are not going to continue to work with our Xiangxiang, this matter we have to ask Mr. Fu to talk about, our Xiangxiang is not Fu’s. ”


This comment, seems to be a bit of misinterpretation of Han Shuang’s meaning, Han Shuang sneered, did not bother to count, looked to the photographer and said, “makeup and styling are ready, ready to shoot, now control the scene staff, ask the irrelevant people out of the scene.”


Chapter 624

Being ignored like this had probably never happened to Chen Fen before, and she was just about to get angry when Nan Xiangxiang was invited in from outside.


The woman was wearing a long, clean white dress, her long hair was pulled back, and her already delicate face looked smaller and smaller.


This would be considered the third time we had met, and as we looked at each other, she was a little surprised, obviously surprised as to why I was here.


Before Nan Xiangxiang could say anything, her manager, Chen Fen, spoke up, “Xiangxiang, you’re here, let’s do your make-up and choose your look first!”


Nan Xiangxiang didn’t say anything, but looked at me, her gaze slightly cold, “Miss Shen?”


I smiled lightly and didn’t feel bad, nodding my head, “Miss Xiang Xiang, how are you?”


She looked me over from head to toe, her gaze falling on my face, frowning daily with vague anger, “Since when did I let Miss Shen take over my role?”


Han Shuang spoke, “Didn’t Miss Nan Xiangxiang say she was sick and couldn’t come?”


“So what?” Nan Xiangxiang looked at her and narrowed her eyebrows, “Does Mr. Han think that anyone can replace me?”


“Yes!” Chen Fen spoke up, “If all the cats and dogs on the street can appear here, then what does our Xiang Xiang count as? If she looks a bit like our Xiang Xiang, she really thinks she is some kind of phoenix, a mountain chicken is still a mountain chicken!”


“If you can’t talk, get lost!” Han Shuang was furious, “What Fu wants is a positive spokesperson who has a sense of responsibility and knows how to be polite and honest, not a picky vase.”


“Who are you calling a vase?” Chen Fen simply stopped pretending and scolded Han Shuang angrily, “You are just a director of the marketing department, and you really think you are a treasure? If Xiang Xiang said one word, you would still have to leave, who do you think you are!”


“Heh!” Han Shuang almost laughed out loud, “One word from Nan Xiangxiang and I’m out of here? What? When did this Fu’s become Nan Xiangxiang’s? How come I don’t know?”


“Why not? Nan Xiangxiang and Mr. Fu have been together for so many years, what are you, and how dare you spill your guts here?” Chen Fen’s words were kind of introverted, but anyone who understood could hear that she had a good relationship with Fu Shen Yan.


Although the people watching from the side did not like Nan Xiangxiang very much, but once these words came out, most of them knew in their hearts that Nan Xiangxiang could not afford to mess with them.


Han Shuang this character tough, listening to her words feel ridiculous to the extreme, sarcastic look at Nan Xiangxiang said, “Chen Fen is not clear what specific relationship between Miss Xiangxiang and Mr. Fu, could it be that Miss Xiangxiang herself has no self-knowledge?”


“You ……”


Han Shuang sneered, “When you yourself started plastic surgery, you should have also seen her photos, eyebrows and nose and her plastic surgery so similar, all these years Mr. Fu looked also annoyed, moreover, are you still wondering until now, who is it that you yourself imitate? En?”


These words were extraordinarily ironic for a celebrity, not to mention the fact that it was a direct revelation of a female celebrity’s plastic surgery in front of a large crowd.


Journalists who know how to catch hot spots are already afraid of thinking up tomorrow’s headline copy.


However, hearing Han Shuang’s words, I did notice something. Nan Xiangxiang and Lu Xinran are indeed very similar in terms of dressing, both of them like this pure white long dress, if I hadn’t met them twice before, I would have confused the two.


“What are you babbling about?” Chen Fen was furious and lunged towards Han Shuang, pushing her to the ground and shouting angrily, “Han Shuang, don’t think you’re jumping around here because you have some power, I’m telling you, I can sue you for false accusation.”


I went to help Han Shuang and she patted my hand and spoke, “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter!”


She got up and gave Chen Fen a cold look and a sneer, “Annoyed because I’ve said something that hurts you?”