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Winner Takes All Chapter 525-526

Chapter 525

Tough B*****d!

One by one, men in suits looked at Chen Dong sitting in a wheelchair, and the same thought burst into their minds.

One could tell at a glance who was stronger and who was weaker between those with able-bodied arms and legs and those with crippled legs.

What’s more, they knew full well how strong the young man really was!

Instead, it was like this before their eyes.

The air was frozen to the extreme, and an aura of slaughter pervaded.

Chen Dong’s cold and violent voice seemed to echo in the ears of each and every man in a suit.

Almost simultaneously.

Elder Long’s aged voice suddenly sounded at the entrance of the ward.

“Heard the young master’s order?”



Before the words fell, Kunlun and Fan Lu at the entrance of the ward were instantly like fierce tigers out of their bets, brazenly putting down the nearest two people.

As the screams rang out, the silent corridor suddenly burst into a cacophony of noise and chaos.

Men in suits instantly surged towards Kunlun and Fan Lu at the entrance of the ward.

A huge crowd filled the corridor.

Roars and shouts of anger rose and fell.

The scene was explosive.

Chen Dong sat calmly in his wheelchair, looking at the crowd that was lunging at Kunlun and Fan Lu.

There were dozens of them, not a small number.

Moreover, he could tell that everyone was a practitioner, never an ordinary person!

This had been premeditated by the Rainbow Heaven Estate for a long time.

Not to say whether it was a premeditated Lone Wolf, or a premeditated him.

Anyway, these people came to Lijin Hospital today, definitely with the intention of causing trouble and fighting.

It was even more unlikely that it would be a good thing!

However, with Kunlun and Fan Lu’s body, it was only a matter of time if they wanted to settle these dozens of people.

Dozens of practitioners, if they were a wolf pack.

If they were wolves, then Kunlun and Fan Lu, who were charging left and right in the crowd, would be tigers who were the kings of the mountain!

There is a world of difference between those who have seen blood and those who have never seen blood.

There is a world of difference between those who have seen blood and those who haven’t, let alone those who have been bloodied like Kunlun and Fan Lu!

Because Kunlun and Fan Lu were so quick to strike, their strikes were thunderous.

So much so that dozens of men in suits all lunged back at the duo, but no one lunged towards Chen Dong’s side.

“Chen Tianyao …… Hongtian Real Estate ……”

Chen Dong slowly raised his hand and rubbed his nose, his eyelids lowered, his eyes narrowed into slits, bursting with majestic killing intent.

He is not a soft persimmon to be squeezed and rounded by others.

The best way to get hit at the door again and again was to swing a fist back.

“Do you really want to send them all to the resuscitation room?”

The old voice rang out in Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong looked at Elder Long in dismay, “How did you walk over here?”

“Followed the corner of the wall and moved out.”

Long Lao pointed to the wall and shrugged, “These people, they are not so bad as to take a shot at an old man like me, right?”


The words had just fallen.

A fist landed blatantly on Elder Long’s chest from a slant.

Elder Long was instantly staggered and looked in pain.

Chen Dong playfully glanced at Elder Long whose features were almost distorted, and then glanced at the man in the suit with hideous features in front of him.

Shrugging his shoulders, he laughed playfully, “You see, they really aren’t people who respect the old and love the young.”

“D*mn it, even beating up the elderly, I’ll teach you to be a man today!”

Elder Long’s face turned steeply red and his hair raged as he took a step forward and waved his hands, seemingly slow, but in fact swift as thunder.

In an instant.

His arms wrapped around the man in the suit’s hands and rubbed them hard.


The man in the suit then fell heavily to the ground.

With Long Lao’s palm slash to his throat, the man in the suit instantly pa*sed out.


Chen Dong could not help but suck in a breath of cold air backwards.

When Elder Long was really angry, his killing power was really no weaker than Kunlun Fan Lu and the other a*sa*sins!

“Now, do you still hesitate to send them into the resuscitation room?” Chen Dong asked.

“Send, send them all in!”

Elder Long angrily spat on the ground, and then the dragon marched and rushed directly towards the crowd.

With Elder Long joining him, the battle, which was already a sure thing, became a one-sided “ma*sacre”.

In just five minutes, the battle ended abruptly.

Chen Dong looked at the corridor full of men in suits lying on the ground, his expression calm and unruffled.

At that moment.

Kun Lun walked over with a middle-aged man as if he was carrying a small chicken.

Throwing the middle-aged man heavily in front of Chen Dong, Kun Lun then said, “Young master, he is the one leading the charge.”

“Lift up your head.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes at the middle-aged man in front of him.

This middle-aged man was in his forties, about one meter eight tall, and gave off a sturdy and strong sense of oppression.

With a face of cross flesh, he even had a fierce and hostile aura.

However, at this moment, the middle-aged man’s face carried bruises, half of his face was swollen up, one eye was also swollen into a slit, and the corner of his mouth was still bloody, extremely wretched.

Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment: “Pig head ……”

“You F**king fart!”

The middle-aged man looked steeply fierce, his sturdy body resembling a bursting bear, instantly trying to pounce on Chen Dong.


Kun Lun raised his foot and smashed down blatantly on the middle-aged man’s back.

The middle-aged man was slammed down hard on the ground.

Chen Dong’s expression remained unchanged, looking at the middle-aged man with a look full of contempt and disgust.

“Take me to see your boss!”

The middle-aged man was trampled under Kun Lun’s feet, unable to move, but he still pulled his voice and growled, “I am the F**king boss!”

Chen Dong snorted, “Even if Chen Tianyang is a waste, there is no way he would let a drunken, reckless B*****d like you be the boss of Hongtian Real Estate.”

At those words.

The middle-aged man’s body shook violently and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

As the head horse of the owner of Rainbow Sky Real Estate, he was clear about who the big boss of Rainbow Sky Real Estate was and the purpose for which Rainbow Sky Real Estate was created.

The only thing that was not clear was the relationship between Chen Dong and Chen Tianyao.

Of course, this relationship was in no way something that he was qualified to know as a small head horse.

But this statement alone from Chen Dong was already enough to shock him.

The man in front of him …… knew the big boss!

“Not going?”

Chen Dong slowly took out a dagger from his wheelchair, his thumb gently wiping over the shiny sharp edge, which was left by the young man who had just given him and Gu Qingying a wreath of flowers.

The next second!


Chen Dong’s expression was hostile as the dagger in his hand plunged brazenly into the middle-aged man’s broad back.

Blood spurted wildly.

It splattered all over the ground.


There was no shortage of onlookers in the corridor.

As the knife fell, a cry of horror rang out.

The previous melee had only put people down after all, and although the scene was so huge that even the hospital security guards didn’t dare to approach, it was nowhere near the huge impact that the blood splattering would bring!

“Now …… going or not?”

Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair, his expression cold and stern to the extreme, holding the dagger in his right hand and slowly twisting it.

The sharp blade stirred the flesh of the middle-aged man.

The sharp pain made the middle-aged man shiver.

The excruciating pain in his back left him in no doubt that the ruthless B*****d in the wheelchair in front of him would definitely dare to do something even crazier.

Panicked by the threat of death, he said, “Go, I’ll take you!”


Chen Dong pulled out his dagger, bringing up a large swathe of blood.


He indifferently threw the dagger to the ground, swept it across the corridor full of people and said coldly, “Sister Xiao Lu stays with Xiao Ying, Kun Lun and Elder Long accompany me on a trip to Hong Tian Real Estate, inform the hospital emergency department and send me in for emergency treatment regardless of the severity of the injuries.”

Kun Lun hesitated for a moment and said, “Young Master, some of them are only temporarily incapacitated, there is no need for resuscitation.”

Chen Dong smiled brutally, his cold gaze gazing at Kun Lun with a bit of a chill down his back.

“No need for resuscitation? Then find a way to make them eligible for resuscitation!”

“Understood.” Kun Lun was busy nodding his head.

Chen Dong glanced at one of the red and green, incomparably blinding wreaths piled up at the entrance of Lone Wolf’s ward.

“Take all these wreaths with you, in addition go to the funeral street, buy me all the wreaths in the city, have them delivered to the entrance of Hongtian Real Estate within half an hour, since they are going to be mourning, how can we not have a bigger scene?”


Chapter 526

Ten minutes later.

The Rolls Royce drove away from the Lijin Hospital.

Elder Long and Kunlun did not object to Chen Dong’s decision.

The other party had already provoked them to come to their door, and if new grudges were not settled, it would only make the people of Hongtian Real Estate feel that they were weak and bullyable.

A toad that sits on a well and watches the sky will only swell to the point of not knowing how vast the sky is if it is not shown the true vastness of the sky!

Such is the case with Hongtian Real Estate!

“Young master, all the wreaths in the city have been bought and are being sent to Hong Tian Real Estate.”

Kun Lun, who was driving, put down his mobile phone and reported back to Chen Dong.

The injured middle-aged man’s expression froze.

He subconsciously cast a sidelong glance at the closed-eyed Chen Dong: “Since you know who my big boss is, then you should weigh your own weight, acting so arrogantly, be careful of getting into trouble.”

At those words.

Both Kunlun and Elder Long revealed teasing smiles.

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes, “If you guys can be wild, why can’t I be wild? When you Hongtian Real Estate entered the city, have you not inquired about it, I, Chen Dong, have always acted wildly without bounds?”


The middle-aged man snorted, completely forgetting the situation he was in, and sneered without mercy, “I really hope you’ll still be this crazy when you face my boss or the big boss!”

“We’ll see!”

Chen Dong laughed and pressed his right hand to the location of the wound where the middle-aged man had been stabbed with the dagger.


At once, a pig-killing scream echoed from inside the Rolls-Royce.


Rainbow Sky Real Estate.

The entire building was the office area of Hongtian Real Estate.

The wide car park and the magnificent ground floor lobby all show how strong the financial strength of Hongtian Real Estate is.

Inside the president’s office on the top floor of the 33rd floor.

A middle-aged man with a big back hair and a big belly was leaning back lazily and comfortably on his seat, his feet folded on the wide desk.

“Brother Lingdong, I have invited you so many times, so you should at least show your face and come to my place, so that I can do my best as a host.”

The middle-aged man said with a smile.

On the phone, a magnetic voice rang out.

“Fly, I know what you’re thinking, are you trying to pull the flag on me?”

The owner of the voice was none other than the King of the East Mountain Underground, Lin Lingdong!

Technically speaking, the middle-aged man called “Fly” was a few years older than Lin Lingdong, but he still addressed Lin Lingdong as “Little Brother”.

The “fly” smiled awkwardly, and in fact, that was exactly what he did.

When he first arrived in the city, he knew how intricate the city’s real estate enterprises really were.

Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, two of the most powerful men in the market, were like two dragons on the ground, coiled up in the city, overlooking all the mountains.

He was instructed by Chen Tianyang to deal with Chen Dong, who was even more than Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong.

If he did not pull out a big banner to hold the field, with the existing strength of Hongtian Real Estate, it would be difficult to expand rapidly in a short period of time.

After all, in this industry, the so-called strength is not just financial power.

The best proof of this is the fact that when Hongtian Real Estate first entered the city, it was sniped by Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong, who were crazy about land acquisition.

Therefore, the “fly” soon thought of Lin Lingdong, as long as Lin Lingdong could help, the expansion would be smoother.

However, Lin Lingdong had always refused the invitation after repeatedly contacting him.

This time, “The Fly” wanted to change his mind.

“I know that there are people in the city that Brother Lingdong fears, but since Brother Lingdong has not said anything, I won’t ask too much.”

The “fly” lit a cigarette: “But I was able to escape from Dongshan City and live because of Brother Lingdong’s help. Now that I’ve turned over a new leaf and been promoted to my current position, I should also host a banquet to thank Brother Lingdong for saving my life. ”

After a pause, the “fly” did not wait for Lin Lingdong’s reply, and hurriedly said.

“Brother Lingdong, don’t worry, when you come over this time, we will only talk about brotherhood and nothing else.”

On the phone, Lin Lingdong was silent for a few seconds.

“I’ll think about it.”

After dropping the words indifferently, Lin Lingdong hung up the phone.

The “fly” frowned at his phone, raised his hand and wiped his back, snickering, “D*mn, a local snake, if I didn’t want to lend you some power, hell, I would have complimented you, and you really think you’re the emperor? When I’m done with that Chen Dong kid, huh …… I’ll rise to the top in the future, then you Lin Lingdong won’t even be worthy to carry my shoes!”


The phone was casually thrown onto the desktop.

The “fly” was annoyed.

On the one hand, he was being pressured by his boss Chen Tianyang, and on the other hand, he was unable to break the ice in the city.

This made him anxious to the core!

“Sh*t, why isn’t Mourning Dog back yet?”

“The Fly slammed his fist on the table in annoyance: “I was blind at that time, I actually found this bunch of scumbags like Funeral Dogs, and they were all dragging their feet in getting things done.


As he was complaining, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open by a woman dressed in an OL professional outfit.

The woman’s heavily made-up face was filled with panic.

The “fly” looked at the door in annoyance and was about to curse, but when he saw the woman, his expression eased up a bit.

“Not today!”

The woman shook her head in fear: “Mr. Zheng, something big has happened down there.”

Down there?

The “fly” gave the woman an up-and-down look.

The woman was so anxious that she stomped her foot: “Something big has happened downstairs, someone sent a wreath here!”


“The fly got up in anger and slapped his palm on the table.

“D*mn it, a wreath? I’ve always sent wreaths to others, who the hell dares to send wreaths to me? Get all of the security department together and come down with me!”

The angry Zheng Qiu tugged at the tie around his neck and walked down with a cross face.

With the strength of Hongtian Real Estate, he wasn’t so afraid of anyone in the city!


When Zheng Qiu led the entire security department with dozens of people to the company’s main building, even in his enraged state, he was still stunned by the scene before him.


All wreaths!

When choosing the location of Hongtian Real Estate, Zheng Qiu had deliberately picked the current building with a small square for the sake of the facade.

The purpose was to show off the grandeur.

However, as far as the naked eye could see, there were wreaths of flowers everywhere.

Reds and greens were all over the place.

It stretched along the entrance of the company building, all the way to the road, spreading across the entire small square.

This was a huge scene.

The visual impact it gave was extremely shocking.

Not only was Zheng Qiu frozen, everyone present was stunned by the sea of wreaths in front of them.

“Who did this? Who the hell did this?”

Zheng Qiu came back to his senses and instantly became furious to the point of rage.

On his face, which was full of fat, his green bean eyes were now wide to the limit, showing all the fierceness and ferocity.

He quickly rushed up and grabbed a young man who was placing a wreath.


A slap to the young man’s face: “Who the hell told you to do that? Do you want to die?”

The young man was dumbfounded by the slap, and when he faced the arrogant Zheng Qiu, his eyes misted up a little in shock.

“I don’t know, it was someone who bought the wreaths all over the city and said they were sent to Hongtian Real Estate for mourning, I, we were just the delivery guys.”


Zheng Qiu gave the young man another slap, directly knocking him to the ground.

He turned around and growled, “Demolish it for me, find out for me who actually sent it, smash my Zheng Qiu’s field, even the king of heaven will pull down the horse!”


At this moment, a long and piercing car horn sounded.

At the main entrance, all eyes looked at the sound.

Zheng Qiu, who was in a rage, also turned around slowly.

A Rolls Royce was slowly driving along the road vacated in the middle of the sea of flower wreaths.