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Never Say Never Chapter 619-620

Chapter 619

Although I don’t know what kind of friendship between Fu Qingyin and Nan Xiangxiang during these four years that made her protect her so much, but now it seems that it is more or less different from before.


Sending me back to the bedroom, Fu ShenYin placed a shallow kiss on my forehead, his voice low, “Close your eyes and sleep well.”


Afterwards, he got up and went downstairs.


The elders are mostly concerned about their juniors, Fu Qingyin does not want me to be with Fu Shenyin, I think he also knows that there are many things that used to be between them.


Putting it in perspective, I was actually reluctant too. After all, it was inherently difficult for two people who had once hurt each other to want to continue their lives together.


The light in the bedroom was turned off by him, originally to let me sleep properly, but I was afraid of the dark, so I couldn’t close my eyes to sleep.


I got up from the bed and turned on the lamp, I couldn’t fall asleep, the seasons no longer required me to use incense to hypnotise me to fall asleep lightly.


When I got up and left the bedroom, there seemed to be a conversation in the hall, a little heavy.


It was Fu Shenyin and Fu Qingyin, aunt and nephew, arguing about me.


Fu Shenyin’s face was not good, “Why can’t you just let go? Her parents, her past, you all know very well in your hearts, there’s no way to go back to the past, and there’s no way you can live your life as a normal couple, what’s wrong with Xiang Xiang?”


She was a bit agitated, “In terms of appearance, she is nine percent similar to Shen Shu, she is young, innocent, gentle and understanding, with her, you can concentrate on your career, and the two of you can have a child later, what’s wrong with that? Why do you want to be stuck in the past and not let go? What’s the point of torturing yourself like this?”


You see, I think this paragraph is extremely right, yes, why do we have to be trapped in the past and not come out, why not find someone new and live a good life?


I was expecting him to have nothing to say, but he opened his mouth shallowly, “I met her when she was only 22 years old. She said that Tanchun was the most understanding person, she had been a young lady in Jia’s house for more than ten years, and then married far away, although her family was raided, but how could she live a bad life afterwards, with her own intelligence?”


“If you think about it, it was her life that was the most free. That was the first time I saw her, and at that time I thought that this girl’s heart must be filled with the stars and the sea. She was 24 years old, and grandfather brought her into the Fu family and asked me to marry her, and I thought that such a girl must not want to marry me in her heart, and it would be better for her to make things difficult for her than for me to make the decision to refuse, but grandfather was arbitrary and directly forced We entered the church and were married. At that time I thought that if one day she wanted to leave, I would not stop her, and for two years I stayed away from her, spending my energy and time on the responsibilities I had been entrusted with by Lu Yan, but man! A little seed planted in the heart will sprout with time, and after a drunken indiscretion, she became pregnant.”


“I thought it was fate, so I started treating her well, without reservation, I promised her I would protect her mother and son, I would give her a grand wedding, I would never hurt her, she had no family, no home, I was all she had to rely on, but by mistake, I still harmed her. I think that if it wasn’t for me, with her nature, she would have had a very good life.”


Chapter 620

He looked at Fu Qingyin and smiled mockingly, “Auntie, it’s not that she can’t leave me, it’s that I can’t leave her, I never learned how to love her, that’s why I’ve hurt her so much along the way, I don’t just love her, it’s that I don’t have the ability to love anymore after meeting her, I want to keep her, no matter what happens in this life, I want to protect her as much as possible, the past is the past, the future is what matters. It’s the future that matters, isn’t it?”


I stood frozen in place, looking at him with an indescribable pain in my heart, my gaze falling on the ring on his finger, yes, he never seemed to take it off.


Fu Qingyin probably didn’t expect him to say something like that, so she opened her mouth for a moment, but had nothing to say.


She tilted her head to look at me, laughing a little at herself, and shook her head and left in a trance.


I turned around and went back to my bedroom, never thinking about how I existed to Fu Shen Yan. I knew he loved me and put me at ease, but I never thought he would be so affectionate.


Lying in bed, I was completely sleepless, and when Fu Shen Yan came in, I was still dazed with my eyes open.


When I saw him enter, I subconsciously closed my eyes, but he noticed, “What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?”


I hesitated for a moment, “Maybe it’s the change of room.” I regretted it after I said it, the bedroom from four years ago, how could it be unfamiliar when I came back?


He furrows his eyebrows slightly and smiles lightly, walking over to me, lying down and pulling me close to him, “Maybe it’s because I’m not here.”


I smile, a little dazed.


It wasn’t quite a cold day in September, but it was still a little chilly, and after staying up in a daze until midnight, I was a little chilly, looking for a source of heat when I burrowed into his arms and was held close to him.


The future is unknown to any of us, so we might as well live it up right now.




The next day.


The sunlight danced through the screen in the bedroom, I thought, a little dazed, and saw Fu Shen Yan sitting on the edge of the bed dealing with papers.


I spoke, “Shen Yan!” What I had thought was a dream, he looked up at me with starlight in his eyes, and with the benefit of hindsight, I realised that it really seemed to be him.


He placed the papers in the general area, got up and kissed me, smiling, “Would you like to go out with me later?”


I hesitated for a moment, “Is it work?”


He smiled lightly, “Sort of, not really, the weather is nice, you go out for a walk and take a break.”


I nodded my head, sort of agreeing.


Half of the reason why Fu Shenyan came to Jiangcheng for Huayu’s publicity shoot was this.


The address was chosen in an outdoor studio, which Fu Shen Yan originally did not need to go to, but he seemed to think he could take me for a walk, so he took me with him.


In the large studio, the staff were busy. Before entering the studio, Fu Shen Yan received a phone call, saying that he needed to see something.


He frowned, a little vaguely angry, “Didn’t you prepare well in advance?”


The person on the phone was also apprehensive, “It’s Gu’s project, Mr. Gu requested on the phone that he needs to talk to you.”


Fu Shen Yan was a little warm and angry, but still didn’t show half of it, nodding his head and smiling lightly, “Yes!”


Hanging up the phone, he looked at me and before I could say anything I smiled and said, “You go, I can just about walk alone, if you follow me, maybe I’ll be treated like a monkey again?”


This was true, how many of the employees under Fu’s umbrella could there be who didn’t know Fu Shen Yan, and seeing him with a woman by his side, there would most likely be some gossip to spread.


He nodded, called Chen Yi and told him to take me for a walk, and then left.