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Never Say Never Chapter 617-618

Chapter 617

I nodded, shook her hand and said with a light smile, “I’m his ex-wife, Shen Shu, hello Miss Xiang Xiang.”


She froze slightly for a few seconds and said, “Ex-wife? You and Mr. Fu, you’re divorced?”


I nodded, “It’s been four years.”


Nan Xiangxiang seemed a little surprised, but after all, she was an actress, her expression was well controlled, she smiled lightly, “You two go ahead, I’ll go see my friends first.”


Fu Shenyan spared the words and just nodded indifferently.


I smiled lightly and did not say much.


Nan Xiangxiang walked away, I was a bit numbed by Fu Shen Yan’s look, I couldn’t help but speak, “You’re looking at me like that, you might have to let down such a nice restaurant.”


He lost his smile and elegantly cut the steak the waiter brought into pieces and placed it in front of me to replace the untouched steak in front of me.


I don’t like cutting steaks, my hands are clumsy it’s true, and Miko used to say that when cutting a steak it felt like I was dissecting a corpse.


Half of the reason why Europeans prefer to use knives and forks is because long ago, Europeans basically consumed raw food, so it was basically cut and eaten.


I didn’t bother to check this conclusion of Muzi’s, but I always had this idea more or less in mind.


Nan Xiangxiang was not sitting far away, and she was in a position that was enough to see where Fu Shenyan and I were.


“Have some juice first!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, already bringing the juice to my mouth.


I was forced to drink it and couldn’t help but lose my smile; most of this man’s actions were deliberate.


“I’ll do it myself, you don’t have to be so deliberate!” It’s not pretentious, but it’s always more or less unnatural for Nan Xiangxiang to have her beautiful eyes looking so far away.


“Since we are in love, we naturally have to look close.” This man, more or less intentionally.


I sigh, what a way to hold a grudge!


Looking at the steak he brought to my mouth, I was a little helpless, “I could really do it myself.”


The man raised an eyebrow, “I like to feed you.”


Seems to be treating me like a pig.


Coming out of the restaurant and in the car, I smiled lightly, “When I was in Huai’an, one day at a bar, a young man called Mu Qing confessed his love for me as Nan Xiangxiang and later left me a handful of words.”


I was not really interested in the obvious, but, having been told several times that I was similar, I was inevitably a bit suspicious.


So just now then I also took a few moments of seriousness and looked closely at Nan Xiangxiang, and indeed it was a resemblance, a resemblance between the eyebrows and eyes, and the nose, a resemblance.


He started the car and hooked his lips, “This world, mostly because of the risk of beauty similar people, although they try to imitate you as much as possible, but the temperament and charm, after all, there is no way to imitate, more like, but also not you.”


I smiled and said no more.


I woke up in a daze, seeing him pull up under a villa.


I spoke, still sleepy, “Where is this?”


“Our home!” He spoke, leaning over to unbuckle my seatbelt.


I opened my eyes and looked at each other, something indefinable, his breath was warm and smelled of tobacco.


I subconsciously averted my eyes, but he kissed me suddenly, fiercely and insistently.


It took me a long time to find my voice, “The Four Seasons are still at the Cloud Copper Apartments, I have to go back!”


He spoke, his gaze clear, “I called Jon, he’ll take care of the Four Seasons, since we’re back, there’s no point in living apart.”


I furrowed my brows, “We’re divorced.”


He spoke, his voice hoarse, “I didn’t sign it.”


He picked me up and went straight into the villa, and with the benefit of hindsight, I realised that this was the villa at Shanshui Residence, a house that had been renovated after four years, except for the outside.


The inside of the villa was basically as it had always been, just like before. Once inside, I spoke, “I can walk by myself!”


It was more than a little inappropriate to hold it like that.


Chapter 618

He smiled lightly, “It’s okay, just close your eyes and rest.”


I laughed, just a few steps, why worry about these few minutes.


There were people sitting in the living room, but I was a little surprised to see them, Fu Qingyin and Nan Xiangxiang, whom I had seen during the day.


I hadn’t seen Fu Qingyin for four years, but her face was a little more subdued and pale, but still dignified.


The way Fu and I appeared was so intimate that as soon as I entered the villa with him, the two men, who had been sitting in the living room drinking tea, stood up.


When she saw me, Fu Qingyin frowned, obviously unhappy, and looked at Fu Shen Yan, some blushing, “What did you bring her back for? You ……”


Fu ShenYin converged his eyebrows, some coldness, “Aunt, this is my personal matter.” The man’s words were shallow, no emotion could be heard, but they conveyed a cold indifference that rejected people.


Fu Qingyin’s emotions were a little unstable, “Shen Yan, you have already separated, why do you still want to entangle? Four years you ……”


“Aunt, it’s getting late, go back early!” Obvious expulsion order.


“If you’re sleepy, rest well!” Fu Shen Yan lowered his eyes to look at me, the man’s eyebrows are clear, extraordinarily warm and moist.


I sighed, this visit had invariably offended Fu Qingyin.


Carrying me upstairs, the man’s voice was warm, “All the things in the bedroom are still there, all the things you like to use on a regular basis, just like before.”


I pursed my lips and said nothing, standing in the living room, Nan Xiangxiang slightly panicked her figure, seemingly a little unstable.


Her eyes looked at me with some desperation and helplessness.


As a woman, intuition is always there, I don’t know what involvement there is between Fu Shenyan and Nan Xiangxiang in these four years, but now look at Nan Xiangxiang’s expression, most of them are heartily attached to Fu Shenyan.


“Mr. Fu!” Nan Xiangxiang opened her mouth, which seemed a bit hollow in the empty hall.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, turned around, looked at her, a little unhappy, “Miss Nan wants something?”


Nan Xiangxiang pursed her lips, grinding with aggression, “There are some details about Huayu’s endors*ment, I want to discuss it with you.”


Fu Shen Yan is a noble and elegant man, looking at her, emotions are not much, just words shallow, look indifferent said, “Miss Nan, it is now nine o’clock in the afternoon, Fu’s working hours are eight hours, from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon, the closing time has been three hours, you are also a highly educated person, uninvited, is rude, now in the middle of the night to invite me to talk with you work, those who know because it’s work, those who don’t think I have something with you?”


His gaze narrowed, “Miss Nan is also 26 years old, she should know what to do and when to say. I don’t know how you came to my house today, but I don’t want this to happen again, my wife and I deserve some privacy and I don’t want anyone else to disturb it, sorry.”


These words were polite and gentle, not the slightest hint of anger could be heard, but if any girl heard these words, her heart would be extremely uncomfortable, hurting people in an invisible way, that’s what it was like.


A person as gentle as a jade, spitting out a bunch of words like this without being gentle, or to a girl who admires him, is a bit too cruel.


Fu Qingyin frowned, somewhat displeased, “Shen Yan, you’re going too far!”


Nan Xiangxiang’s face was almost bloodless, miserably white and haggard, but he forced himself to suppress his emotions and was somewhat extraordinarily embarra*sed.


Fu Qingyin spoke up to comfort her, “Xiangxiang, Shen Yan is straightforward, don’t take his words to heart, auntie will call a car to take you back later.”


Nan Xiangxiang shook her head, “Auntie, I’m fine.”


She bowed her head, not daring to look at Fu Shenyin again, and turned around to go back to the villa.


The reason why Fu Shen Yan was angry was that he guessed that Nan Xiang Xiang had said something to Fu Qingyin.