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Never Say Never Chapter 615-616

Chapter 615

Good thing I saw a taxi coming not far away, raised my hand to wave it to a stop, then looked at the two indifferently, “Here’s the car, thanks!”


I put her back to bed, I cleaned up a bit, then picked up my phone and prepared to order some food for the house.


There were a few missed calls on the screen, from Fu Shen Yan and Qiao En. I had come back late last night and had meant to check in with Qiao En but had forgotten.


It wasn’t the weekend and Qiao En should still be at work, so I sent him a message to check in.


I then called Fu Shen Yan back and when the call was answered, it was quiet on the other end, the man’s voice was low and introspective, “Busy morning?”


I threw my morning change of clothes into the washing machine, the mountain road was muddy and inevitably stained with dirt.


“Took Four Seasons out for a walk.” Four Seasons seemed to wake up from her nap and there was movement from the bedroom.


I got up to check.


“Any plans for the afternoon?” Fu Shen Yan on the other end of the phone spoke.


“Probably going out for a walk.” Four Seasons was indeed awake, sitting up in bed playing with the lamp on the bedside table.


When she saw me, she spoke glutinously, “Mum, I’m hungry!”


I nodded into the phone, “I’ll cook dinner for Four Seasons, talk to you later.”


“Okay!” He spoke, his voice warm.


I hung up the phone and it wasn’t long before the doorbell was rung, presumably for takeaway.


When I opened the door, I saw Jon carrying a lot of things, and when he saw that I had taken a long time to come, he couldn’t help but say, “Did you fall asleep?”


I smiled lightly, “No. Aren’t you working? What brings you here?”


He carried the big bag of stuff into the kitchen and sighed helplessly, “The fridge is all empty, what am I working for, have you guys not eaten yet?”


I nodded, Four Seasons already hugging his lap and shouting that he was hungry.


He handed the dessert he had bought to Four Seasons and softened his voice, “Four Seasons eat a little first, uncle will cook for you later.”


Then he looked up at me, “Where did you go this morning?”


“I went to the cemetery.” I spoke, shoving things into the fridge with him, “I met Cheng Junyu at the cemetery this morning, along with Lu Ke.”


After a pause, I spoke, “Lu Ke seems to be pregnant.”


He stopped moving his hands and frowned, “Cheng Junyu’s baby?”


I shrugged my shoulders, “It’s possible!” It looked like it should be.


He turned his gaze to Four Seasons, pursed his lips slightly and lowered his voice, “Don’t ever say anything to him about Four Seasons.”


I pursed my lips, “It’s possible he already knows, after all, Four Seasons bears a slight resemblance to him.”


“So what? As long as you don’t say anything and admit it, he just forced Four Seasons away?” He was a little angry, “If it wasn’t for that Luke in the first place, she wouldn’t have had a bloodbath, D*mn it!”


Four Seasons ate well, plus she was hungry, so she sat quietly and ate.


As soon as Qiao En came, there was basically nothing left for me to do in the kitchen, a text message came from my phone, it was Fu Shen Yan, “It’s raining in the capital, has it rained on your side yet? Remember to bring an umbrella when you go out.”


I smiled lightly, I couldn’t help but feel that this man was a bit cute and replied, “Yes, I know.”


Fu Shen Yan: “Wear more, I’ll come and see you when you’ve finished these few days.”


Me: “En!”


Fu Shenyan: “Did you miss me?”


Me: “Yes!”


Fu Shen Yan: “I miss you too.”


I lost my smile as Jon finished the dishes and opened his mouth to call me, I nodded, returned the message, put the phone down and went into the kitchen with the Four Seasons in my arms.




Jon said he was going to take Four Seasons for a play date and I was a little tired and simply stayed in the Cloud Copper flat to rest.


The two hadn’t been gone long and I barely slept, waking up to find my body clogged up.


Chapter 616

It was foggy outside and looked a bit depressing, so I really couldn’t stay alone, it was easy to be depressed.


After washing up, I went out with my umbrella.


The smoggy river city was beautiful, like a landscape painting dyed with ink, pa*sing by Fu’s, which had already changed a lot.


The office building had been renovated from the ground up, new luxury buildings had been built around it and there were many shopping malls around, so I’m afraid it had become a city centre.


I stood quietly for a while, a different state of mind to be back here after four years.


It was still early in the morning, and I sat in the square and watched the people coming and going on both sides of the road, lovers holding hands and laughing, and elderly people walking with their arms around them.


I was lost in thought for a moment as Fu Shenyan sat next to me, and when I saw him smiling, I couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you in the capital?”


He smiled lightly, “I thought you were still in Huai’an, but you’ve already returned to Jiangcheng, why didn’t you tell me?”


I tilted my head and leaned on his shoulder as I spoke lightly, “I was going to tell you, but I thought you were in the capital, so I thought I would call you when I got there.”


He nodded and raised his arm around me, “Wherever you are, tell me so I know that you are safe.”


I nodded, looking at the crowds coming and going, and wondered, “How did you find this place?”


He smiled lightly, “Guess?”


I shook my head, I couldn’t guess, and looked up at him with some warm light in my eyes, “Maybe, it was fate!”


“Yes!” He nodded and placed a soft kiss on my forehead.


The street was dappled with people, the rain was gentle, and the kiss came as a surprise.


The kiss was urgent and frantic, yet gentle and long, and there was a huff in the air, perhaps from people pa*sing by.


Perhaps someone recognized Fu Shen Yan, after a long time, he released me, although not surrounded by people, but pa*sers-by stopped and deliberately cast a look, seemingly inquisitive, but also seemingly surprised.


Some people took pictures on their mobile phones, thinking that they recognized Fu Shen Yan.


I raised my eyes to look at him, my face burning, “I blame you for being watched as a monkey.”


He smiled lightly and pulled me into his hands, “Blame me!”


The black Maybach pulled up to the side of the road and put me in the driver’s seat, Chen Yi got out and walked over to Fu Shen Yan.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan whisper something in his ear, then Fu Shen Yan got into the car and looked at me sideways, “What do you want to eat?”


I looked back and it turned out that I had been sitting here for hours.




Western restaurant.


Always the customary choice.


In four years, Jiangcheng had changed a lot, and the address was picked by Fu Shenyan, located at the top of the City Garden building in the city centre, with an excellent view.


Before I had even ordered, I met an acquaintance, not my acquaintance, but Fu Shen Yan’s.


The woman’s exquisite make-up and clothes made her the most visible woman in the restaurant as soon as she appeared.


When he saw me, the smile on Nan Xiangxiang’s face stiffened for a few moments, as if he was thinking about something.


But only for a moment, he smiled lightly, looked at Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “Originally I thought you were busy with work, but I was a little surprised that you were here to see a friend.”


Fu Shen Yan did not have much extra emotion, but only spoke lightly, “You came alone?”


She smiled lightly, “I’ve got an appointment with a friend, and I need to find a suitable photographer for Huayu’s promotion.”


Fu Shen Yan nodded his head and spoke, “En, then you go and get busy!”


Nan Xiangxiang smiled lightly, her face had a slightly embarra*sed look, her gaze fell on me, polite and elegant, “Who is this?”


“My wife Shen Shu!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, lifting his finger to point at Nan Xiang Xiang who had a somewhat stiff face, looking towards me and speaking, “Nan Xiang Xiang Xiang, an artist under Fu’s Media.”


Such an introduction is more or less hurtful to the admirer, Nan Xiangxiang’s face is a little stiff, but after all, she is someone who has been in the acting circle for many years.


Looking towards me and extending her hand, “Hello, Miss Shen, I am Nan Xiangxiang, you can call me Xiangxiang.”