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Never Say Never Chapter 613-614

Chapter 613

The child’s tender voice interrupted Cheng Junyu, who was staring at the tombstone, and he turned around, his gaze falling on me and froze slightly.


Perhaps sensing that I was not the one who had just spoken, he once again fixed his gaze on the Four Seasons.


A small and a large, looking at each other for a moment, father and daughter blood, a thousand inextricable threads, he pursed his lips, his brow frowning.


After a long moment, he turned his gaze to me, “The child is ……”


“Four seasons, give the flowers to Muzi’s mother.” I opened my mouth, intending to answer his question.


Mu Zi did not want to give the child to Cheng Jun Yu, naturally I would not either, it was selfish and Mu Zi’s last wish.


Four Seasons nodded, the child was too young and didn’t seem to quite understand the separation of life and death among the regulars, placing the sunflower in front of the tombstone as she looked at the somewhat yellowed photo on it.


She was about the same height as the tombstone and didn’t have to bend down to be even with the photo. Mother and daughter met and looked at each other with four eyes, as if time had reincarnated, and mother and daughter embraced each other and cried.


“Mummy Muzi, Mummy said you were someone very important to her, Mummy was someone very important to me, and you will be someone very important to me from now on.”


The little child’s words were strange and logical, but the voice was soft and extraordinarily heart-wrenching.


Cheng Junyu is not stupid, he knew that I had a miscarriage back then, and he should also know in his heart that the Four Seasons is not my child.


He looked at the Four Seasons with an overly quiet and deep gaze, and thought he had guessed most of it.


I never seemed to tell him that Kimiko was gone, and now that he was here, I was afraid that someone had told her.


He looked to me, “What’s her name?”


Obviously asking for the child’s name, “Shen Jishu!” I spoke, my eyes falling on the tombstone as Four Seasons wiped the dust off the picture with her small hands.


It was a little hard to look at.


Cheng Junyu nodded, his throat twitching as he nodded, “Pretty good!”


The morning mist was still there, I pursed my lips, looking at the yellowing photo on the tombstone, choking in my heart, four years of time, dreaming back to midnight, I could always see Muzi waving goodbye to me with that child.


In the dream, she said, “Shen Shu, I’ll take care of him for you.”


I cried uncontrollably, and my memories of that child grew shallower and shallower. Sometimes I would wonder what our child would be like, given that Fu Shen Yan was so wonderful.


Occasional heartbreaking pains ate away at me, but luckily there were the four seasons, she mixed with me, Huaian’s memories clung to me, I came out of the pain and suffering and gradually let go of the past.




The yin and yang, we can only do is to take care of each other’s heart ties.


The morning mist cleared and a woman’s voice sounded behind me, “Jun Yu, let’s go home!”


The woman’s voice was a bit familiar, I turned around, and after a few seconds of hesitation, I saw the person coming, it was Lu Ke.


I’ve not seen her for years, she’s become more and more charming, her youthfulness is gone, but she’s left behind a bit of stability and patience.


She seemed surprised to see me, and her gaze fell on the Four Seasons in front of the tombstone, and she was lost in thought for a moment.


After a long time, she withdrew her gaze and approached me, her voice light and detached, “Miss Shen, how are you?”


I pursed my lips and looked shallow, “Hello!” The gloom in my heart was still there, but it wasn’t as pronounced.


My eyes fell on her slightly bulging belly, and I froze for a moment before I guessed most of it, it was Cheng Junyu’s.


“Heh!” I lost my voice and laughed out loud, looking at Cheng Junyu, I had anger in my eyes, “Cheng Junyu, you shouldn’t have brought her here.”


What is this?


A provocative demonstration?


Lu Ke opened his mouth, “Miss Shen, don’t misunderstand, it was me who wanted to come along, I don’t blame Jun Yu.”


I laughed and said no more, my gaze fell on her stomach, “You’re so blatantly coming to see her, aren’t you afraid she’ll be dreaming in the middle of the night and ask you for money?”


Chapter 614

The fact that she was half responsible for Muzi’s death back then, and now that she is here blatantly, it seems that she has lived a peaceful life all these years.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


It seems that Cheng Jun Yu didn’t know what was going on with Muzi’s death from the beginning to the end!


“Miss Shen, I know you and Muzi were good friends, but people can’t come back to life after death, besides, those who are alive have to face the sun and continue to live, don’t they?”


This, she said, was actually so bright and airy.


If I hadn’t known about her past, I think I would have thought this was a graceful and optimistic person at this point.


“People can’t come back from the dead, but how do people die?” I looked at Cheng Junyu and sneered, “Cheng Junyu, haven’t you ever thought about how Muzi died?”


“Miss Shen!” Perhaps not expecting me to ask Cheng Junyu so bluntly, Lu Ke spoke up, his voice hurried, “Wasn’t Muzi’s death a result of the excitement of knowing about your accident? It’s already in the past, why are you bringing it up again?”


What was the point?


Looking over at her, my eyes fell on her slightly bulging belly and I felt compa*sionate, after all, the baby was innocent.


“What is it all about?” Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Cheng Junyu spoke up and asked.


“Nothing, Cheng Junyu, just find out what you want to know yourself, there’s no need to ask so many questions, don’t be used like a fool.”


In the end, there are too many people involved in Muzi’s death, and Lu Ke deserves to die, but if I tell this at this time, what is different from her back then?


I went out early in the morning, the cemetery was far from the city, looking at the four seasons who were staring at the tombstone, I spoke, “Four seasons, we should go home.”


Four Seasons nodded, looked at Cheng Junyu, and after a pause, consciously spoke, “Goodbye uncle.”


I froze for a moment as Cheng Junyu’s long, jade-like body stiffened slightly, and he seemed to speak with some misgiving, “Goodbye!” His voice was in a trance.


I carried her on my back as I pulled her down the steps of the cemetery, she was small and slow to walk down the steps.


The steps were long and seemed to go on forever, “Four Seasons, do you like that uncle just now?”


I know Four Seasons, if I didn’t introduce her to someone she wouldn’t say anything, but today she took the initiative to call Cheng Junyu uncle.


“It’s not that I like him, I just think he’s different from other uncles.” The little one spoke up, with a touch.


I lost my smile, after all, it was a blood relation, no matter what, there was no way to set it aside.


“Doesn’t mummy like that uncle?” She lay on my shoulder and seemed a little sleepy.


I thought about it and shook my head, “Not really like it, not hate it either, it’s just that he owes me the most important person.”


“Oh ……”


The long tones rang out, she should be sleepy.


When I got out of the cemetery, Four Seasons was already asleep on my back, it was not easy to get a taxi here, so I waited on the side of the road for a while.


The black Jaguar pulled up to the curb and the window gla*s was rolled down to reveal Cheng Junyu’s cold cheeks.


“I’ll take you back!”


I shook my head and opened my mouth to refuse, “No, it’s still early, I can take a taxi.”


Lu Ke measured his head from the pa*senger side and looked at me, smiling like a flower, “Miss Shen, it’s not easy to get a taxi here, so come up and let Jun Yu take you back!”


I pursed my lips, not willing to talk to her much, and said indifferently, “No need!”


“You have the baby with you, it’s not convenient to take a taxi, come on up!” Cheng Junyu spoke, his gaze falling on the four seasons.


I frowned, vaguely displeased.