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Never Say Never Chapter 609-610

Chapter 609

I froze for a moment, at that time even without Mo’s family I was ready to divorce him.


For a moment, I spoke, “Even if I don’t go back to Mo’s family, I’m still thinking of divorce, and I don’t have much to do with Mo’s family.”


He smiled to himself, “It’s not easy to divorce me without Mo’s family as a backing.”


This was true, not to mention that I was pregnant at the time.


He sighed and smiled bitterly, “I was too headstrong, and it all came to this.”


“But why is there still Shen Yu in this matter?” I knew in my heart how good Shen Yu was to me, but why would he not want me to return to the Mo family?


He was silent for a moment and spoke, “The Mo family’s water is too deep, it’s fine if the boat doesn’t capsize, if it does, it’s a total loss, the Mo family has offended too many people over the years, without the shelter of the Mo family, how do you want to live?”


This is why Shen Yu later used Gu Han to introduce me and Shen Changlin to acknowledge the marriage, the purpose is that in the future even if I and the Mo family really acknowledge the marriage, the Mo family in trouble, I also have the Shen family and Fu Shen Yan shelter?


The reason for this is that they all seem to be trying to protect me again, but everything is happening by mistake, the death of the child, the death of Muzi, all inevitable.


I sighed and looked out the window at the blue sky, my heart was so empty, how long had it been? I’d forgotten who I used to be.


Four years can heal wounds, but is it really possible to reunite a mirror?


It doesn’t seem that easy.


“Come back to the capital with me, our wedding, I’ve been preparing for four years, just waiting for you to return!”


He spoke, his voice low and lingering.


I didn’t say anything in response, I just glanced down at my watch, noticing that it was getting late, disengaged from his arms and said, “Four Seasons is getting out of school, I’ll go pick her up.”


His dark eyes sank slightly, he pursed his lips and nodded, “I’ll go with you!”


I shook my head and raised my hand to point at his computer, “Your meeting hasn’t finished yet.”


The meeting was in general termination, and I guess Fu’s executives were already freaking out.


He smiled lightly, not really caring, and spoke, “Have Chen Yi drive you!”


I opened my mouth to refuse, but shut up, I couldn’t argue with him after all, so I just, accepted.


In the car.


Chen Yi seemed to have something to say to me all the time, I pursed my lips and looked out the window, knowing in my heart that what he wanted to say was probably all about persuasion.


A slight sigh, “Fu’s development now, it’s kind of like the day, do you and your wife have children?”


I remembered, as he had said before, that he was married.


He froze for a moment and after a pause said, “Well, two years old.”


“How nice!” I smiled lightly as we all started forward on the road we were supposed to be on.


He looked at me, holding the steering wheel, and after a moment’s hesitation, spoke, “The capital has changed a lot in four years, ever thought of going back to see it?”


Go back?


It seemed like it was only a matter of time.


When I didn’t speak, he a*sumed it was because I didn’t want to go back and sighed slightly, “Madam, when the Four Seasons fell, who hurt more, you or her?”


I froze and looked at him sideways, seeing him driving with a serious look on his face, I spoke, “She didn’t come out of my belly, but after four years, she and I have long since become one, she was hurt, she hurt, and I hurt.”


When he hit a red light, he stopped the car and looked at me, “So four years, can you imagine how someone who loves you has gotten through those four years? Fu was afraid that you would be in pain when you saw him, so, forcing himself to suppress his missing, he could only drink and socialise every day, desperately trying to put all his energy into his work.”


“The first winter you left, he got drunk and lay in the snow in the capital all night, and the next day his fever wouldn’t go down, he said that was his happiest moment because he saw you in his dreams and you were smiling at him.”


Chapter 610

There was a watery glow in his gaze, and his voice was lowered a bit, “During the day he was cold and decisive at Fu’s, but once he got to the night, he started to trash himself, he simmered day after day, sometimes drinking to the point of stomach bleeding, but when he was still sober, he pulled me in and asked, “Chen Yi, should I go to her? It was fine to watch from afar, but the next day when he was sober, he started to be silent again.”


“He hides his emotions extremely well, but he is human, even if he hides them well, there are times when he runs out of steam, Madam, you don’t need to go back to the past, just live the present and the future, you love him enough to keep you going, no need to torture each other.”


The traffic lights came on and I wandered a little, I never thought that one day I would hear everything about Fu Shen Yan from an outsider.


Stunned, disoriented, all of it.


How bumpy the past had been, it was indeed all behind me now.


After picking up the Four Seasons, I took him back to the courtyard.


Before leaving, Chen Yi looked at me and pursed his lips, “Mr. Fu is going back to the capital in the evening.”


Leaving a message, he left.


I sent a message to Fu Shen Yan, not many words, just a simple admonition, ‘Be safe on the road’


A few seconds after the message was sent, he called, his voice was warm, “Have you had dinner yet?”


Listening to the other end of the line, he seemed ready to get on the plane, I nodded and tilted my head to look up at the darkening sky, “Yes.”


“Take care of yourself eat on time and wait for me when I get back.” His voice was low, but low enough to be heard.


I mumbled, hearing the announcement over there urging me to board the plane, I spoke, “I’ll hang up now, talk to you at home!”




I hung up the phone, I was a bit distracted, Chen Yi’s not-so-soft words planted a small ripple in my heart.


Yes, the one you love the most is the one that hurts the most.


I thought I loved him at first, but then I gradually realized that I actually didn’t. I started planning to leave the moment I found out I was pregnant, and when I lost the baby, I knew he would hurt and suffer, but I still gave him all my resentment, even to the point that when I found out he switched dna, I didn’t even want to listen to his explanation and left without permission.


I seemed overly selfish and that’s why I came to this point.


For the hotel job, I resigned a week after Fu Shenyan left.


Zhang Nan took my resignation report and looked at me with a calm face, “Does Mr. Fu know about this?”


“I’ll tell him.”


He was silent for a moment, nodded his head and signed it.


“What are your plans for the future?” He opened his mouth with a bit of despondency on his face.


“I don’t know yet!” The successive appearances of Shen Yu and Fu Shen Yan, my continued presence in the hotel, probably still could not escape the gossip.


He nodded, “Contact often in the future.”


I smiled lightly, “The vegetation in the yard still needs to be looked after by you.” I have no intention of selling my house in Huai’an, I may still want to come back to Huai’an after the four seasons when I go to college and have a life of my own, this place, where I grew up and where I will end up.


He nodded and smiled instead, “Let’s have dinner together sometime, Mo Bai doesn’t know you’re leaving yet, the kids are affectionate, so at least let them say goodbye properly.”


After responding, I went straight back to the courtyard, it was already the end of August, all the fruit or vegetables that should be ripe in the backyard were ripe, and originally by this time, I should have sown some more seeds down.


But now I have to leave here, so naturally I can’t plant any more in the ground.


I didn’t bring much in the way of clothes or luggage for the four seasons, and I basically didn’t bring mine either, just a few changes of clothes.