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Never Say Never Chapter 607-608

Chapter 607

When I saw him again for several years, he did not pour out his overly pa*sionate and eager emotions on me, but slowly invaded my life and memory little by little.


The process was not exactly a pa*sionate one, but it was difficult to refuse, even to push away.


When I arrived at the hotel after cooking the porridge, Fu Shenyan was lying smoothly on the large, knotted white bed.


The back of his hand was resting on his forehead and he seemed to be asleep.


His face was a little pale. Putting the congee on once again, I sat beside him, some indescribable emotions welling up.


If it hadn’t started out wrong, maybe we wouldn’t have had to come this far, looking forward to the future with care for each other.


I took his hand in mine, moving gently for fear of waking him up.


But, ever alert, he woke up after a few seconds, opening his eyes, his gaze falling on my face, the man’s cool, eyeless smile.


“Aren’t you off today? What brings you here?” The man’s voice was hoarse with a touch of exhaustion.


“You’re sick, so I came over to check!” I spoke, pulling my hand back to reach for the porridge, but he held it.


“Chen Yi told you that?”


I nodded and he sat up straighter, his brow frowning slightly as he leaned back against the bedpan, as if he was still in pain.


“Have you taken your medication?” I looked around the room and found no sign of medicine.


He smiled lightly, “A little something, just rest for a while.”


I pursed my lips, vaguely displeased, “If you could have been cured without medicine, you would have been cured long ago, you wouldn’t have had to come to this.”


I pulled my hand back from his palm, but it was caught in his grip and I fell into his arms.


The man’s body was hot and his breath was strong with a rush of testosterone.


“Eat later, lie with me for a while.” He spoke, with a light tenderness in his voice.


After all, there was no such thing as not taking your medicine when you were sick.


Tilting my head to look at him, I frowned slightly, “Eat something and take your medicine before you go to sleep, eh?”


He lost his smile, his voice dripping with pleasure, and raised his hand to scrape my nose, unable to help but say, “When did you get so bossy?”


“It’s the body that counts!” I spoke, climbing off of him and calling Chen Yi to send medicine, figuring he was reluctant to get an injection and take some medicine first to see how it went.


Putting away the phone, I placed the cooked clear porridge in front of him, “Drink first, take your medicine later.”


He looked at me with too eyes, a smile in his cool eyes, “Would you be angry if I said I had to feed?”


I froze for a moment, but picked up the spoon and fed it to him in a shallow manner.


When the porridge reached his mouth, he seemed particularly surprised, his eyes narrowed and he took the porridge into his mouth.


I sighed and didn’t say much.


After feeding him a few mouthfuls, seeing that he didn’t seem to refuse, and seeing that the bowl of porridge was at the bottom, I looked up at him, “How does it taste?”


He spoke, “Very sweet!”


I couldn’t help myself, “I put salt in it, not sugar.” I’m afraid his mind was not on the congee at all, that’s why he didn’t know what it tasted like after eating so much of it.


He hooked his lips, his voice magnetic, “Anyway, it’s very sweet.”


I ……


Chen Yi bought the medicine, the afterglow saw him eat the porridge, but was vaguely relieved, looked at me and said, “Madam, thank you!”


I froze for a moment and didn’t say anything more.


Chen Yi left, Fu Shen Yan took his medicine, and then pulled me reluctantly, I sighed, “After taking the medicine, you should rest for a while.”


He nodded his head and instead said, “Lie with me for a while.” After a pause he was afraid I would refuse and added, “I can sleep more peacefully with you by my side.”


I was dazed for a moment, so I leaned against him. It was hot, but the room was air-conditioned.


It didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep, originally thinking that I would fall asleep when he did, but instead I fell asleep first.


Chapter 608

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when I woke up. It was good that I didn’t have to go to work and Fu Shen Yan was no longer in bed.


There were marks on the bed beside him that had been pressed, obviously from where he had been lying.


Voices came from the living room, very softly, as if a meeting was taking place.


I got up, got out of bed and walked towards the outside.


“Then it’s a dead heat with Gu.” A shallow sentence, the tone dropped extremely low, but the very harshness and determination of the words showed through.


If I hadn’t seen him at this moment, I would have forgotten that he was the wizard Fu Shen Yan, who was killing it all at the mall.


In the past four years, I have heard rumors of his ruthlessness in the capital almost constantly.


When he heard the movement, he raised his eyes, his cold, icy eyes, when they fell on me, faintly surfaced with warmth, and his voice was calm, “You’re awake.”


I nodded, my eyes fell on his computer, the video of the meeting, I stopped where I was and spoke shallowly, “You get on with it!”


He turned off his computer and got up and walked towards me, taking me in his arms, his voice warm, “Why don’t you get some more sleep?”


I pursed my lips and looked at the landscape outside the hotel, where dozens of acres of wasteland originally covered with barren gra*s had been ploughed into yellow earth.


“Are you better?” I pulled my gaze back and lifted my hand to test his forehead; it wasn’t hot, no sign of fever.


A shallow laugh came to my ears, “It’s good to see you!”


I ……


He buried his head on my shoulder, his breath warm, “Shen Shu, love shouldn’t be heavy, four years, I’ve directed myself countless times to take good care of you, Huaian met, it was fate and destiny, my heart rejoices, I can’t wait to pull you close to my arms and never let go, but I know that I can’t so much.”


“I can’t force you away again out of recklessness, four years, there aren’t many four years in our lives that can withstand my rampage. So, I can only lustfully pull me in my arms, Chen Yi went to you, I had taken a chance, if you hadn’t come, all I could do was continue to guard carefully, you came, it proves you have me in your heart, so, Shen Shu, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake for the next four years.”


I let him hold me, my heart slightly aching, I knew I was deep in the swamp, four years of years, I buried all the past in my heart, as long as I didn’t mention it, then it was a release.


I had also thought about how I would face the day when we saw each other again and if he treated me as he did before.


But I didn’t think that he would become so steady and delicate, that he would start to take care of my feelings, that he would love me in a different way.


He did not accompany me into the swamp with me, but calmly, step by step, brought me upwards, fearing to hurt me physically and mentally, and he was gentle beyond measure.


“If you hadn’t met me, perhaps you would be happy now.” Seven years ago, if he had married Lu Xinran, perhaps, by now, he would have had a successful career and a beautiful family.


He took my hand in his, “If I hadn’t met you, I probably never felt I would have been happy.”


Chen Yi said that the days in Huai’an are so quiet that even the clouds move slowly, and all love and affection are slow, but true enough.


“Why did you want me to switch with Lu Xinran in the first place?” This was a question I wanted to ask from the day I found out I was Lin Wan’s daughter, but I didn’t ask it. Four years ago I was afraid his answer would leave me drowning completely in the swamp, so all I chose not to ask.


But now, I think I can bear it, no matter what the answer is, I know clearly that he has me in his heart, and that is enough.


He hugged me, his strength tightening slightly, seemingly with some sinking pain, “If you had gone back to Mo’s house then, would you have divorced me without hesitation?”